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Professor Ivo Hristov: Turkey Is Doing The Dirty Work Of Russia In Afrin (Interview Part 2)

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Professor Ivo Hristov is one of the most famous Bulgarian sociologists and political analysts. He’s been a member of the Bulgarian Parliament since the elections in 2017. SouthFront’s Viktor Stoilov sat down with him to talk about the situation on the Balkans and the Chinese interests in Syria and the Middle East. You can check the first part of the interview here.
Professor Ivo Hristov: Turkey Is Doing The Dirty Work Of Russia In Afrin (Interview Part 2)

Professor Hristov, let’s talk a little bit about the situation in Syria. However, let’s go beyond the mainstream questions and topics and focus on a key player whose interests are being pushed without anyone noticing. What are the interests of China in Syria and the Middle East?

China has great economic interest in Syria, as it plays a big role in the new Chinese Silk Road passing through Aleppo and the coastline on the Mediterranean. Syria is important as a geographical location. China doesn’t have such a strong military and political force in Syria as for example Russia and Iran, Turkey and the United States. The Chinese interests are being pushed through Iran on the battlefield. China is interested greatly in resolving the situation in Syria and they’ve sent 5000 units from their special forces to Damascus to help with the liberation of Eastern Ghouta which is directly connected with resolving their problems in Chinese Turkestan.

Just like water is being absorbed in the desert sands, Chinese social and economic structures, as well as military and intelligence forces, have entered all the countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa from Djibouti to Morocco and even Angola in the South from where they’re getting important resources. Iran is very important for China as they’re a key element in the Chinese Silk Road as well as 40% of the Chinese oil imports come from there.

In this case, does the North–South Transport Corridor project go against the Chinese interests?

Yes, it’s against the Chinese interests, however this corridor cannot be built because brake the geopolitical and military spine of Russia which won’t happen. China is using the Russian military to cover their back while pushing their economic, political and military interest around the world.

The Chinese strategy is completely opposite to the Russian one. They want to achieve their goals using little steps toward the ultimate goal, and for now it’s successful. I think, however, that the main geopolitical players, mainly the United States and to some degree Russia, have figured their strategy out. For now, China doesn’t want to go in direct confrontation with the United States because, most probably, they don’t feel prepared enough to do it. They want to put the hegemon in a situation where it’s going to be too late to stop them. In other words, in a hidden way to gain power and achieve their goals. And they already have results doing this.

Let’s change the subject a little bit. Did Russia betray the Kurds in Afrin?

No. The way the question is asked is incorrect. The operation in Afrin is excellent for the Russian interest as the Kurds are playing as the proxy army of the United States and its interests. The creation of a big Kurdish state means creating a big client state of the US and would put, in chess terms, 5 players in check – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russia and Turkey. If you allow me to make that analogy, the Kurds are playing the role in the Middle East which the Albanians play on the Balkans – with only one subject to control 5 other players.

The Kurds trusted their US mentors too much and burnt their hand. The first time it happened in Kirkuk where the Iranians clearly showed who is in charge there. The same is happening right now in Afrin where the Russians are pushing their interest using the Turkish army. That way they are accomplishing a bunch of goals:

First, Turkey is doing the dirty work of Russia by removing the US military and geopolitical interest from the region.

Second, groups who are disloyal to the Syrian government are put in check and these territories will be to some extent given back under the control of Assad.

Third, while everyone is looking at Afrin, without notice, the Syrian army is destroying, take notice, the pro-Turkish groups in Idlib which is actually the much bigger problem. You have there about 30 000 jihadists who were concentrated there from all part of Syria and are now being destroyed by General al-Hassan and the Tiger Forces.

So for now, this is a successful game of chess for Russia and the talks on the media are only for public use. Some sources say that the operation in Afrin was coordinated in Moscow by the head of the Turkish forces at least a month prior to the start of the operation. In addition, the whole operation was first prepared by the heads of Russia, Turkey and Iran in Sochi.

Will the US try to interfere in the process?

If it happens, this will be great for Russia because this will mean a direct confrontation between the US and Turkey. The bigger the clash and tensions between the US and Turkey are, the better for Russia.

Could this happen in the following months?

It has already happened on the battlefield. Turkish and US forces have already clashed in Syria. The question is will this happen on a regular basis or it’s just going to be sporadic fighting.

Does that bust the myth that NATO is a unified body?

It’s early to conclude this, but it’s clear that tensions are heating up. The Turkish political and military ship is slowly but gradually sailing away from the Western block. Turkey is starting to play the game of its own geopolitical interests which doesn’t always match the ones of the West. Russia is using this and is trying to make the gap larger and it seems to me that, for now, that they’re succeeding.

Last question very quickly: What is the role of the unexpected candidacy for President of Grudinin by the CPRF? What goals are set?

The idea is to dynamize the otherwise predetermined presidential elections in Russia and an attempt to get more political ground, but nothing more. The model of guided sovereign democracy, as invented by Surkov, doesn’t allow any mistakes to be made in the system.

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”..dynamize..” This is a typo in the last paragraph. Its demonize.

You can call me Al

I am unsure about that.

Have a read again “The idea is to dynamize the otherwise predetermined presidential elections in Russia and an attempt to get more political ground, but nothing more.”

The way I read it was “”The idea is to MAKE the otherwise predetermined presidential elections in Russia MORE EXCITING AND TO SHOW THE WORLD IT IS NOT A 1 MAN SHOW and an attempt to get more political ground, but nothing more.” ………..something like that anyway.

You certainly would not get more political clout if you demonised it.

My view only – Cheers.

Tudor Miron

What this Bulgarian guy is saying is very simplistic. He either doesn’t know himself or (probably) doesn’t want to reveal the truth. Same as in the 1st part of his interview, he adds enough truth so that lies can be fed, Regarding China, Silk way etc. He’s just scratching (barely) the surface and either doesn’t see or doesn’t tell what’s going on underneath – China was being prepared for a role of new center of concentration of world governing power (which is being removed from US at this very moment but again – this is a lengthy process) for many decades. I would not go into details – way too much time needed for this. In short – globalization process (which is essentially a process of concentration of productive resources of humanity in the hands of a few) is steadily going on for thousands of years and it is planned (with plans stretching for hundreds of years). For those interested to learn more here’s a couple of links (in English):

https://youtu.be/5bWq-KyZ8uA https://youtu.be/wrjNqYEAuBE https://youtu.be/YE4pL8YsVZ4 https://youtu.be/-bV7w_YW0Zg https://youtu.be/Fn4tBelsh6c https://youtu.be/rtl7Zt_SU68 https://youtu.be/3Jk_WM90NME

Regarding that Grudinin guy – I can’t tell my view regarding what’s actually going on with him if you’re interested. What is said above is far from the truth – Grudinin is global predictor’s “canned food” to put it short :)

Christian Gains

“AL”, That’s QUITE a hunk of THOUGHTS from QUITE a broad spectrum…and THAT’S a bit confusing. But THANKS! I’l give me a study itinerary for awhile…!!

Tudor Miron

My name is Tudor but that’s OK :) There’s large body of theoretical work called conception of public safety, all the above links are sourced from the same school of thought/authors. Unfortunately there’s very little material translated to English – only the most basic things that I posted above. Don’t be spooked out if at a first glance it will seem that CPS is against Christianity. It is not but indeed it is against usage of religions (inherent drive of every Human being to be closer to Divine) as an instrument to enslave human beings. To me it is obvious that God/Creator (whatever one calls it) doesn’t need intermediary to communicate with its children. Do we need such intermediary? It depends on personal level of awareness.

Eskandar Black

Why is it when you say obvious things you get to claim insight into the world? Whether a God exists or not, and whether religions historically has been used was selfish evil purposes of men or not, has no bearing on proving an existence of conspiracy to take over world, sorry pinky. The truth is these are types of low IQ lies spread by same type of people who talk about the protocols of elders of zion, and the 911 truthers, and others,’woke folk.’ like you.

Tudor Miron

Dare to provide some logical counter arguments to prove your points? :) Name calling is all that you have? I feel your pain buddy :) 911 – is official version of that event good enough for you? :) Do you want others to buy it?

Eskandar Black

I explained the faulty reasoning you apply, you responded with confusion.

Tudor Miron

You explained? The faulty reasoning? :) You’re embarassing yourself. All you do is saying that reasoning is faulty and this is not enough even if you hope so. Confusion? Lol. On the serious note. Let’s start with simple things. 911 is one of those that you mentioned. Dare to start? If so I would ask a couple of questions.

Eskandar Black

Your conclusion does not follow from its premises, there is no proof of your conspiracy.

Tudor Miron

Dare to provide proof against it?

Eskandar Black

you mean prove a negative, LOL tudor, you silly boy.

Tudor Miron

Name calling :) I knew that’s all you have. You can keep posting insults but unitll you dare to start talking facts I will not respond anymore. Waist of time.


Beware of the pffs who thinks is smarter than truth,don’t waste ye intellect! The whole world knows george w bush is a facist fake cowboy turdson,on roids!


You have lost the argument the second you started name calling…besides the fact that you are wrong. You are now using the same ‘conspiracy theory’ tactic used by the CIA to try to discredit Tudor and it is not effective. Is this some sort of insight of where you’re coming from? Your claims of the benefits of the existing world order is skewed at best and in denial at the least…especially if one looks at the shape of the world today and the reason most are here on this comment board.

Eskandar Black

I love how you come back like a week after the argument is over to say a bunch of nonsense, go home trollmigo.


And you come back checking your posts after a week is different. I happen to miss the article before and just got to it. The fact that your argument, such as it was, was total opinion and ZERO fact is indicative of your comprehension. As for your posts. you get to join serious, mountains, Jens and all the other trolls on my block list…less sheckles for you.

Eskandar Black

thanks zman, i dont want to see you idiot posts anymore.

Eskandar Black

Total crap, capitalism and existing world order has brought billions out of poverty, starvation and war. Honest living as described by this idiot in the video, is just the state of nature. Talk about simplicity. Corrupt politicians and parasitism are far more common in places like Russia, because it lacks transparency.

The ‘elite’ in Russia are legendary. See https://youtu.be/MdYGQ7B0Vew

Conspiracy theory that fails to understand basics and thus creates a global conspiracy as the explanation of itself.

Tudor Miron

“Corrupt politicians and parasitism are far more common in places like Russia, because it lacks transparency.” Eskandar… Do you hope that I buy this noncense? Do you think that Robbie Williams or any other mass culture “star” as poof of something? Corrupt politicians and parasitism are the same in Russia and West – product of the same elitist/crowd society. Good thing is that this teachings a scaring you – you do know that this is dangerous for your kind.

Eskandar Black

You posted a retarded conspiracy video, so I wanted to cheer you up. Your ideas are delusional.

Tudor Miron

Because you say so? Or because Robby Williams sings something? :)

Eskandar Black

because you dont party like a russian


Capitalism and the existing world order are also responsible for the shape the world is in today. For you to state that corruption and parasitism is more common in Russia, I have to ask, compared to what? The US is far and away more non-transparent and corrupt than most countries, with the rest of the west right behind them. Western leaders that say they will do this, do that…yet when they are given the chance, do nothing but maintain the status quo…the existing world order. Remember what Cheney said when asked about the minutes of a economic meeting of government and corporate heads? “It’s none of your business”. As for war…how is all conscience you can say that the existing world order, which has control for quite a long time, just since the turn of the 20th century for instance, how many have died in 2 world wars? How many from the existing world order in the west have attacked other countries for their wealth? How many have died? What condition were these countries left in…look at Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghan…these are victims of the existing world order. Their crimes? They threatened the western world order control mechanisms. The disparity between those that have and those that don’t is becoming a threat to the stability of those very counties that cause the problems.

Eskandar Black

comments on stuff 1 week after the discussion is lame, and not worthy of a response.


Especially went you don’t have a response that is intelligent. Your comments are pretty lame too…stating your opinions as fact.


He is right, you are wrong. You are a beLIEver, unable to get past the ego connection to your beLIEfs.

your future is nigh upon you…

Capitalism is going to deal itself out of existence, but before it does that, you’re gonna pay $50 for a latte, because inflation is going impoverish all of us before people get pissed off enough to realize that all of the last hundred years of economic progress was actually a shell game to create billionaires, while the great masses of people saw their standard of living eroded and destroyed.” ~ Terence McKenna


wake up dimwit, you are a slave.


And here is why.

Bankers own business…

So no, it’s not a hyperbole to say the Banking System is One. We’re not overstating the case when we say it’s just one massive cartel. That the banks own everything, including all the major industries. Oil, Weapons, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Telecom and IT, etc. It’s all one massive monopoly. Controlled from the top down “

’A total of 737 control 80% of it all” The Money Power is real and these Swiss gentlemen have done us a favor by crunching the numbers.”

Please Google “The network of global corporate control” ================================

And business owns government. Especially with the power of money creation behind them.

“Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism.”

Gilens, M., & Page, B. I. (2014). Testing theories of American politics: Elites, interest groups, and average citizens. Perspectives on Politics, 12(3), 564-581. DOI: 10.1017/S1537592714001595


no, you are ignorant of fact not to get the real source of power on this planet. And it has nothing to do with Russians.

And the problem is global. Obviously.

Capitalism is dead. Deal with it. End game capitalism is fascism. Now look around. Bankers own you. Only a tool blames Russia.

“Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of a pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this world would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you wish to remain slaves of the Bankers and pay for the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.” Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England in the 1920s


“Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – One World, if you will.If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it “

You can call me Al

Excellent videos thanks.


This is a good event interpretation


Kurdish traitors who take money from the United States and Israel must be rewarded with political exile. Let them be refugees in the United States or in any other US vassal state in Europe.


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Zvjezdan Svemirković

You need to distinguish ordinary people and politics. Do not you have a heart? This is the home of these people, but politics can push them in this or that direction.


‘the home of these people’ does not include the Kurds. The seizing and attempts to seize more Syrian territory puts them in the category of US useful idiots. The Kurds were free to generally run their own affairs in their historical districts and the Syrian government offered more autonomy. But good ole American Greed has infected them.


up the ass,turning them to pffs,whom need now woment to do the fighting for them,typical facist phaedo queers dream come true me thinks!


How do the Kurds treat the other ethnic groups in its controlled area? The Kurds are no better than Daesh!


No,much worse,see daesh are mossad mongrel breds getting paid to do its dirty deeds,where as kurds are slaying their own kind+refused the law of the land, like a common murderer on the loose,pretendeth to be ever so sane!


most people here are not that smart


I read that the attack against Syrian forces in der ezzor are what’s seems to be either an entrapments (they’d think it’s smart or they do want to close all bridges for reconciliation) directed by the US or US attempts to sabotage the Kurds concession for cooperation in afrin when it withdrew their forces from Bakarah, Akidat, and Sabah east of der ezzor.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The DMC infested with ISIS had started attacking the the local militias as ISIS and were getting caught at it called the strikes , which the US promptly made up the story with only one casualty with multiple rounds hitting the HQ. The implausibility bespeaks this was a definite and deliberate act of aggression by the US and it’s ISIS proxy the DMC in objecting to the deal of turning over oil and gas fields in that region, since previously last week the dam floodgates were opened to destroy the bridge.

Kurd’s are terrorist, but they are indigenous to ME. It is up to the ME to eradicate terrorist themselves. No one wants Kurd’s because of the way Kurd’s act. Then perhaps the time of Kurdish existence is coming to a universal close. Whatever happens, it will be decided by the people of the ME, and the people of the ME will have to carry out judgment in total. Same as the Jews who also invaded Europe from the ME. It is the people of the ME who should have to deal out total judgement on their own ME people.


They do not respect the legit syrian leader,asswholes like that must not be respected by any faction or world leaders,because these are the kinda swines that don’t respect life! Best get rid of these unlawfull scumbags,send them to canada,germany,france,usa etc or better yet 6 fet under save the hard working taxpayers alotta revenue,besides who needs scumbags at all,surely any leader with half a brain must draw a humanity redline somewhere,sometime,soon?

Mehdi Ali

Fascinating analysis please try to bring professor’s opinions and analysis in future also if possible.Thank you SOUTH FRONT

Lloyd Yona

The Country’s a EU puppy dog of Russia . poppies4afrin justice for the kurdish people

Boris Kazlov

Russia does not have puppy dogs like USAIPAC, who has many idiots posting for money, or to please their masturbating brains


Europeans are plainly misinformed of what NATO is doing, most are anti Colonialists and pro Palestinians ! Shouldn’t forget Russia is a big essential chunk of the European Culture, even France has still many places named Stalingrad…

To have a US/NATO “terrorists” manipulations idea should google for “Gladio”

Seventy years of harassing political establishment and people of Europe



Sorry for off topic, but I am being censored where this answer belongs.

Your first sentence in reply to that last post I made, should have been, “”thank you Nod, for improving my understanding about vaccine HARM” You should have admitted you were wrong. Any free thinker would have. Any thinker MUST do so.

My answers to Ebola, et al? Cure them of course. Get profit out of medicine is a good start.

Vaccines do not cure first off, they try to prevent. I am all for that. With respect to vaccines, I first determine risk and harm of disease, then determine BENEFIT and RISK of vaccine, and make an informed decision. Not to blindly stick my kids with everything the profit horrors says works. Only a yahoo gives their little girl the HPV vaccine. They do not work worth shit, and they kill. Only a healthy yahoo takes a flu vaccine, since they have very limited efficacy, and they also cause harm. Funny how my vaccinated by flu vaccine friends are always sick, while I am a never so. Even though my wife is a nurse and is exposed to all kinds of bugs.

And even though some attempt to frame me as a anti vaccine tard,. because I am not a pro vaccine tard? And some try to frame me as a pro vaccine tard, because I am not an anti vaccine tard? They cannot because I am a thinking man, capable of thinking critically, while keeping in mind the BIAS of profit motive at every turn.

There have been two studies that showed how the mumps vaccine was useless. In one study, 99 % of the people were vaccinated , and they still had a mumps outbreak. Google it. Herd immunity is a big fat lie, yet they promote it for profit. Profit horrors LIE, for profit. That is common sense, practical knowledge.

As to tetanus, I have worked in construction, and grown food for 40 years. Been stuck by many nails, staples, pins. No tetanus yet. Nor a tetanus vaccine. Because I use proper cleaning after the wound , and use topical and oral application of colloidal silver when at risk from any bacterial infection.

And anti biotics ? Antibiotics are another profit vehicle, while scientifically proven alternatives like colloidal silver are ignored. For profit. Silver has been shown an effective anti microbial against bacterial and viral born diseases such as simple eye and mouth infections, all the way up to Herpes and TB and even anti tumor activity. Gee, wonder why they will NOT STUDY IT FURTHER..

Yet silver cannot be patented huh. SO it is decried as useless by the same money horrors who poison people with fluoride in their water. And fluoride ? Even though there are hundreds of studies showing harm from drinking it. While thousands of point on professionals saying STOP DRINKING IT. The money horrors rule governments. Yours and mine.

A chemical called DCA was shown by research from a Canadian university to treat brain cancer IE gliomas, while big pharma admitted it will not be researched further because it cannot be patented. Profit comes first, and you should keep that in mind before you blindly accept claims of effectiveness and efficacy and safety from vaccine makers..

I am not anti vaccine. I am anti profit.; I am not pro vaccine, I am pro choice.

““It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”” Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Marcia Angelli, But more to the point, she’s also the former Editor-in-Chief at the New England Journal of Medicine, arguably one of the most respected medical journals on earth.

keep your eyes on the profit ball. They do not CARE IF WE DIE m8. As long as there is profit along the way.


too funny, the enquirer in the Philippines is just about as news worthy as the same garbage we have here called the enquirer. And they do not like the truth. Although I never cursed, wasn’t disrespectful, they banned me for the comment below.


Many words, names and internet links are banned


Now the Kurds must decide… to be loyal Syrians or destroyed as the fight will never end till Syria is United again . Assad has the needed forces to do it .

US no way can fully protect the area …. can talk a lot. Once Russia and Iran put their foot down… they will leave

Christian Gains

Joe, (I VERY DEFINITELY might be wrong), but, I’m thinking there’s a MUCH BIGGER picture developing through the “SYRIA PROJECT”… (part of which Dr. Hristov details), and [I FULLY BELIEVE that it IS a well developed PROJECT…I just don’t honestly know just WHOSE project..man or spirits’]…

PLEASE, don’t just shrug & laugh this off…A LOT of the horrors that have been foisted upon the G.P. reveal more than simply human power involved…a thorough study of Hitler’s rise & development reveals such a fact. (Trevor Ravenscroft’s “THE SPEAR OF DESTINY” {& Dr. Walter Johannes Stein’s detailed explanation of it’s significance}, (which Trevor transcribes), is amazingly pertinent to understanding the forces that manipulate mankind FAR more often than we’d care to believe…but, FAR MORE REALLY than we care to imagine!)…Also, a thorough study of the Investigative Journalists’ Research Book, “HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL”, [By: Michael Baigent; Richard Leigh; & Henry Lincoln], opens an entire new concept of spiritual influences that have Historic Documentation, though WELL concealed)…”The SYRIA PROJECT” is simply the TIP of a well concealed iceberg of FACTS that we’re NOT being given. Check it out…Again…I could be mistaken…but my peronal experiences cause me to think I’m NOT so far from the truth…

Eskandar Black

Where is your evidence? Because that interview was pure nonsense.

Christian Gains

Escander, like I said, I VERY EASILY can be wrong…it’s more of a “gut check” thing.

It just SEEMS extremely strange that OUTTA NOWHERE comes a RADICAL TERRORIST attacking force, that tries to over throw one of the most stable & capable Nations in the M.E., AND PUFF! CIVIL WAR!!!???

Hmmmm…just seems strangely VERY possibly “USEFUL” to AT LEAST 6 Nations…3 of which are Arab…3 of which are NOT….????

And my REAL QUESTION IS: WHO & WHAT is ACTUALLY BEHIND all of this???…besides the Devil of course…[CIA!!!???]….HELL-R-eeee????


In regarding to his analysis about China, this Bugarian Professor is TOTALLY out of his deepth, not fits in the reality at all.

1. It is totally untrue that “(China)’ve sent 5000 units from their special forces to Damascus to help with the liberation of Eastern Ghouta which is directly connected with resolving their problems in Chinese Turkestan”.

– First, Chinese government spokesman has alreadly denied this rumour.

– Secondly, IF China is ever entertain the idea to send in special forces against Uighur jihadists aka TIP terrorists, they would go straight to Idlib rather than E. Ghouta, for thousands of TIP Uighur jihadists have basically “colonized” Jisr al-Shughu area in Idlib province.http://www.shiapac.org/2016/04/30/uyghur-militants-in-syria-the-turkish-connection/. These Uyghur jihadists are very active on the front line against the SAA: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/pictures-turkistani-jihadists-deploy-sledgehammer-cannons-syrian-army-east-idlib/

2. Russia, Saudi and Angora are the top three oil suppliers to China according bloomberg data from 2017https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-04-25/russia-reemerges-as-china-s-top-oil-supplier-before-opec-meet. These top three account for about 70-80% of China’s oil import. Oil projetct along from sIlk road are currently under construction/into use from countries Central Asian countries. Iran is important to OBI initiative but its potential is yet fully developed.

Eskandar Black

False Statements. 1. “China is interested greatly in resolving the situation in Syria and they’ve sent 5000 units from their special forces to Damascus” This is online gossip, nothing more.

2.”First, Turkey is doing the dirty work of Russia by removing the US military and geopolitical interest from the region.” He assumes what he is trying to prove. It is unclear how giving afrin, a region separated from other kurds and US control over to FSA to establish a buffer between Turkey and Syria would be in the Russian interest. The entire mess could break into a war and render the Russian base unusable due to a regional conflict. Not clear at all the Russia benefits more than it risks.

3. “Second, groups who are disloyal to the Syrian government are put in check and these territories will be to some extent given back under the control of Assad.” Turkey has announced they do not plan to turn territory over to Syria. Erdogan is no friend of Syria, or his own shadow for that matter. Not clear how Turkey capturing territory doesnt make a bad situation worse. It would be much harder to fight the Turkish backed FSA than the Kurds, the only real difference being is that it would bring war to a part of Syria that has enjoyed relative peace and stability, until now.

4. “Third, while everyone is looking at Afrin, without notice, the Syrian army is destroying, take notice, the pro-Turkish groups in Idlib which is actually the much bigger problem. You have there about 30 000 jihadists who were concentrated there from all part of Syria and are now being destroyed by General al-Hassan and the Tiger Forces.” I love how the so called professor is surprised the Syrian army is destroying the FSA savages in Idlib. What did you think the rest of were saying when for 7 years everyone including the Pentagon understands that Jihadists arent a real army, and while capable of gruesome violence and savagery towards unarmed, poorly trained, disorganized local forces in 7 years ago, today, they get their ass handed to them by a professional Syrian army. No, one here is surprised and people follow the destruction of jihadist terrorists with coffee and popcorn. This Afrin thing is not some distracting event, it is a reaction to the UNITED STATES indicating a permanent presence in the region. to some extend, the US attack on mostly russian private contractors and some local arabs was a political response to the relatively low cost Russian demolition campaign. Same is likely true of the manpad attack on a Russian aircraft, the Israeli airstrikes and periodic assaults by the FSA terrorists. These moves are not designed for any specific purpose other than to force assad to split his forces to deal with multiple simultaneous threats.

The profound idea here is that Russia benefits from conflict with US and Turkey? Of course they do, why do you think Russia sold them the S400? a lot of nonsense and ridiculous assumptions to conclude something very obvious. Very poorly reasoned interview without any pressing questions.


Agree with you totally!

Don’t why this professor still insists on recycling the rumour which has been already denied officially by Chinese government. Also he obviously doesn’t know that Uyghur jihadists are mainly located in Idlib, far from E. Ghouta.

Also don’t understand why poeple hold the naive belief that Turkey would ever return Afrin or any Syrian land it grabbed to Syria. Hatay province was snatched away from Syria by Turkey. IMHO, the biggest winner of current situation is Turkey:

– Grabbing more land from Syria which it has dreamed so long but otherwise would not have chance to do so.

– Better posititoned to play Russia against US to get the better deal for itself – Allowing Turkey goes into Afrin, Russia basically loses one of its trump card to leverage against Turkey to achieve Russian and/or Syrian interests. – Biggest loser porbably is Syria. – A divided and weakened Syria is what Isreal has always wanted and now it gets it.


“Second, groups who are disloyal to the Syrian government are put in check, and these territories will be to some extent given back under the control of Assad.” Turkey has announced they do not plan to turn territory over to Syria. Erdogan is no friend of Syria, or his own shadow for that matter. Not clear how Turkey capturing territory doesn’t make a bad situation worse. It would be much harder to fight the Turkish backed FSA than the Kurds; the only real difference being is that it would bring the war to a part of Syria that has enjoyed relative peace and stability, until now.

Who told, that the giving back of area is in the interest of ruskies?? The author talked about kremlin interests. In kremlin nobody cares about Syria and Assad. The Assad family is for long time on blacklist in Russia.

Eskandar Black

Syria wouldn’t just say forget it, they would obviously fight. Russia can do some basic thinking, why would it be a good idea to start a fire near their air base? Afrin isn’t event defended by Americans. The only reason Russia would look the other way on this is that the Kurds have left them no choice.


Syrians don’t eat popcorn that much

Melotte 22

Very good. South Front should publish your analysis instead of some clueless politicians such as this professor.

Icarus Tanović

And Albania didnt started four or five bloody wars over there, like some other country did. That is the fact too.

Christian Gains

It is OFTEN amazing to us HERE in the U.S., what the our Press REFUSES to expose us to…(You know…something like “THE TRUTH”!?)…It’s CLEAR that we here no longer have “Professor Hristov’s” at our disposal!

This is CLEARLY one of the BEST analysis that I’ve bumped into over the last several years, AND! It holds MULTIPLE significant factors that WE HERE in the U.S. are NOT being privileged with knowledge of! QUITE TELLING…eh?

While the struggle for supremacy is ALWAYS a factor in Geopolitical wranglings, Prof. Hristov certainly clears up a LOT, quite quickly! QUITE a few of us, from QUITE a group of Nations are certainly being “played” by a BUNCH of DANGEROUS cretins! Unfortunately, History DOES repeat itself! A thorough study of Sun Tzu, Arnold Toynbee, Tolstoy, and other genuine Historians reveals that FACT…

It IS SOOOoooo sad that “We the people…”, {the “just want to live our lives in peace & harmony folks” of ALL Nations}, Globally, have to tolerate such horrors so that a FEW, (an AMAZINGLY FEW), power hungry psychopaths can PLAY CHESS with the General Public of whole Countries!

But! Thank God there’s a few Hristov’s around, AND Journalists, that DO ATTEMPT to REVEAL the ACTUAL GOALS & REASONING of the psychopaths…(I’m NOT just speaking as an American, PLEASE understand; I’ve traveled enough to now speak as simply a HUMAN BEING, free of POLITICAL manipulations & trying to grasp the TRUTH of events!

btw…most of the posts below I cannot disagree with…I’m learning QUITE a LOT from your comments! THANKS!


I can imagine how you feel. You are on the right path.Reading the comments is the best part of reading the news and here, at SF you will find a very vocal audience. Still, regarding this article and the professor… I take it with a pinch of salt. This guy knows as much as me and probably most of the people who are frequently visiting the site. He is basically saying nothing new and… sorry if I am to burst your bubble but he is subly polishing the truth and twisting it. Keep in mind that the american embassy is ruling in Bulgaria and you get the picture. Truth is a function of time.

Christian Gains

1691; THANKS! And, yes! I DO learn a LOT reading the posts…SAD to hear that the USA RUNS BULGARIA…but, Empires DO TEND to do such…as Russia, & China are also proving…Geopolitics seems blatantly Empirical these days…but, what’s new…I’m sad to hear that the Kurds are getting used…I certainly hope the same is not the case with the Pesmerga & they’re communities…watching them getting slaughtered & sold into slavery, [after being raped], as well as being forced out of they’re homes & villages was gruesome and heart breaking…ISIS is a curse upon the land…

And, 1691 I REALLY DO appreciate your comments and counsel…


He he he. Pleasure! You might be new on this site but you are not new to trolling.

Tudor Miron

Why do you say that he’s not new to trolling? Have I missed something that indicates it?


His first comment was too gullible. It sounded like a “rude awakening”. Pour guy has been living in vacuum in the usa! Really? Praysing the article was brainwashing. “Empires DO TEND to do such…as Russia, & China are also proving.” One can not compare the behaviour of usa and its determination to establish its imperial goal over the world with Russia and China and present them as equivally bad. He is supportive of kurds and peshmerga. His name: christian gains? Fishing for response to start pouring propaganda? If he were an American he would not have made specific grammar mistakes. Can you see it now? He is well trained, that’s why I said he isn’t new in the game.

Tudor Miron

Fair enough but I will restrain from labeling him in anyway for now. Let’s see what he posts from now on and than we will see what he is about. In other words I would not jump the gun so early :)


Fair enough. I guess he is one of those who changes names. His profile is privite. They will not stop it. I simply don’t want to fall in their traps. Solomon is missing these days. :)

Tudor Miron

Solomon? :) He’ll be back for sure.

Peter Bond

Drama queens, the lot of you.


what a load of horseshite….


We can only hope so.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Kurdish allowed SAA to advance in east Eufrates and take Conoco gas oil field as consecuence of agreement where the Kurds were authorized to pass through Aleppo to Afrin…beside support of the Syrian air defense to warn Kurdish of Turks flights in the area and in other cases to lock on Turkish F-16 ( which stopped airstrike days ago)…thats why USA attacked SAA&NDF in Deir Ezzor and now are using Arab military council of DZ( not Kurdish SDF) to attack Syrian troops there instead of Kurdish!…I think in my opinion that Erdogan dont want USA in Syria..especially when they have been betrayed twice by them..one during coup vs Erdogan…another setting up a Kurdish state inside Syria!


The question was asked quite correctly, therefore he didn’t want to answer it: YES, Russia did betray the Kurds, as they have always been betrayed. The Kurds know that the US doesn’t care about anybody but themselves, and so does Russia etc. Giving Turkey free hand is stupid in the long run. The Kurds are, of course, to be pressured into Syrian unity… which most of them want anyway. This war of Turkish aggression will lead to the opposite; it will galvanize Turkish and Syrian Kurds even more into one. They understand that they will for ever be second class citizens unless they form their own country. The Russians just proved that they are just as hypocritical, cold hearted, indifferent and strategically short-sited as the US. Mr. Hristov is already discredited through his comparison with Albania.


Get ye hand off it,russia betrayed no one gimp,for starters the kurds soaked up the blood with american taxpayers dollars,get it fkhed!


Well, the Albanians were there first, and the Greeks

Bulgarian God

Ivo Hristov is a left-radical communist shit paid my Moscow (KGB-FSB).


Actually a small cabal of pro-US Bulgarian elites have captured power there – sponsored and funded, of course, with US slush-money. They just do what their US sponsor tells them to do.

Bulgarian God

Are you american (USA citizen) ? And what’s the problem if Bulgaria is pro-US ? I don’t think so, we are EU country and there are democracy.


For the sake of man to man marriage and women with beards,I believe most bulgarians care to differ opinion,after all majority are orthodox + muslims= anti lgbt zio/facist/fake democracy/liars!


lose epic bigtime structures,renig trheir word on endless energy resources=EPIC LOSERS,as if eu has any better solutions with their anti orthodox,christian hating queers’ stabbing one anothers backs,call that buisness democracy,far from it infact,me thinks!


Really and you think the facist homosexual brigade have the answers to bulgarias problems, get ye hand off it gimp!respect ye cross or die in shame ye cheap’skate’kun n ye swastika clownz


I stopped reading at China sent 5000 special forces to Syria..This isnt true..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This guy is a too much a Russo-Chinophobe and wouldn’t take anything said here as the reality of the situation as this is definitely a US controlled smear job as they control Turkey more than anyone else does. The US know what they can do and have no problem with betraying allies and proxy forces. When you need to scapegoat someone you start a smear campaign against them and what is seen today and every where has all the hallmarks of one.

Shy Talk

if only we knew who was backstabbing who


Sorry, but I do not see any direct confrontation between USA and Turkey. From I can see there a full agreement (non official) between Turkey(NATO) and USA. turkey has beem making busines with terrorists first in Syria oil and now with factory parts of Syria industry. Second, As USA, Turkey is a invader country in Syria, and I think is not against USA willing, Turkey fighting kurds, and kurds puppets of USA ? Yes, so what. Kurds are just peons in this chess war game.


money power rules. Submit or they invade and bomb them. Chaos is productive for globalism.


” has already happened on the battlefield. Turkish and US forces have already clashed in Syria. ”

too funny, trying to find reason in a discussion surrounding the fact that two nations are committing acts of war on a country called Syria, a country which does not ask for their presence, and does not deserve to be mass murdered by American and Turkish scum who are too stupid to figure out they do murder for globalists.


Below are the top 15 countries that supplied 90.8% of the crude oil imported into China for 2016 (by value): Russia: US$16.9 billion (14.5% of China’s imported crude oil) Saudi Arabia: $15.6 billion (13.3%) Angola: $13.9 billion (11.9%) Oman: $11.1 billion (9.6%) Iraq: $10.7 billion (9.1%) Iran: $9.4 billion (8%) Brazil: $6 billion (5.2%) Kuwait: $4.8 billion (4.1%) Venezuela: $4.6 billion (3.9%) United Arab Emirates: $3.9 billion (3.3%) Colombia: $2.2 billion (1.9%) Congo: $2.1 billion (1.8%) United Kingdom: $1.8 billion (1.5%) Vietnam: $1.51 billion (1.3%) South Sudan: $1.46 billion (1.3%) Four of China’s leading crude petroleum suppliers (Russia, Saudi Arabia, Angola and Oman) represent almost one-half (49.3%) of overall Chinese crude oil imports for 2016.

Tom Tom

Yes, Russia is using Turkey but at some point they will light up Turkey like a Christmas tree if they get into a war with Greece (their safest bet, even the Somali’s could take Greece now). Turks won’t last long in Syria.


Mr.professor,USA do dirty work 70 years and you licking asshole juesej !! False Bulgarian !

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