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JUNE 2021

Pro-Govt Rally In Afrin, Another Column Of Government Forces Enter Area (Videos)

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On February 22, a pro-government demonstration took place in Freedom Square of the YPG-held city of Afrin. The demonstration took place following a deployment of at least 400 members of the Syrian National Defense Forces (a pro-government formation) in the region.

Meanwhile, reports apperaed that a third group of pro-government fighters had already arrived the area of Afrin. With this group, the number of deployed pro-government fighters is higher than 400.

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Tudor Miron

Glad to see that Kurds start to realize that as part of Syria they have much better chance for better life than being US/Israeli sacrificial lap dogs.


Not yet, they have not realized yet. They are doing this because Turkish have been destroying them totally. Kurds are still USA-puppets. Turkey invasion was agreed with USA and Russia. ¿ Why Russia ? I do not known, maybe economical interests between Turkey-Russia.

Tudor Miron

“start to realize” – that’s what I posted. If you fail to see that US is loosing its grip on Kurds than I suggest you wait a bit more and see how it unfolds. Nothing is cast in stone at this point but tendencies and developments are very interesting to observe.


Turks and Kurds, curiously, are playing, both, opposit double games, a foot on a camp, the other foot on the other, so, they aren’t the main ennemy nor the main force to attack (main attack direction). Al-Qaeda and the rest of the takfiris, acting as US saint alliance troops, are the main direction of attack.


If the Kurds can’t hold on to public opinion among at least the kurdish civilians they will lose hold really fast. This is a great sing.

Boris Kazlov

Why Russia? Because Turkey is doing the dirty work of repressing lapdog Kurds, Russia cannot do this without entering in a conflict with USAIPAC, but Turkey, as a NATO member, can.


Beacuse the mighty putin told this.

Wahid Algiers

I think Russia allowed the ottoman advance into Afrin to force the kurds begging for help in Damascus. That what happened.


For Russia they realize we(US)/Turkey are going to reunite Syria and the Kurds. Only America/Israel can bring enemies together in unity.


The Kurds have had a good deal under the Assad’s and had relative prosperity. Interestingly, Bashar’s photos are plastered on all vehicles entering Afrin.


assad, specially hafiz al assad funded PKK with help of sovietrussia in laste 80s..
educated kurds do love al assad, and i think kurds will have many rights and wont be crimed under syrian goverment, bcz syrian goverment do love kurds too,
kurds did never fought syrian goverment since the syrian civilwar, except those which were initiated by USA to cause chaose like in deira zor, but hey in deira zor are mostly syrian arabs tribes fithing within the SDF, kurds do not habitate in deira zor, only SDF arabs there


SDF never has claimed independence, have ever stated wanting to be part of a federal system within Syria.

And what is wrong with wanting to have a federal system within a country that was unable to protect all of its citizens, the primary function of a state? If and when the state does not provide security, then people must do it themselves.

Promitheas Apollonious

using selective memory to draw conclusions, shows a limited understanding and poor judgment in this case, with your comment.

Tudor Miron

Nice to see that even Dutchy is starting to realize that something goes wrong in that happy US/Kurds relationship.


Problem for SDF is that US is not really a reliable partner and ally and has never been.

Another problem is there are not really any reliable allies available in the region.


So, if were reliable partner, you would declare independence immediately, arent you? :DDDDDD


The US largely relies on her vassal states in the EU and Holland is part of this , as is the UK.

If the EU does not have the courage to cut the chains that bind them to the suicidal US foreign policy we will all suffer greatly . Quite possibly with our lives.


For US State Dept. Pentagon and intel services, “reliable partner” equates with willing cannon fodder and mindless idiots along Azov lines, it seems Kurds haven’y sunk that low.

Tudor Miron

Ouch! Is that really you? Didn’t we (me and many others here) told you that US is unreliable (to put it softly)?
Only reliable ally is Syrian state and please don’t start telling me stories how they were opressed before 2012.

Boris Kazlov

@douchebagnazional, SDF is an AIPAC creation to execute AIPAC plan B, to carve a large chunk of Syria for Israeli-Murikan hegemonic project. Syria unable to protect its citizens? it was protecting them fine before the combined attack Saudi, Emirates, Turkey, NATO and USAIPAC, and Israel proper, they held their ground the best they could. You are jew ass-licking slimy pig.


I fully concur Boris :)


The biggest reason though why Damascus was unable to protect all of its citizens, including the Kurdish ones, is the Kurdish ones current ally and patron. Its the constant funneling of weapons and supplies to the varies Jihadis by the US which escalated the conflict.

Also, name one federal state where one of the federated areas can make foreign policy deals and invite a foreign power on its territory. In ALL federated countries foreign policy is the strict raison d’etre of the central government. If the Kurds really wanted a federation then why is the US illegally present in its areas?


Big UP




what… Can anyone explain to me what US and Israel has to do with this. This bots are mentally ill

Tudor Miron

US has nothing to do with Syrian and Iraqi Kurds? :) Are you serious?


There is nothing worse than a dumb troll, except a dumber one

leon mc pilibin

At last some of the Kurds are getting some sense,they will be far better off with Syria than with Zionist warmongering parasites, just look at Ukraine to see what’s in store under jewSA rule.


The mongol idiot Erdogan has been caught telling blatant lies again. The SAA is in full control of Afrin and there are reports in Russian media that 4 new batteries of BUK-M3 have been delivered to Syria and will be deployed in north Aleppo to cover the border with Turkeys. No junk F-16 flying lately.


Sultan Erdogan has had a huge stake in the mess Suriya is in right now,

but on this episode right here, purposefully or not, He’s been the refreshment the kurds needed to return to their senses and to return to Suriya after getting high on the zio-murico drugs of independence, autonomy and other nonsense ! After all major settlements in Northern Suriya are returned to the government, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Olive Branch operation winds down or moves further East !


Independence come with a price. They’d think it was that easy running the country.


Sultan Erdogan is in a dilemma now. in my opinion.

He cannot afford politically to ignore the Kurdish threat to ‘ neo Ottoman ‘ Turkey.
ergo , he has to challenge the USA and Israel.

He can only redeem himself with Russia if he becomes a military tool to lever the SDF from the arms of the US by militarily forcing them to reconcile with Damascus as has happened in Afrin.

IF such events do become reality, Edrdogan will then have a massive internal problem with the Terrorist gangs he has been supporting as they are driven out of Syria.

This is what happens when a leader of a nation uses terrorists as a proxy army, especially on the actual borders with the adversary.

Wahid Algiers

I hope they will be delivered asap for downing turkish fighter jets now and in future.
(The Buk M3 is a brand new Russian air defense system. It uses new missile and
has advanced electronic
components. It has much improved capabilities comparing with the
older Buk systems. It outperforms even the old S-300P long-range air defense system.) More here:


At 0:35 you can see a Russian military police in the second video. So they didn’t withdraw from Afrin, as it was reported before.

Tudor Miron

Good catch.


No, they came today, with kalashnikovs rounded up 3 dozens of civilians.


These Chechen military police are notorious for their brutality in Syrian lands…https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1842144736029227&set=pb.100007011551176.-2207520000.1519320470.&type=3&theater


Russian is the one brokered the deal between Damascus and Afrin. So probably they did fully withdrawn their units. The one we see maybe part of the team sent to negotiate. Well i want to see what make of the YPG later if government forces are much popular than them. Will they still kick them out after used ?


So, this is organized by Moscow.


This is not rally, they are waiting for bread.


this all looks to suspicious, obviously there are deals being made behind close doors, i personally think that russia and syria let turkey invade on purpose under some sort of aggreement, some think like ” yea erdogan go ahead and invade afrin and kill some kurds in the process then once they realice that the kurds have been abondan by usa and beg our help then we agree to take over the kurds and secure the border, this way you get to kill kurds and syria gets back their land and in the process make usa look like fools, everyone happy”


Expect Western Media to feel betrayed and Silent by Syria and the Kurds brotherhood,


Hurrah! Things are going well!


I think Turkey presence in Syria will be permanent. Even Russia cannot stop them now. (Some aircraft won’t stop them now, as they have ground forces 3M refugees and opposition support, proxy fighters and so on – the only thing, why they even waited that much because of Nato – (Nato ally)) Turkey has valid reason, unfortunatelly Syria needs some division and sunni arab area needs to be connected. Afrin is very hard to really save. Manjib has got far better position. It’s like Ukraine (some disctrict has russian majority) 400 fighters, where Afrin seems to be taken over in the next weeks is not that much, and we haven’t seen any air closure etc. When Turkey is there, Turkey won’t hand over territories to siite fighters.


At the video of Twitter down at 0:34 the man with Red barret is that a Russin MP or ?

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