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Pro-Kiev Forces In Eastern Ukraine Wave US Flags In Attempt To Get More Weapons And Funding

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A visual reminder whom Ukrainian radicals deployed on the contact line with local resistance forces in eastern Ukraine see as their main backer. The photos below were taken in the villages of Krimskoe and Mironovskiy, at positions of pro-Kiev forces near the Lugansk People’s Republic. According to  reports, the flags were put there ahead of a visit by some US journalists. So, they will be able to demonstrate the high support to the US actions in Ukraine.

Pro-Kiev Forces In Eastern Ukraine Wave US Flags In Attempt To Get More Weapons And Funding

Click to see the full-size image

Pro-Kiev Forces In Eastern Ukraine Wave US Flags In Attempt To Get More Weapons And Funding

Click to see the full-size image


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traitor scum

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hahaha they will get a big pile.of shit hopefully

Fola Obisesan

Ukraine was once one of the constituent republics of a superpower (i.e. USSR). Now reduced to this… What a crying shame!! Don’t these people have any pride or patriotism?

Tudor Miron

“Fighting for independence” :) Ukro nazi whores simply demonstrate their obedience to their US masters.


A nation that protests on streets when authorities tell them to stay at home is superior to a nation that does what authorities says to do


a person who goes to protest against things to the streets know nothing about how social supersystems are managed and will only serve those who do and who organized that protest for reasons uknown to protesters.


Just like the guys in Hong Kong who want to become British “subjects” once more – without the right to reside in the UK of course. Laughable. :-)

AM Hants

When does Russia turn off the transit gas? Tick tock.


When Russia wins the case against EU in an arbitration court https://www.politico.eu/article/nord-stream-2-sues-the-eu-over-new-gas-rules/

Ralph London

AM: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-7697785/Gazprom-proposes-1-year-gas-deal-Ukraine.html

Putin is not the type of person to take vengeance, he also cares for a lot of Ukrainians who would be affected by a gas turn off.

AM Hants

They should canonise Vladimir Putin. He seriously is a Saint.

Pave Way IV

Current contract expires the end of this year. Ukraine wants another 10-year contract with guaranteed transit volumes and tariffs. They used to transfer about 100 billion bcm a year for about $3 billion in transit fees. It’s maybe 75 billion bcm now, but Gazprom will eventually wants to drop it to 10-15 billion bcm/yr. Ukraine doesn’t buy the 1 billion or so bcm/yr gas for domestic use directly from Russia – it buys it from Slovakia in that reverse-flow scheme.

Ukraine oligarchs are panicking at the thought of losing any of their $3 billion feeding trough. How can they afford to kill those Russian-lovers in Donbass without the Gazprom $3 billion shakedown? Odd part is they really think they can muscle Gazprom into a long-term, lucrative transit contract across Ukraine today after pissing off Russia enough that they build the bypass pipelines. Gazprom obviously doesn’t need Ukraine any more, so the US/Ukraine are trying to use the EU to force some kind of clown-world rules on Russia. The EU depends on Russian gas, so it’s a question of how much they’re willing to bend over for the US/Ukraine to piss off Moscow. At some point, Gazprom will get tired of EU clownfuckery and will start turning off the gas. The end of this year would be a good opportunity.

chris chuba

And why don’t U.S. ‘journalists’ go to Eastern Ukraine and talk to the people themselves instead of getting fooled by these transparent photo-ops (they are fools).

Concrete Mike

Because they dont want to go, they know it would pop the comfy bubbles their in. Sure they would use the excuse because its unsage being in there with terrorists.

Yet they are not scared to go hang out with al nusrah, oh wait they are most of the times, the press uses russian protection in Syria, and bitch about russian air strikes on al nusrah as the russians protect the press from Al nusrah, ive never seen anything so callous and disrespectful.


ukraine is a no-story in washington dc now a days and has been on the back-burner since trump entered the white house although certain factions withing the government’s been trying to keep the issue going, what you would call the deep state.

Black Waters

The fascist flag

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