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Pro-Turkish Militants Attack YPG Forces In Northern Aleppo


Tensions between Turkish forces and Kurdish YPG units escalated in northern Syria as the Turkish army and the so-called “Free Syrian Army” suffered setbacks in the ISIS-held town of al-Bab.

Pro-Turkish militants attacked Kurdish YPG forces in the areas of Willa Qadi, Maranaz and Kafr Khashir. A car bomb explosion was reported in Maranaz.

Pro-Turkish Militants Attack YPG Forces In Northern Aleppo

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  • Trustin Judeau

    When ES loses against ISIS,they attack the Kurds.This confirms that Al Bab is not going well.In most cases the shell it,but now I see they are attacking it.I heard they used even suicide car like ISIS

    • dutchnational

      Soon rebels will leave Azaz on orders ot Erdogan, to be replaced by a turkish trained police force.

      There are still a few moderate rebels in Azaz.

      Will they turn to SDF once expelled by their (former?) allies out of Azaz?

      • gold37