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JUNE 2023

Pro-Turkey Militants Attack Joint Army-YPG Forces in Northern Syria

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Pro-Turkey Militants Attack Joint Army-YPG Forces in Northern Syria

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Tensions between the Syrian government and the Erdogan regime are growing in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo.

Last night, pro-Turkey militants, supported by the Turkish Armed Forces, attacked the joint forces of the Syrian army and the Kurdish YPG in the village of Azraq, located about 6 km west of al-Bab (read more about the race for al-Bab).

Pro-Turkey sources claim that the army-YPG forces were pushed to retreat from the village. These reports have to be confirmed by the evidence on the ground.

Local sources say that intense fighting between the “opposition” and “regime forces” is ongoing in the area.

Earleir in November, the Syrian army and the Kurdish YPG formed a joint force to advance against ISIS east of Aleppo city and recently this force reached the areas controlled by Turkey-led forces.

The analysis entitled “Turkey and the Kurdish question” was released by SouthFront in March 2016:

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Ergodan making more refugees which he can then use to blackmail Europe for more money? I’d trust a coiled viper before trusting the ‘Sultan.’ At least the viper is honest about its intent.

888mladen .

Where are RU and Syrian jet fighters and bombers to support SAA and YPG in Al-Bab liberation. RU still hopes it will build gas pipeline through Turkey. Doesn’t it? Honestly they seem almost as irrational as Erdogan himself in their hope that he will become sober and start cooperating. Haven’t they realized by now that only dead Erdogan will be good Erdogan or they are indulging in self deception? What’s the point of talking to him? What’s the objective? To let him and his terrorists buy more time and grub more land from sovereign state of SAR? When will RU stop practicing that abominable diplomatic prostitution turning to jam everything that has been redeemed by the precious blood of Syrian soldiers on the battle field. I’m telling you they will not be able to do that forever without punishment. Their enemies are watching for every move of theirs to take the advantage. It seems they’ve been playing friendly to Turkey only to excuse themselves from getting in direct confrontation with it. Shouldn’t protecting Syria as their ally be their priority?


For Russia it is simple.

Russia wants to secure their naval and airbase and wants to secure Assad being president.

Whether he controls the outlying areas of Syria they consider to be less important.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

I totally agree with you, my friend. Turks are liars and traitors by nature. They have no allies and no friends. They are only interested in their selfish benefits at whatever price even if they have to sell and betray their own mother in the attempt. It is sad to see how Russia behaves timidly and without definite initiative before the blatant Turkish aggression toward its ally and protected Syrian people.


Erdogan will fail as Syrian Arab Army will expel Turkish aggressors from Northern Syria.


Hi, hi.

Dream on little antisemite man.

It was the ottomans supporting the return of more jews to Israel as of appr. 1880.

Rebin Zakhoi

Turkey has a history of genocide and blood on their hands. Turkey is shaking, they know that the time is near, the time for justice, to let the kurds, who live in peace, who accepts cultural and religious diversity to flourish among a dark and hate filled middle east. Denying the genocide of 1.5 million armenians, slaughtering and butchering innocent kurds, denying them their language and culture, is a war crime , and I hope we will see the likes of Mr erdogan , in fron of judges, at the HAG TRIBUNAL!


Hag Tribunal Kärring tribunalen?? lär dig stava.

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