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JUNE 2023

Pro-Tripoli Group Assaults LNA-Controlled Libyan Embassy In Minsk, Belarus

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Pro-Tripoli Group Assaults LNA-Controlled Libyan Embassy In Minsk, Belarus

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The situation with the protests in Belarus is turning into an odd charade, of sorts, not dissimilar to what transpired in Ukraine more than 6 years ago.

The situation turned even more international, and to make the plot even more interest – the conflict between Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) and Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) appears to have spilled over to Minsk.

And, yes, anybody with common sense would simply give a puzzled look and consider the situation too insane to be true. There are, however, several videos to prove that pro-LNA and pro-GNA ‘forces’ are fighting for control of the Libyan embassy in Minsk.

The videos show supports of the Tripoli-based GNA, together with some veterans of the security forces, trying to seize the Libyan embassy, which houses diplomats of the LNA-aligned House of Representatives based in Tobruk and Benghazi.

The police do not interfere, nor does the Foreign Ministry. This is not something that has happened before.

Among those who are now trying to seize the Libyan embassy in Minsk, there reportedly is a former military attaché who swore allegiance to GNA President Fayez al-Sarraj.

Representatives of the KGB arrived at the diplomatic mission, who are now looking at the video surveillance records.

Police in Minsk are trying to persuade the attackers of the Libyan embassy to leave the territory of the diplomatic mission.

A photograph showed the consequences of the morning assault on the Libyan embassy in Minsk.

The Belarus law enforcement officers have now left, and the attackers are preparing for a new assault. Interestingly, it turns out, a month ago (in late July 2020), an attempt was made to storm the embassy. Behind her stood the former first attaché of the embassy.

After that, the Libyan Foreign Ministry turned to the Russian security structures for help.

Pro-Tripoli Group Assaults LNA-Controlled Libyan Embassy In Minsk, Belarus

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Pro-Tripoli Group Assaults LNA-Controlled Libyan Embassy In Minsk, Belarus

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Finally, the opposition-aligned Belarus media reports that the attackers of the embassy are ‘unidentified individuals.’

At six in the morning, about 30 people, some of them apparently with angle grinders, jumped over the fence and tried to enter the building. Employees of the neighboring Moldovan embassy called the police.

The riot police arrived at the building, stopped the assault attempt, checked the documents of those who were in the building. Having received an order from the leadership not to interfere in what was happening, the law enforcement personnel left the territory of the embassy.

The embassy’s security advisor is a Russian citizen – Stanislav Kudryashov, an adviser for trade and economic cooperation – also a Russian Yevgeny Shmykov.

According to diplomats, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry does not interfere in what is happening: this is the territory of a sovereign state. However, the Foreign Ministry promises to provide a comment in the near future.

Finally, in the area of total speculation, it could be that – the security advisor is Russian, approximately 30 individuals stormed the embassy.

33 Russians were arrested in Belarus, and then subsequently deported. What if these 33 were called to counter the expected GNA-supporter attack on the Embassy.

Once again, this is entirely in the field of comedic speculation.


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johnny rotten

Known as the International of Terror, it has a thousand ramifications, from the freedom-loving of Honk Kong to the cutthroats of Isis through the Muslim Brotherhood, as in this case, but all of them are headed by the same false flag of the West.

The Objective

Complain all you can, but the Muslim world has awakened and this struggle to liberate all our countries just began. To dissuade other Muslims from supporting the Turkish patriots in their effort to unify Muslims, you try to make things look like Erdogan just has emperialistic aims for personal gains. You maggots! If Erdogan can lead the Sunni Muslim world that’ll be better than the current lack of unity. You faggots know that a united Sunni front is a nightmare for all enemies of Islam, so you do your best to disinform Muslims regarding the struggles goin on. Russia will regret its decision dearly when we finally take our lands from dictators, tyrants, and corrupt monarchies. The west can never accept Russia. China is closer to Sunnis due to its ties with Pakistan. So it’s just a matter of time before Erdogan’s efforts start to bear fruits.


the Turks are the real reason the middle east/Islamic world is in such a big mess. the wicked Ottoman Empire lost us Palestine. all islamic societies under their rule were forbidden to have schools, thus extraordinary illiteracy followed, the nefarious psuedo

The Objective

I think you are one of the troll Saudi and the GCC pays to post comments that mislead Muslims. I hope you are not. But even if you are, I have a counter-propaganda for you.

At certain times, Turkish leaders did betray Islam. But it doesn’t follow that every Turkish leader will or is betraying Islam since the collapse of the Ottoman empire. Erdogan is one of the notably different Muslim leaders of Turkey with a true Islamic spirit. If you doubt this fact, I’ll give you a simple assignment: Research Erdogan’s domestic policies in Turkey and see if it is pro-Israel, pro-Western, or anti-Islamic. here is a good place to start: https://www.hudson.org/research/15682-where-will-erdogan-s-revolution-stop

The true betrayers of the Muslim world are the Saudis and the GCC. Their petrodollar empowers the U.S. to build military, political, economic, and intellectual power with which they destroy Muslim societies. They have an alliance with the U.S. – something Allah forbade clearly in the Quran.

I know Turkey too has such an alliance in NATO. But then, NATO predates Erdogan. NATO no longer Trusts Erdogan’s Turkey. That should tell something different about Erdogan.

But my friend, Islam does not belong to Arabs. They should not expect to always rule the Muslim world especially when most become so corrupt like they are today. This ummah will find true leadership no matter how much bribe, propaganda, threats, you dole out. The Muslim world will be liberated. It’s just a matter of time. The difficulty you currently face won’t end except in your defeat.

Jens Holm

Allah has never has forbidden such thing. Maybee You has been told about the Consitution of Alabama or something.

Ypu probatly cant even read the Holy Choran as well as Haddits and like that.

I can – in danish – there is not such thing and You even are allowed two places in Your books, so thats a way to do it as well.

The Objective

“O you who believe! Do not take My enemies and your enemies as allies extending to them affection while they have disbelieved in what has come to you of the truth, having driven out the Messenger and yourselves only because you believe in Allah, your Lord.”: Quran Sura Al-Mumtahanah 60:1.

“And whoever is an ally to them among you, then indeed, he is one of them.”: Quran Sura Al-Mā’idah 5:51

Jens Holm

And You only has had 100 years to change that:) So funny You can even write that.

There is no Nobel price for bad excuses. .


You have become supporter of bad people like Erdogan and Bibi !!

Erdogan did evil things by supporting ISIS together with ISRAEL and USA for ZIONIST OBJECTIVES! If you are honest Sunni wake up to the reality! Erdogan does not support Arab Sunni world !!! Hi is the ENEMY !

If you are Turk pretending not to be the one than say it !

The Objective

I swear by Allah that I’m not a Turk, and I’ve never been to Turkey. I’m only thinking of visiting Turkey one of these days – but that too is not certain.

Unlike you, I am a learned Sunni Muslim. Trust me I know a lot about the struggles going on in the entire Muslim world.

America and the Zionists took control of the Muslim world through Saudi Arabia and the GCC. These monarchies are so rich they corrupted nearly the entire scholars of the Muslim world. Most renowned world scholars in Sunni Muslim countries have received training from Saudi Arabia or the GCC. These scholars are supported with money to open madrassas and build mosques where they preach to the Muslim ummah. One thing the scholars never do is criticize the monarchies of the GCC or tyrants of Egypt. As a result, the largely uneducated Muslim population is unaware of the harm the GCC, Egypt, and other dictators are inflicting on the Muslim world. For example, few Muslims know that there is a military alliance between Saudi Arabia and America – something every true Sunni Muslim will object to because Allah clearly forbade that in the Qur’an. Or the fact that America’s power comes from the dollar which the GCC prop up through the petrodollar scam.

The GCC has what it takes to weaken the U.S. severely. All they need to do is refuse to sell oil in dollar – that’s it. Saddam and Qaddafi tried that and it led to the U.S. invading their countries. But the U.S. cannot invade the whole countries of the Middle East including Iran if they all unite to reject the dollar. The only group preventing this is the GCC. Iran and Syria are always ready to ditch the dollar, but they got no support.

Erdogan understands that the problem of the Islamic world lies with Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. These two countries control the OIC (organization of Islamic cooperation). But non of these countries did anything to protect the millions of Muslims America murdered in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Lebanon, and other places, despite the fact the rest of the Muslim world were deeply hurt and still remain hurt by this American act. This is the one reason Muslims will never forgive America nor will we stop fighting them until we free our lands. America is at war with Islam. And that means Islam is at war with America. It’s clear for all that have eyes to see.

The problem is that Saudi Arabia keeps the Muslim world from uniting. It claims leadership of the Muslim world. And it has allies in (El-Sisi, LNA, etc. people who have no feelings for the suffering of Muslims arond the world). Turkey is challenging this Saudi claim to lead the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia and by extension, the Zionists are feeling threatened by Turkey because should Erdogan manage to break the OIC or get them to defy the Saudis, it’ll be trouble for the Zionists and their puppets. Everything happening in Egypt, Libya, Qatar, Yemen, etc is a struggle between the two opposing forces in the Sunni Muslim world. Unfortunately, Russia is siding with the Zionists. That’s why America isn’t doing anything to counter Russia in Egypt or Libya. They’ll try to get Russia to crush this Sunni Muslim awakening, and then take Libya and Egypt back from Russia by threatening sanctions, sabotage, domestic revolt, and even war.

Thankfully, Muslims are getting more and more aware. Even local Muslims who’ve not attended formal education are increasingly complaining of Saudi’s hypocrisy that is killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims. This is largely due to efforts by Turkey, Qatar, and other Muslims in the know.

They tried to kill Erdogan in a coup like they did to Morsi in Egypt, but failed. Erdogan called that coup attempt “A gift from God”. And it was. Cos it gave him the excuse to purge Turkey of Anti-Islamic forces within the military and civilian leadership. It’ll be really hard for any coup to succeed again in Turkey. Their best option now is to try and get a corrupt politician in power in Turkey. But this too will be difficult due to the pro-Islamic policies Erdogan enacted that is fundamentally washing the Turkish society of secularism(evil).

I don’t want to say much. You can figure out other things by yourself. Just do some research.

Jens Holm

You are not a learned Muslim. You have learned only one person and use that narrowminded version – of many – to try to keep other muslims in line.

Its exact the same kind of dirt in other religions.

And You also has no patent on Allah.

If You are that kind of believer You should change and be more wide in Your oppinions. As now, You will not come to heaven even You are dead.

You will be handcuffed just outside and in rain by Gabriel, so You at least can be clean at the outside.

I might be wrong, but I assume Your wife always is first and You last, when Your family is crossing a minefield and buying and selling female children is an obeying Young mans fathers right.

The Objective

What exactly do you disagree with in what I said? Just come clean instead of attempting to insult me. I made several points which you claim is wrong. Tell us where I’m wrong and give us the true version of the situation. If you can prove me wrong anywhere with logic or facts, I stand corrected.

Jens Holm

Its very unclever to select Your own version of Islam as the only one. Thats unites nothing. Relative wide tolerance do.

Jens Holm

Wear a fez and use it, when something is comming out from Your behind.

You have no idea about how the world is. NONE.

Jens Holm

Whats wrong with Belarus ??? Too many Russians.


Now fake news will come saying the protests are organised by GNA:)))

Jens Holm

Putin payd poor dacca russians to demonstrate for Nato, EU and west:)

Liberal guy

More of roman circus


What kind of a retard would order the police to “not interfere”?!? Should be sacked and replaced ASAP. Next thing they will order the police not to interfere when the CIA “protesters” are publicly crucifying government officials and throwing them off rooftops lol.

The Objective

Good, cos it’s big trouble for the Russian groups. I used to like Russia. I was even planning to acquire an MSc and later PhD there. But their invasion of Libya opened my eyes to the danger Russia poses for Sunni Muslims worldwide. some think because the GCC are involved in Russia’s side, this cannot be an assault on Islam. The truth is, the GCC are illegitimate anti-islamic rulers, and there is a genuine growing movement in the Muslim world to overthrow these regimes. Russia, America, Israel, Shiite Iran, Europe, and the likes of Sisi are trying to squash this Sunni pro-Islamic revolution in the making. May God give Turkey, Qatar, Pakistan, and other Sunni countries the courage, capabilities, and unity to confront this massive challenge. Keep the fight on long enough and other Muslim countries will soon join.

Jens Holm

Often Your solution will only escalate and make many dead and prisons full.

This has nothing to do with CIA, West, EU or Nato.

Should we have another almost collpased leftover and even full of semirussians, which only has some few to sell and by that no money to buy.

We actually has Our problems with all those Uncle Marx and Aunt Engells misguidings by Stalin and were collapsed by old seniles only looking.

So we do wish to have Europe liberated with no more Neocolonialisme but by people deciding themself.

Normal people anytime can see Lukashenko didnt get that many votes.

We even read ing Your propaganda its Nazis supported by CIA. No wonder You can be a Nazi when You meet our kind of Stalinisme, where You allow You to decide what 10 million other people should think and do.

And Yes, we do see that contrast in Ukraine. it isnt new. I do remember most people in the whole Ukraine was anticommunists and worse. And what happend first time the many You had not killled, deported and starved was gone – So many of the rest became nazis.

And congratulations, You have done it again in Ukraine and with no hesitation prefare the same mistake in Belarus.

And the real mistake is You dont change. You just reduce human rights as if they only existed for You a wekk in 1991. But You were excused there being drunk with Jeltzin making fun about Gorbih and his Glasnost and Perastrojka.

I know it is. Stalin has it in his hands and its hard hands.

Shame on You, if You know what it is.

The Objective

So even non-Muslim countries are realising the danger posed the terrorists occupying Libya. Interesting. I pray Belarus grows into a pretty big problem for Russia. I have a feeling the CIA will do it’s best to make that happen. The protest is too big. Should the Putin-aligned president start killing his people, the game will begin.


Pity !

You are really starting to talk like an idiot. But that is your choice ! Just go and “pray” than Russia has resolved much bigger problems (than Belarus)

The Objective

You are the idiot here dude. You think Russia is omnipotent? That it’s beyond defeat? Russia has made a series of pretty bad choices lately. Supporting Egypt and the LNA was a big mistake. Egypt is in Zionist control. Russia cannot hold them for long. The U.S. wins in the end. Sanctions threat alone is enough to force a U-turn in Egyptian foreign and domestic policy. And America holds the sanctions card – not Russia. The LNA are not in full agreement with their Tobruk-based parliament. One supports a cease fire, the other (LNA) does not. Just a few of other points on which they disagree. It shows they are not united towards a single goal. Should the crisis in Belarus morph into armed rebellion, Russia will be forced to divert resources to save its ally. Add Ukraine to the mix, Libya, Syria and soon Egypt. Add the economic strain of all these foreign campaigns, plus the sanctions in the pipeline for Russia. And Putin’s dwindling popularity in Russia. There has also been recent protests in parts of Russia. I won’t be surprised if Russia soon faces a similar protest like what happened in 2014 – only this time it’ll be worse.


US will not win remember that !!! Dollar will implode soon.

Don’t you worry about Russia. You talk now about things you don’t know much about. Yo have no clue about Russian economy, one of the most stable economies on the planet! With huge resources based growth and ever growing agriculture. Protests are Western propaganda about handful of people. You are very ill informed person reading from bad sources. Go with your Erdogan but you must know that he is loser without future. There is future for Sunni Arab world but not Turkey

Jens Holm

Much of that is very incorrect.

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