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Pro-Tripoli Group Assaults LNA-Controlled Libyan Embassy In Minsk, Belarus


Pro-Tripoli Group Assaults LNA-Controlled Libyan Embassy In Minsk, Belarus

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The situation with the protests in Belarus is turning into an odd charade, of sorts, not dissimilar to what transpired in Ukraine more than 6 years ago.

The situation turned even more international, and to make the plot even more interest – the conflict between Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) and Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) appears to have spilled over to Minsk.

And, yes, anybody with common sense would simply give a puzzled look and consider the situation too insane to be true. There are, however, several videos to prove that pro-LNA and pro-GNA ‘forces’ are fighting for control of the Libyan embassy in Minsk.

The videos show supports of the Tripoli-based GNA, together with some veterans of the security forces, trying to seize the Libyan embassy, which houses diplomats of the LNA-aligned House of Representatives based in Tobruk and Benghazi.

The police do not interfere, nor does the Foreign Ministry. This is not something that has happened before.

Among those who are now trying to seize the Libyan embassy in Minsk, there reportedly is a former military attaché who swore allegiance to GNA President Fayez al-Sarraj.

Representatives of the KGB arrived at the diplomatic mission, who are now looking at the video surveillance records.

Police in Minsk are trying to persuade the attackers of the Libyan embassy to leave the territory of the diplomatic mission.

A photograph showed the consequences of the morning assault on the Libyan embassy in Minsk.

The Belarus law enforcement officers have now left, and the attackers are preparing for a new assault. Interestingly, it turns out, a month ago (in late July 2020), an attempt was made to storm the embassy. Behind her stood the former first attaché of the embassy.

After that, the Libyan Foreign Ministry turned to the Russian security structures for help.

Pro-Tripoli Group Assaults LNA-Controlled Libyan Embassy In Minsk, Belarus

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Pro-Tripoli Group Assaults LNA-Controlled Libyan Embassy In Minsk, Belarus

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Finally, the opposition-aligned Belarus media reports that the attackers of the embassy are ‘unidentified individuals.’

At six in the morning, about 30 people, some of them apparently with angle grinders, jumped over the fence and tried to enter the building. Employees of the neighboring Moldovan embassy called the police.

The riot police arrived at the building, stopped the assault attempt, checked the documents of those who were in the building. Having received an order from the leadership not to interfere in what was happening, the law enforcement personnel left the territory of the embassy.

The embassy’s security advisor is a Russian citizen – Stanislav Kudryashov, an adviser for trade and economic cooperation – also a Russian Yevgeny Shmykov.

According to diplomats, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry does not interfere in what is happening: this is the territory of a sovereign state. However, the Foreign Ministry promises to provide a comment in the near future.

Finally, in the area of total speculation, it could be that – the security advisor is Russian, approximately 30 individuals stormed the embassy.

33 Russians were arrested in Belarus, and then subsequently deported. What if these 33 were called to counter the expected GNA-supporter attack on the Embassy.

Once again, this is entirely in the field of comedic speculation.




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