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Pro-Government Sources Claim Syrian Army Advanced South Of Tabqah. Here’s What Really Happened (Map)

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In the afternoon of April 28, the Tabqah crossing, which links the government-held areas with the territories controlled by the self-administration in northeastern Syria, witnessed unusually tensions between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

According to a report by the North Press Agency, units of the SDF attempt to dig a deep trench near the crossing. This uncoordinated move provoked a response from the SAA, that advanced towards some positions in a nearby empty area known as Hawrat al-Jriat.

Pro-Government Sources Claim Syrian Army Advanced South Of Tabqah. Here’s What Really Happened (Map)

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The crossing, which was established in August of 2017, was closed after this incident. Attack Helicopters of the US-led coalition were also seen flying over the crossing.

“Three Apache helicopters and anther military helicopter have been flying since the morning in the skies of Tabqah and its southern countryside,” the North Press Agency’s reporter said, while suggesting that the four helicopters were trying to intimidate the SAA.

The incident was exaggerated by many pro-government news outlets, including the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV, which claimed that the SAA “took control of” Hawarat al-Jriat. The empty area was not controlled by the SDF or any other side, according to several sources.

The Tabqah crossing is expected to be reopened within a few days, if not hours. The SAA and the SDF will likely avoid any military confrontation, despite the provocations of the US-led coalition.

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Jens Holm

Very much nothing. How can any bring and article about things,which both has denied as totally false.

Spoiler artickles like that should not bee seen. To me reopening any kind of reopening should be written about as a small positive sign in the dark of Syria in stead.

If true its normalprocedure, You fortify a place som extra, beacuse the good road in now now repaired and not blocked.

Saddam Hussein

Sana.sy are also increasing their negative coverage of the SDF terrorists, the Syrian govt is clearly going on the offensive here against the kurdish occupiers.


SAA is not advancing anywhere in Syria, SAA is just defending the 45% of its original land. I totally doubt that Syria will be the country it was before the war since Israel-USA-NATO(Turkey) will not allow it. In addition, Russia has stopped already any possible SAA offensive on Idlib, Al-Tanf, and north-east Euphrates river.

Pave Way IV

“Attack Helicopters of the US-led coalition were seen flying over the [Tabqah] area.”

The SAA probably got pissed that so many new, autocannon-armed ISIS HiLux pickup trucks were streaming out of the US military airbase and heading to the Deir EzZor/Homs desert. The SAA would have sent some guys (maybe some Russian guys, too) to the SDFistani border at Hawarat al-Jriat to watch the now-massive US airbase, radar site and roads south.

CENTCOM pees its pants at the thought of losing Tabqa Airport, has one of their – er, has one of SDF’s – bulldozers start trenching the road to thwart a feared invasion (by the airport’s owners). Russian snipers put a few rounds into the engine block as a friendly greeting. US attack choppers dispatched. Deconfliction calls are exchanged with the US demanding SAA ‘and friends’ withdrawal from the Hawarat al-Jriat area. SAA/Russians laugh and remind coalition that it’s f’king SYRIAN territory and they are not going anywhere as long as the coalition keeps resupplying head-choppers. CENTCOM pouts about the lack of respect for their authority. SDF propaganda outlets declare a ‘major victory’ and ‘routing of a massive attack on the airbase’. Then everyone goes back to doing what they are usually doing. Crisis: solved!

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