Pro-Government Fighters Prepare Last Push To Clear Militant-Held Pocket In Desert East Of Damascus


Pro-government fighters, backed up by the Syrian Air Force, are preparing for a last push in order too clear the militant-held pocket in the desert area east of Damascus.

US-backed militant groups still control Tolul Dhers, Tolul Haliwa, Tolul Raghila, the AbuGhanim Mount and the Safa Volcanic Field. The area of Ruhba remains contested.

Earlier this week, the Syrian Army, the National Defense Forces (NDF), Hezbollah and othe pro-govenrment units secured the areas of Jaligm, Kharbat Raqaba, Abu Khashaba, the Jarin Mount, the Um Atn Mount and Kharbat Ruhba.

Pro-Government Fighters Prepare Last Push To Clear Militant-Held Pocket In Desert East Of Damascus

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    WOW, This is great to see.
    Will retreating FSA trash be allowed back into Jordan?
    Hopefully they where forced to leave a lot of equipment and dead bodies behind in operation Desert Volcano ! HAHA

    • SOF

      Operation Desert Volcano LOL brilliant.

      • Helenlross

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  • John

    Go SAA and crew!

  • Attrition47

    Stalingrad a-go-go

    • Justin Ryan

      Attrition47 is a troll who backs the US forces! Im pretty sure he is a Jew too!

  • Xanatos

    deliberately leaving them an exit should be combined with heavily mining that exit.

    • Daniel Castro

      And real time footage so we can see it while eating popcorn.

  • Mountains

    lmao. What is this kindergarten drawing. The daraa drawing is beyond laughable. Thanks for the comedy tho. When desparation meets reality this is what happens wanting to draw them completely off the map but there are indeed there tho

  • Joe Doe

    Close the packet, than clean the packet and move East along Jordanian border

  • TheModerateUser

    Which pocket? the east ghouta? or the one north of East ghouta?

    • Solomon Krupacek

      they mean that pussy symbil in the middle of map