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Pro-US Sources: Tensions Between Kurds and Syrian Government Grow

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Pro-US Sources: Tensions Between Kurds and Syrian Government Grow

Photo: AFP

The pro-Kurdish information website ARA News reported about alleged growing tensions between Kurdish YPG units and the Syrian government forces in Aleppo city in northern Syria.

According to the report, tensions mounted between the Kurds and the Syrian regime, after Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) took positions from the armed opposition groups in Aleppo city.

The website quoted the words of the senior commander of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Abdelaziz Yunis, who blamed the Assad government and said that the Kurdish YPG is the most effecitve force on the ground in Syria:

“By attempting to take over Kurdish-held areas, the regime wants to show the public opinion that it has won the Aleppo battle,” Yunis said.

“It seems Assad regime and its Shiite militias have forgotten that YPG is the most effective force on ground and they cannot ignore this fact,” he added. “Moreover, Syrian regime troops want to encourage their supporters that they defeated the so-called opposition factions.”

According to the report, “some of the regime soldiers” wanted the SDF to leave their positions in Aleppo city, but this didn’t happen. He said that SDF don’t know when fighting will erupt between Kurds and the Syrian government forces. However, it’s possible.

“We have checkpoints which are close to the regime positions in Aleppo city, particularly in Al Ashrafiye as well in the Bani Zaid neighbourhoods, where violence has been escalating recently,” Kurdish officer Sharvan Efrin told local reporters.

ARA News was not able to provide any photo or video evidences and the pathetic words of Abdelaziz Yunis and Bani Zaid were its only proof. Furthermore, most of Bani Zaid Neighborhood remains under the control of the Syrian army.

It is clear that such statements are a part of the wide informational and diplomatic campaign aimed to prevent the success of the pro-government forces’ success in Aleppo city.

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Green Rose

This comment is completely wrong. They have tried a couple of times to capture the youth hostel but failed due to al-Qaeda terrorists counter attack but when government controlled the west Castillo road then they were free to take the youth hostel. I am not saying this is the previous statements and images showed on this website southfront.org


The kurds in Aleppo city need the SAA to avoid being gangraped.

Pave Way IV

“…It seems Assad regime and its Shiite militias have forgotten that YPG is the most effective force on ground and they cannot ignore this fact,…”

It seems SDF Commander Yunis is forgetting that the whole MSM phrase of most effective force on the ground is anti-Assad propaganda constantly hammered in to the public’s face. Nobody doubts the Kurds’ effectiveness, but they seem more skilled at land-grabbing and public relations than fighting ISIS. The Kurds fit to neatly into the larger U.S. strategy of steering ISIS or moderate head-choppers to Assad’s troops to fight, while keeping the Kurds insulated from any serious battles.

The Kurds are not the most effective force on the ground and they amount to a fraction of the Syrian government troops fighting ISIS. The Syrian Army with Iranian and Russian support are the ones liberating miles of head-chopper-infested areas in drawn-out meat-grinder urban battles. The Kurds in Manbij have nearly all of CENTOM’s air assets at their disposal with embedded U.S. SF troops and tactical air controllers an it is still taking them months to take Manbij. They seem to be about equally effective as Syrian troops in this kind of combat. The press seems to ignore that.

Commanders like Yunis are the reason I remain suspicious of the forces controlling Kurds. To spew propaganda about being the ‘most effective’ ground force betrays his political motives – he apparently can’t wait to be a lackey of the U.S. (and on their payroll, if he’s not already). This all seems designed to support a U.S./Kurdish land-grabbing scheme when the Syrian government comes back to claim Syrian sovereign territory in Aleppo. The U.S. needs the Kurds to steal land so the U.S. has permanent areas for military bases and intelligence facilities inside Syria after the U.S. finally admits defeat.


Calm down YPG. You’d better take care and get along with your Syrian hosts who is not your ennemy. At any time you can stay all alone and unprotected at the mercy of your fiercest and real enemy ”Turkey” who will not rest until own or exterminate you completely. Because for geopolitical economic and military strategic value United States and Europe will always prefer to support Turkey than YPG Kurdish who have nothing to offer at all. Think about it and don’t be fools…

Jens Holm

Well – as some kind of neutral liking none of the parts, I woukld say, that SAA didnt keep that territory – YPK kurds did.

And Assad wasnt there at all without russian bombardments and Hisbollah as infantery. And kurds has all the times kept enemy trops around them, så those troops could – smal or strong – couldnt be used anywhere else.

And one more thing. YPK has been a friend all the time. And SAA treat them bad instead of saying – THANK YOU – we will probatly all put weapons and owner ship like that away, when Rebels and ISIS is gone.

Of course The YPK has to get honor for doing that instead of small barking mice a la Pave Way IV , INcredulON, Green Rose & VGA.

Its like slamming Your little Sister or Brother for doing something right, You couldtnt do, for You have run away and weak and couldnet defend them.

Jens Holm

Something terrible wrong in Your honor, respect, what matters and what a country and its population arfe.

If You have had The YPK in Aleppo and Afrin as enemies from the beginning, Assads and Baads had lost all the country today and good as well as bad supporters and acceptors has been in a long line before Gabriel.

He might have had been so busy, that he had asked for assistence at The Pope in Rome bringing enough oil for the needed fire making the temperature in the World rising a bit.

And the arrivel should start with reading Khoran, Christian bible, The Thora and some leassons from the hindus and buddist too. Every one of them has something about honor, respect and shame.

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