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JUNE 2021

Pro-Opposition Syrian Islamic Council Accuses Syrian And Russian Armies Of Supporting ISIS Attack In Hama

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On December 14, the pro-opposition Syrian Islamic Council (SIC) accused the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Russian Army of supporting an ISIS attack in the northeastern Hama countryside.

In its official statement, the SIC said that the Syrian Army moved ISIS units and their weapons to northeastern Hama and that the Russian Aerospace Forces are supporting the ISIS attack.

Pro-Opposition Syrian Islamic Council Accuses Syrian And Russian Armies Of Supporting ISIS Attack In Hama

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However, in reality ISIS entered the northeastern Hama countryside after a deal with Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Later hundreds of HTS and Free Syrian Army (FSA) defected and joined ISIS in Hama, according to local opposition sources.

The SIC also warned from the SAA advance in Hama, Idlib and Aleppo governorates, and held HTS the responsibility for driving out several FSA groups from theses governorates. The council said that the defeats will continue unless HTS abandoned its hostile behaviour against other opposition armed groups.

HTS and even pre-2014 ISIS are known for having excellent relationships with the Turkish-based SIC, which includes many radical Syrian Islamist scholars. Many of them are even wanted for terrorism-related charges in several Arab countries.

The statement reflects the bad situation of Syrian opposition forces and HTS in Idlib governorate, according to pro-government activists. Especially that the SIC called on all civilians in northern Syria to support the “Mujahedeen”. Radical Islamist groups usually make such calls when they are suffering from huge loses.

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Syria insider

So wat?


Thats what i ment, so what

Richard M

Sic and demented!

You can call me Al

Dear Syrian Islamic Council (SIC)

Fuck of, nobody is listening to you and the heroes of the Syrian Army and its allies will eliminate you from humanity. Cheerio.

Tudor Miron

Was it Solomon who writes reports for them? Sounds very familiar :)


Its either Solomon or his husband I think. :)


It does sound more like dutchnational.
I think the two of them met at an Amsterdam bagel shop. :)

Solomon Krupacek

shut up, nazi!


Lol.. you’ve made my day..!



They call themselves Islamic council but I call them Jewish council because they have destroyed Syria and Iraq for greater Israel. They have been declared terrorists in United nation.

juan carlos ayala

que las ratas se maten entre si


This opposition people need really a psychiatric treatment.

Solomon Krupacek

not support, simply let them live and attack hts. like kurds did.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Here we were thinking sheer lunacy and a tenuous grasp of reality were limited to US officialdom.

la Cariatide

Why the Syrian Army wouldn’t let isis attack alqaeda? alqaeda, ahrar al-sham, jaish al-islam have already attacked themselves for years in emirate of idlibistan and in the eastern ghouta!
moderated terrorists just meet their former allies, isis, not as much moderate as them..


I guess they’ve been played out.. if the statements are correct.. (which I doubt).. lol.. there are many ways to trick your enemies in war..! After all those who carries arms are considered terrorists, be it moderate or whatsoever they called themselves aren’t they..? excluding the government forces and their alliance of course .. Lol..


Given the way all parties involved have been using IS to some extent to further their own agenda, this is totally believable. Elsewhere I read that IS fighters tweeting from DeZ area a few weeks ago, are now tweeting from Hama. As there is only SAA between Hama and DeZ, the suggestion is clear.

Saying they went over to SDF and SDF transferred them to Turkey who then transferred them to HTS held territory after which they started to fight against HTS is too incredible to even consider.

Cheryl Brandon

Get lost ISIS and drop your weapons and, Russia and SAA will leave you alone. You cannot carry arms/fight the elected government and then, complain if you become a target! If you do no want to be a target, get out of the terrorists business cause the 2 armies are doing their jobs.


As though the world is damn F blind, naive and stupid.. lol..!

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