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JUNE 2020

‘Pro-Russia’ Presidential Candidates Win in Bulgaria and Moldova


'Pro-Russia' Presidential Candidates Win in Bulgaria and Moldova

An election poster in Sofia for Bulgarian pro-Moscow candidate Rumen Radev, a former air force commander. Photograph: Darko Vojinovic/AP

Voters in Bulgaria and Moldova have answered to the harsh anti-Russian hysteria of the EU mainstream media and political establishment, voting for the so-called ‘pro-Russian’ candidates in the presidential elections.

Bulgarians elect allegedly pro-Russian former air force commander Rumen Radev while Moldovans casted their votes to Igor Dodon also described as a pro-Russian candidate.

The presidential elections in Bulgaria and Moldova conducted jitters in the mainstream media that already described their results as ‘Moscow’s victory’.

Even considering that both candidates are only theoretically ‘pro-Russian’, the elections’ resuls show that Moldovans and Bulgarians don’t have a will to follow the mainstream propaganda in their decisions. The same effect could be observed during the US presidential election and the Brexit vote in the UK.



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  • javier

    isnt bulgaria still in a run off?

  • Robert McMaster

    People look at the Ukraine to see their future if the Brussels and Washington looters get into power. Look at all the happy people in Kiev enjoying the fruits of their peace and prosperity!

    • nshah

      Yeah.. with just few cookies.. Lol..!

  • Trump is also pro-Russia.
    It is Jewish and Zionist in the west who wish to genocide genetic-Russians off of the face of the earth.
    All of the pro-Russians in the west are right wingers.
    The Left wants to genocide Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, Germans, Irish, Russians, Austrians and so many more.

    • ASA


      • John Whitehot

        read this poster accurately. You can find some clues in his posts on what is the current zionist propaganda tactics.