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Pro-Turkish Sources Spread Rumors That SDF To Hand Tal Rifat Over To FSA

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Pro-Turkish sources have been spreading rumors that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) may hand over the strategic town of Tall Rifa’t in the northern Aleppo countryside to the Mutasim Brigade, a part of the Turkey-led Euphrates Shield Forces.

According to reports, this agreement was reached after two months of negotiations mediated by the US. However, a commander of the Mutasim Brigade said that no agreement has been reached so far.

There is a ceasefire agreement between the SDF and the Mutasim Brigade that receives great support from the United States.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Army shelled the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), the largest group in the SDF, with missiles in Tal Rifat and in the vicinity of Afrin town.

Pro-Turkish Sources Spread Rumors That SDF To Hand Tal Rifat Over To FSA

Turkish forces are shelling YPG positions

On the other hand, pro-Turkish militants launched an attack on the village of Ghazwaniya west of Afrin. The YPG repelled the attack.

The town of Tall Rifa’t has witnessed violent clashes between the YPG and the joint forces of Ahrar al-Sham and the Al-Shami Front. Turkey is pushing many Free Syrian Army groups to attack YPG positions in Afrin in order to put additional pressure on the SDF to strengthen the Turkish influence in northern Syria.

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Len Zegelink

fuck erdogan ,and his pupet masters .


YPG will never hand over anything to Erdogan or the lickspittles in his arse!

Jens Holm

I vote for that.

Solomon Krupacek

never say never in politics, but i am also skeptic.


They tried this rumor, fake news is a better word, before. All not true. As before.

John Whitehot

I won’t trust a single article of news coming out from Turkey these days.

Jonathan Cohen

Since both sides defend abortion rights, they both need to fight someone who doesn’t; like ISIS or SAA, instead of each other. Same for Ukraine.

Rodney Loder

That is on the surface a very strange comment, it may require elucidation.

Jens Holm

He is an abortion, which cant come out. Might be too big feet.

Rodney Loder

The poor woman, but Erdogan is taking on a remarkable similarly to General Franco who died 1975, age 83, marking 36 years of absolute control because like Erdogan he knew his place, your hurting Syrians backing the Kurds over Erdogan.


Erdogan does not know his place and it’s a matter of time until someone teaches him a lesson. He narrowly escaped last year from the coup.

Rodney Loder

He came back onboard with Astana, deesculation zones are in with a chance, Trump is shifting the focus to Afghanistan, so it looks hopeful, Erdogan if he didn’t respond to what he sees as imminent opportunity he’d be now dredging up some kind of ridiculous principal to spoil it, and if Syrians don’t oppose him attacking the Kurds, he’ll go even further, Assad and Putin have to support the Kurds but there getting little Arab support and all nongovernmental pundits should aim to make it none.


Erdogan should be fenced in behind his new wall. Now Trump wants to talk about Afghanistan. How long has this conflict been going on? Kabul govt seems to have no control over most of the country. Taliban still loves to sell their opium crops, and ISUS want’s to set up shop.

Rodney Loder

If Taliban were growing opinion poppies the US would be spraying them with agent orange, no way are Taliban in the drug trade except when drugs cross their roadblocks, then the get bribed, what do you expect them to do confiscate and burn it ?.
I don’t know about IS in Afghanistan, I don’t think so, KSA was using Pakistan Taliban to leverage the region so everything is blurry.

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