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Progress In Vienna Talks: Iran’s Top Negotiator Says US Is Ready To Lift Some Sanctions

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Progress In Vienna Talks: Iran’s Top Negotiator Says US Is Ready To Lift Some Sanctions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Bushehr, Iran. Image source: Iranian Presidency office/EPA-EFE

The ongoing talks in Vienna between the US and Iran to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, commonly known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), are finally seeing some progress.

On May 1, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbass Araghchi, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, revealed that there is an agreement on lifting US sanctioned off some Iranian individuals and institutions.

After attending the 3rd round of talks in Vienna, Araghchi told Iran state TV IRIB that sanctions will be lift off the energy sector, which includes oil and gas, the automotive industry, as well as off banking and shipping.

“Discussions have matured and become clearer,” Araghchi said. “Both in the nuclear issue and in the talks on sanctions, we have small technical points and details that need to be discussed and elaborated on. In many cases there are similarities. In some cases, there are still differences, and the differences are now clearer.”

The senior official went on to reveal that that talks had entered the drafting stage, noting that from now on the work will slow down.

“At the same time, the process is moving forward, even though slowly. However, we can still not predict completely when and how we will be able to reach an agreement,” said the official. “The form of the agreement will definitely be in accordance with the definite stances of the Establishment, and there is no doubt about it.”

Former US President Donald Trump pulled out from the nuclear deal and imposed harsh sanctions on Iran. This forced Tehran to re-expand its nuclear program.

A 4th round of talks will be held on May 7. Russia’ representative in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov, said that a final agreement to revive the nuclear deal could be reached within a few weeks.

This breakthrough is guaranteed to trigger Israel, the only objector of the JCPOA. Tel Aviv may move, in some way, to hinder or sabotage Vienna talks before the next round. Israeli intelligence chief have already threatened Tehran with a war.


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Fog of War

In other words, Iran is ready to ” bend over again. “

Lone Ranger

No offense but if that’s an Iranian facility why is the control panel in english…?
Shouldn’t be it, I dunno, lets say in Farsi…?


IR and CN have signed a 400billion$$ trade deal.
Does anyone think that CN is not a party to these negotiations going on in Vienna?
They have already given IR its directions as part of the trade deal.
Does anyone think that CN signed this deal w/o taking into account the stability of the country it was signing the deal with?
Does anyone think that IR wants to jeopardize this 400billion deal?
Does anyone think that IR needs nuclear weapons to fend off israel?

Why is israel in a lather about his so called “treaty” if it precludes IR from developing nuclear weapons?
One would think that they would be relieved, no?
That’s been bibi’s rant hasn’t it?

It’s all about overall power in the region. Israel sees itself being out maneuvered. That is the threat. But then israel has done nothing in the 74 years of its existence to come to terms with its neighbors. It doesn’t belong there. It is run by east europeans and not by people endemic to the region. And now it’s useful idiot is leaving the stage, signing a deal with IR. How sad, for them.

The ussa has determined that now CN is its enemy of choice.(read the literature) It’s a great choice because CN is too far away to fight with. But the MIC can keep developing F35 type projects w/o having to use them. Everybody wins.


SF face-change!

Fog of War

” Does anyone think that IR wants to jeopardize this 400billion deal? ”

How much money did China lose in Libya ? Did they do anything in retaliation ?

John Wallace

Before Trump’s stupid move Iran was enriching to 3% for electricity. Netanbooboo was making his Iran nearly has the bomb with the 90% petard cartoon in 2012 . Now Iran is enriching to 60% because of the stupidity . It takes enrichment to 90% to make a bomb. America needs to wake up and drop all sanctions and get back to the original deal for Iran to go back to the 3 or 5% enrichment for electricity or Netanbooboos idiotic prediction of 2012 may become too close for comfort.

Rodney Loder

Before JCPOA and resolution 2231 was all alone, actually a bit like me Jesus Christ being abused in order to bring Jew maggot determinations to fruition, like me Iran needs exposure, apparently this exposure is now virtual in Iran’s case because the the Security Council is and other UN bodies are not able to be incorporated in the discussion.


If it makes Israel angry, it must be a good thing.

I hope the Iranian general public gets a bit of relief as a result.

jens holm

The Popes in Qaum wont change anything important.

If so they would loose their control by fear, propaganda and world records in strange executions right way.

The only really change is Biden is there and knows the area and its population well.

Iranians choose their own destiny – so to speak – wellfare for warfare. The cant even produce e
nough electricity even they has a lot of oil and gas. How comes?? Boycut – oh no.

Overpopulation seemes to be a must too, The reasons must be people are spendables. The climate change is there and not prepared . Too much farming is ineffecrtive water wasting with low results too. I dont say they cant wash every friday, but their focus should be feed the more and more skinny population.

Its ignored, that a less agressive way of behaving also makes the enemies less agressive. Thats what we have done in Europe after WW2 by EU and Nato.

USSR fell apart and we even are blamed for helping those regained cpuntries closer to Our living standars. We have a name of it. Its WAR DIVIDEND. Focus went to help each other learning the hard way by WW1 and WW2.

Others should do same thing and not only Iran. Socalled peacetalks again and again is a waste only usefull for Popes selfpromovation. Thats how I see it.

jens holm

People see, what they hope for. Do thye have clothe on:(

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