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Pro-Turkish Groups Build Up Forces For Upcoming Attack On YPG In Northeastern Syria


Pro-Turkish Groups Build Up Forces For Upcoming Attack On YPG In Northeastern Syria

Turkish-backed militants loot shops after seizing control of Afrin on March 18, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

On December 14, a commander in the Free Syrian Army (FSA) told the Syrian news outlet Enab Baladi that Turkish-backed groups have submitted the names of its fighters who will participate in the upcoming Turkish attack against US-backed forces in northeastern Syria.

“The factions are on high alert and we began to submit the names of fighters who will supposedly participate in the military operation,” the pro-opposition news outlet quoted the commander as saying.

Furthermore, the unnamed commander revealed that the Turkish military and several FSA groups are conducting reconnaissance operations along Turkey’s border with the Syrian area held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Local sources confirmed the commander’s claims and said Turkish warplanes are also carrying out reconnaissance sorties over the area.

A recent report claimed that more than 15,000 Turkish-backed fighters will participate in the upcoming attack, which was first confirmed by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan few days ago. The attack will reportedly target the SDF-held cities of Tell Abyad, Manbij and Ras al-Ayn.

A spokesman of the Pentagon had warned from any unilateral military action into northeast Syria. However, the U.S. appears to be unwilling to take any direct action to prevent Turkey and its proxies from attacking the SDF.

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  • Prince Teutonic

    A division strong terrorist formation… Should use some gas to neutralize it…

  • Tudor Miron

    Gangs war.

    • FlorianGeyer

      I agree. I suppose all wars are ‘turf wars’ between gangs. Some are led by Kings and Queens, some by Presidents, some by Military people and others by Warlords big and small.

      Its all about stealing wealth and land.

      • Tudor Miron

        war – 6th priority of sufficiently general istruments of governing. Fastest results/List lasting results. Always desirable for zio side and always undesirable for Russia. We take war very seriously and that’s why we avoid starting it at all costs.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Yes, when any person, group, cult or nation have a spurious sense of exceptionalism that they consider to be inviolate, their future is usually not what they wished for.

          The US is just another nation of Flag Wavers that is succumbing to their own bullshit.

  • Pave Way IV

    I wonder what CENTCOM is going to say if the Turks or their al Nusra FSA head-choppers accidentally kill any U.S. soldiers during their attack on the Kurds? I know the U.S. government will cover it up if possible. A well-informed electorate is unnecessary to democracy (and troublesome to the oligarchy). But what if it happens and news gets out before they can ‘manage’ it? How far would the Pentagon go to excuse our NATO partner?

    It’s OK, buddy… these things happen in war. Hey… I know what will cheer you up. Want to help us bomb some f’king Houthi kids in Yemen? I just got the green light from Congress. I knew those sniveling Saudi-firster bitches would fold like cheap suit. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2c0798664fa74bbf881c73b7721083ed25a7ba29c5025b4512f9f7ca5ce7b29e.png

    • potcracker2588

      the attacks in hudaydah,taiz and sanaa are at its peak……there is no ceasefire…..thats typical jewishness at its best…lying,murdering,stealing and backstabbing…….dont expect any peace in jemen till the houthis and their allied forces are beaten.

      BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:45 P.M.) – The Saudi Coalition and their allies from the Yemeni Army scored a new advance in the Al-Bayda Governorate of central Yemen on Friday.

      Backed by heavy airstrikes, the Saudi Coalition and Yemeni Army managed to overrun the Houthi forces’ defenses in the Baqim District, resulting in the capture of the small town of Bustan.

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      Furthermore, the Saudi Coalition and Yemeni expanded their control over several farms and hilltops that are located around the town of Bustan.

      The Saudi Coalition and Yemeni Army are now advancing further into the Al-Baqim District as they look to fully expel the Houthi forces from the Al-Bayda Governorate.

      While a number of agreements were made in Sweden between the Yemeni warring parties, the ongoing conflict in the northern and central parts of the country have recently intensified.

      The Saudi Coalition is currently attempting to capture several areas from the Houthi forces before any significant ceasefire is established inside of Yemen.

  • Rodney Loder

    A wonderful article, Allah is the Grarest by far, YPG are dead meat waiting burial.

    After we rid Syria of these Zinokurds a political working arrangement following the Syrian Constitution will be agreeable by a unified struggle to reclaim the Golan.

    • Jon Gruntha

      The slaves of West are claiming to be Muslims. YPG are no Zinokurds. They’re people who have been your slaves for centuries.

      The Erdog might criticise Israel but he’ll never break relations with Israel as long as it benefits him.

      They should extend Rojava beyond the Bosphorus till Eastern Thrace and send you Central Asian dogs back to your home.

      • Rodney Loder

        If the Kurds support israel they must be Zionists.

        This is the first time Turkey really departed the Freemasonry, and created post modern Turkey, Erdogan won’t unrecognise Israel while in NATO that wouldn’t be worth the trouble, but it means nothing anyway.

        Zionism has no place in the future because there have only an amorphous base that can never be visible outside of intelligence networks which is tolerable only in times of prosperity, when times get tough they get the blame for everything, secret organisations always do and so they should thats why all the pigeons were mounted against the real Jews, I’m assimilationist.

        If Kurds want to be targeted wherever they live in the Middle East their goin’ the right way about it, take it from someone who knows, the Zionist Christians will drop Kurds and Zionists alike as soon as they have to fight a real enemy not a defenceless pushover using Trailor Trash and Welfare Housing Estate ground forces only good against civilians and children.

        • Jon Gruntha

          PKK’s Abdullah Oclan has himself opposed called on Israel to transform from a Jewish to inclusive secular state for Arabs as well. Don’t buy into Erdog’s propaganda.

          Iraqi Kurdistan whom Erdogan is good friends with, not Syrian Kurds, had been exporting oil to Israel. How is that going to Israel when all surrounding Arab countries will rather shoot any shipment to Israel? There’s only one Middle East nation tolerating trade with Israel – Turkey.

          It is not Kurds but Erdogan who is a Zions puppet. Has he ever opposed Israel’s existence? Never all he does is attempt to condemn Zionismts and support Palestinian, but not Israel’s current existence.

          Stop believing in the criminals. Especially the NATO-backed dictator.

          • Rodney Loder

            Things like that don’t matter in war, since the Iraqi Referendum that had over 90 % of Kurds supporting secession no one will ever trust the Kurds again.

            Link that up with the failed Gulenist coup along with the US scrapping the JCPOA the failure of Neo Liberalism in France and Germany the British abandoning the EU and the Mediterranean stand off ending any hope of Western intervention to save the Arab Spring and above all else Sino Russian support for Iran means Assad has won, the Kurds are backing a lame horse trying to use it to create autonomous regions in Syria, crazy.

          • Jon Gruntha

            No one will trust the Kurds again? That’s funny considering Turkey is still taking Kurdish oil and trading with them. Keep lying.

            Gulen was Erdogan’s ally until he upset him. The actuality is many people including Turks are tired of Erdog tyrant. Just like his papa Putin in Moscow who has to kill people to keep them in line and rig votes.

            You may call it neoliberalism, but Macron did what no one else would The rich were leaving France and they needed to be brought back while the deficit needed to be reined it. It is good that France doesn’t become Greece 2.0.

            Now even Saudis are turning on the Islamist rebels and sending money to SDF. There’s no Middle East nation really with you except the other outsider Qatar. Keep pushing, some day they’ll push into the sea.

          • Brother Ma

            Macron is a bankersboy and nothing else. As for Greece ,France is Already Greece writ large but it is protected unlike Greece was. Italy ,qatar,france ,Japan,Turkey,Towelhead Arabia and usa are already bankrupt but it is the taboo topic. Noone is allowed to say it out loud. Haha.

          • Jon Gruntha

            Being a banker means you’re good with numbers.

          • Rodney Loder

            The Kurds that you think some much about are people just like everyone else, your sentimental approach is going to be responsible for the demise of Kurdish Syrian relationship for many long decades to come, for a start the Islamic Brotherhood that began the Arab Spring is now solid on board with Assad, everything has come about face, when was the last time you heard anything about Zawahiri, everyone is abandoning US KSA UAE, Pakistan is demanding payments from Salman in exchange for nothing just not to overtly oppose him everybody is doing that even Afghanistan Taliban.

            I have permissions to use Egyptian Salafist Call in my posts, we supported Sisi now we support the new Brotherhood as a legitimate political Party in Democratic Egypt, Sisi won’t support US even now Sisi is hedging against supporting General Hafta, your bringing death and much misery to Kurdish families, Trump is on the way out because he’s crazy what replaces him will be anti israel because the popularist movement that already has conquered Italy is anti israel.

            Hezbollah is not scared of israel Lebanon mocked KSA sentiment and war are two different things.

          • Jon Gruntha

            The Islamic Brotherhood is with Assad? The so-called brotherhood which exists nothing more than slaves of Turks and the West are still against him, so is Erdogan. Then they’ll be fighting amongst themselves like they always do for power, just like in Afrin last month. Turkey is still against Assad. The only reason they’re not openly attacking him is because they’re scared of Russia.

            You talk about abandoning, but my friend Turkey is already abandoned. Russia doesn’t war with Turkey or USA even, that’s the only reason peace has been attempted. But like every time, you will be run over.

            The Salafists are themselves supporting Haftar. Why? Even the Salafists know your moronic approach will bring nothing but ruin. You’re never going to attack Israel despite all your talk. But guess what, Idlib’s fall will be coming.

          • Rodney Loder

            The Brotherhood was the hub of the Arab Spring , Brother Erdogan was on board, realism is what war stands for, you finish on the winning side or watch your family and friends mutlitated and slaughtered, I know its happened to me, pick the winner or be damned.

            There is no central command in jihadist ranks since Morsi got put away we don’t want him released he is safer where he is, the price you pay for getting it wrong, he was one of the lucky ones.

            Hafta is a separatist Libya is Tribal, Gadaffi never really had a tribal majority I always supported him till the end because we always knew Libya was Gadaffi, now it will be fractured till the UN decides Hafta has to go, it can’t decide otherwise because it would give a green light for all resource rich enclaves to breakaway and be wealthy Principalities.

            There were 80 Countries signed up to support Kurdish secession in Iraq, the reason only the israeli and US stuck to that position was due to the fact that Iraqi Kurdistan would have been resource rich.

            Russia will only fight to defend itself I agree, that’s what it’s doing.

          • Jon Gruntha

            He’s onboard for nothing except his own power. He’ll be making deals with anyone as long as it benefits him but he’ll be loyal to no one.

            Haftar won’t go because he already has backing of the West and the Gulf. Not unless he stops being useful. Same is with Erdogan.

            Now you talk about Russia defending itself. And the only way that’s happenin when the so-called “rebels” and jihadists or the Brotherhood is crushed. Stay back in Turkey, or Assad and Putin will be coming for you all eventually. And Turkey can’t do anything to stop them.

          • Rodney Loder

            That’s your heart talking not your head, everybody is out for their own good, we Salafists claim that is the after life but everybody makes their own decisions.

            I’m in Australia, right now I’m headed for the Nowra MotoPlex to belt out a few a few laps on my race bike I’m an independent analysis, anyone could have employed me as Jesus Christ in the end the Australian Government did and put me on a pension long before my time, I’ll honour that and offer solutions but between you and me I really couldn’t care less.

          • Jon Gruntha

            Only a minority of Salafists believe that because they don’t think a true Islamic state can be brought on earth. As for your prophet of Allah claim on your channel, your head isn’t right. Madman.

          • Rodney Loder

            The thing is you came to me on your knees just look back through the conversation, you didn’t get the hoped for response so you abuse me and mock my Religion.

            Your probably not even Kurdish yourself, probably your just wanting to use the Kurds to fulfil a role in your criminally insane machinations.

            If Salafist Religion didn’t exist the Christians would be able to ignore me completely, likely for all time and go on using the Holy Ghost that I brought to Earth for all time, meaning even in the next Universal Creation Satan would have control of the Holy Spirit, how bad woul that be idiot?.

            But anyhow I can go to Damascus prove I can’t be killed forfill the Islamic Prophecy and create peace in the Middle East get rid of israel and make a small fortune, what do you say to that?.

          • Jon Gruntha

            On my knees? Fool you’re either mad claiming to be a prophet, or just lying. I’m a believer, my grandfather was in Nation of Islam, but he later shifted to true Sunni Islam. I’m not a Kurd, but I support them and their struggle. They’ve been there before Turks migrated.

          • Rodney Loder

            Read the comments above you keep coming to me with platitudes that turn into abuse when my response isn’t what you were wanting.

            Are you saying I’m not a Prophet ?

            Prey tell why not, only last Sunday I stood on a Mountain which I am a part owner of, that being Mt Scanzi and I spoke aloud, which was heard all around the World by my Islamic Kurdish Salafist Brothers and Sisters.

            I told them if they don’t quit fighting for DT (sounds like a poison because it is one) your children will be vanquished by the Apostle of Allah Himself that being Prophet Muhammad (pbuH).

            And do yo know what my Kurdish Brothers and Sisters got back to me with ?, they said, “We were kidnapped as small children and forced to join the YPG our parents were threatoned, we were then systematically raped and sodomized to guarantee our loyalty, may Allah forgive us for wearing the colours of a traitor”.

          • Jon Gruntha

            What I said is the truth, though you may recrive it as an insult.

          • Rodney Loder

            But Jon I kid you not I really am a Prophet and can survive death defying motorcycle jumps in muddy conditions, I work for the Australian Government who secretly, and very shortly not so secretly support China against America, now if you don’t believe me write to the Australian Government and ask them.

          • Jon Gruntha

            Sooner or later, everyone fails.

          • Rodney Loder

            I can’t fail been at it for 69 years , I spoke from the cradle literally , !!! I can still remember what I said, “evil be dammed I’m going to the top, too big to fail I am that today only because Islam came to the aid of Stalinist memorabilia” the fans love it.

          • Kira Binkley

            You made my day, Rodney! Always keep them guessing.

          • Rodney Loder

            Thank you Kira Binkley I’m the great second guesser guessing what precedent is the next feature event of the future in Turkey will we go Alawite or Shi’ite, Neil Prakash survived a US air strike specifically targeting him, they said he was dead but no not yet at least safely locked up in Turkey since November 2016.

            Australian extradition failed, so what’s happening now, the reason was Sunni second guessed Alevis in Turkey or threatoned to, that was the now I don’t know about.

      • Brother Ma

        There is no Eastern Thrace; just Turkish-occupied Thrace.

  • John Wallace

    Now you know why Erdogan wanted a ceasefire in Idlib. So he could have forces too attack the YPG..