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Problem Solving In Modern US: Baltimore Activist Urges City To Pay Criminals Not To Murder

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

One Baltimore activist has come up with a novel strategy for trying to lower Charm City’s notoriously high murder rate: pay people to stop the killing.

Tyree Moorehead, the former felon-turned-activist, delivered his policy pitch while taping a news report about 200 “no shoot zones” the activist had painted across the city.

Problem Solving In Modern US: Baltimore Activist Urges City To Pay Criminals Not To Murder

Moorehead, who told the Baltimore Sun and Fox 45 that he had spent more than a decade in prison on a second-degree murder conviction, said measures being undertaken by the city to slow the murder rate simply aren’t working well enough.

“I can relate to the shooters,” Moorehead said.

“Guess what they want? They want money.”

“I’ve talked to these people, I’ve seen the shooters, it’s a small city, I know who the hustlers are,” he added.

Moorehead, who the Baltimore Sun reported spent more than a decade in prison on a second-degree murder conviction tied to a shooting at 15, suggested that certain measures the city has taken to stop the bloodshed aren’t enough.

Baltimore has continued to experience a high rate of killings and shootings in recent years, a trend that only worsened in 2020 as rates of violent crime rose across the US. In 2020, the city eclipsed 300 homicides for the sixth year in a row, while recording more than 1K shootings.

The strategy has actually been tested: the city of Richmond, Calif. tried paying people not to commit crimes in order to try and combat gun violence, and it resulted in the city’s lowest murder rate in 30 years.

While Moorehead’s suggestion is certainly novel, some who work closely with the criminal community have doubts about its efficacy. Former Baltimore Police spokesman TJ Smith said he doesn’t believe paying criminals is the answer. While a new creative idea may be needed to curb violence in the city, he said that Moorehead’s idea “speaks to the desperation that we all have.”


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Just Me

They are already paying the cowardly US, NATO and Australian child killing militaries, so paying domestic murderers is pretty much par for the course for degenerate losers.

Ashok Varma

Disgusting racist war criminals.


By that logic, the jobless should start doing crimes so they can have a bigger government check! If implemented, this is going to further worsen inflation. This plan is insane.

johnny rotten

A black man in the subway cut the face of an Asian, they immediately took to the streets to protest against … white racism, the Yankees are in the terminal phase.

catalin zt

The rotten anglo-saxons and their jew masters are crumbling in their stinky nests called Murica and Israhell! Amen!

Harry Smith

And for rapists not to rape there must be free prostitutes ready 24/7.


all EU criminals (of color) will emigrate to US

great working conditions!!

catalin zt

This is what is called “society” by it’s anglo-saxon-jews designers!

cechas vodobenikov

usa capitol fenced and 5000 troops guarding in military dictatorship
next fence around Baltimore —one big open kill zone to reduce world leading incarcerated population, 20,000 US LGBT soldiers—free rape zone


Just another day in the rapidly declining, turd world ShitHole USA


If black don’t rape steal or kill when old its bc did it when young, and vice-versa

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