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Pro-Iranian Forces Warn US: ‘Our Cells Are In Your Capital’

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Pro-Iranian Forces Warn US: ‘Our Cells Are In Your Capital’

Logo of the the Kawtheryoon Electronic Team

On February 28, the Kawtheryoon Electronic Team, a Telegram channel affiliated with Iran-backed armed groups in Iraq, warned the US that its troops won’t be safe in the Middle East or inside the US itself if they do not withdraw from Iraq.

In a Telegram post, the channel claimed that the Axis of Resistance – a term used to refer to Iran and its allies – has active cells inside the US, including in Washington, DC.

“Resistance cells are rooted even in America and its capital,” the Kawtheryoon Electronic Team said in the post. “O American enemy, you must withdraw not only from Iraq, but from the entire Middle East.”

The post also warned Israel that the Axis of Resistance has “thousands of men” who can rise to replace Imad Mughniyeh, Hezbollah’s top military leader who was assassinated in the Syrian capital, Damascus, in 2008.

A heavily edited photo showing several coffins covered with US flags and a number of rockets falling on Israel was attached to the post.

Pro-Iranian Forces Warn US: ‘Our Cells Are In Your Capital’

Click to see full-size image. Source: t.me/Cotherion_313

The Kawtheryoon Electronic Team concluded their post with a message to the US and Israel, saying that the Axis of Resistance will deal painful blows upon each, and that the killing of Iran’s Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani and Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units Deputy-Commander Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis will not help them to escape the “torment” that awaits them.

Pro-Iranian forces have been attacking US troops in Iraq for more than a year now. These attacks, which are meant to push the US out of the country, will not likely stop anytime soon.


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Is KET even a reliable source and does it have anything more than a virtual existence? On what authority should we call to vouch for its claims? I think it would be foolish for Iran – assuming KET has any connections to Iran – to telegraph a threat with such obvious terroristic overtones, especially with its regional hand so strong and the American’s so weak. Iran has little to gain from such hyperbolic and juvenile rhetoric.

Jens Holm

Many here dont care about sources. They already now what they have communicated with their local TV:(


to prove their point(s) they should dig a long long tunnel right up beneath the white house, drag a couple of hundred tons of c4 explosives and blow the white house inclusive of demenz-ridden biden and jew agent harris sky high – no hurry. if it’s done in good time for christmas it’s good enough.

Peter Moy

I wonder if the Iranians have anyone like a Guy Fawkes in their ranks? A few tons of explosives under a building could ruin a lot of people’s daily schedule.

thomas malthaus

They could do Americans a favor and tear down the Capitol Hill steel fencing.


Not going to happen. US is now a permanent police state, based on the Zionist model of Palestine occupation.

comment image


Stinks just like a giant pile of bullshit ready to be manipulated into a justification for one of the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists false flags. Besides, the snake is actually a hydra with multiple heads, one of which, the Jesuit scum pope from Rome, just visited Iraq with no problems at all.


US criminals under their Zionist masters orders invaded Iraq, an ancient civilization, completely destroyed, stole its oil and killed millions of civilians, but lost the war and are daily humiliated now. They have very limited options left, either increase the military commitment or leave. The US is already bankrupt and destitute,so more US and NATO puppet troops won’t help much as the resistance is far bigger and more organized.

Hasbara Hunter

Yangeese better Grab your Gear & Piss Off out of the Middle East….Your Pimp ISraHell & the Jewish House of Wahhabi-Lapdogs soon will follow your footsteps….


I feel a US false flag coming on.


do you understand how useless it is?


How useless what is?if you mean a false flag its worked many times before, i mean they started the Vietnam war on a false flag that never happened.


it never works against iran despite all the attempts


iran will say no we didnt do that but we will do even something way more terrible to you if you use this false flag to even do the smallest mistake that will be irans answer like always


iran isnt like any of those examples you could put out of your head because iran and america are in a mutual destruction situation for quite some time now even if you are kept ignorant about it


iran did humiliate navy seals


every few months during false flag pompeo and bolton time we had a tanker blow up and every few months we had a tonkin and it was useless and all they did is humiliate themselves again and again and again with these shows


iran can sink the entire usa and now make a false flag and try to explain to the usa how sinking and dying is a good idea


Hope for Iran, they invested in actually working air defenses. Then they can practically rape Israel/USA forces in Iraq and even outside. They provided a good snippet in January 2020.

Cheryl Brandon


cechas vodobenikov

only a few w motorbike and gasoline cans can set US forests ablaze—ruining water infrastructure —I suspect plans are already developed

Raptar Driver

This is highly unlikely, It must be disinformation.


if you say so

Raptar Driver

I’m not speaking definitively. I said highly unlikely not completely unlikely.

Icarus Tanović


Zyklon B

Sounds like a 911 version 2.0 in the making, with a faux “Iranian” signature slapped on it for a casus belli to start a new war. Jews be foaming at the mouth with the idea. When will Americans wake up and realize this? It is not “BLM”, “White Supremacy” or any sort of “Patriarchy” that is holding working class folks down… Its the fucking Zionists. Imagine if the left and right stopped their infighting for a moment to exterminate this vermin?

Jens Holm

Maybee they are treated for cancer:)


Good idea about US cities! Just do it!!! Remember how many times the bastard yankiees bombed your hospitals and schools.

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