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Pro-Government Protests Erupt In Eastern Ghouta (Videos)


Pro-government protests have erupted in the militant-held parts and recently liberated areas of the Eastern Ghouta region, near Damascus. According to pro-govenrment sources, rallies have taken place in the villages of Hamouriyah, Kafr Batna, Al-Ghizlaniyah as well as some other areas.



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  • Hrky75

    ..early bird catches a – full government pardon… too early bird on the other hand might get a moderate terrorist bullet…tough choice…

    • palebluedot

      Yep. “Moderate terrorist”, AKA Obama’s “farmers, doctors, and carpenters”.

      Somehow that cat was able to skate, after destroying Libya and most of Syria.

      • Hrky75

        They are as much Obama’s “moderates” as Bush Sr’s, Clinton’s, Bush Jr’s, Trump’s and whoever else will replace the Orangutan in Chief. Faces in the Oval office change – deep state politics stays the same fore decades…

        • palebluedot

          I agree that it is essentially an institutional policy devoted to maintaining and expanding American military and economic hegemony….and ensuring Israeli security.

          • Hrky75

            …Israeli security and perpetual expansion…

      • javid soltani

        haha you guys are fucking funny

      • Mo Richard

        Yesss , I couldn’t believe that joke

    • javid soltani

      haha wtf

  • Joe Doe

    You don’t see this in western media. Western media like the Hollywood style fabricated show made by the terrorists

    • Jutta Morris

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      • antoun

        shut up terrorist female!!

    • Cheryl Brandon

      NOTES FROM KEVIN SHIPP’S YouTube video Part 1.

      Unconstitutional!!! Components are as

      CFR –Council on Foreign Relations created by
      the Banking Elites in the USA in 1921; Revenues $101,553,200; First Heda Elihu
      Root who kater served as SOS/Secretary of State under Theodore Roosevelt

      CIA created by the National
      Security Act by Harry Truman in 1947

      Main Stream Media- Warshington
      Post original owners the Grahams.

      NSA 1952/ replaced the Armed
      Forces Security Agency –FISA Secret Courts annual budget per year $10.8 Billion

      Silicon Valley eg
      FB/Google/You Tube/Yahoo

      JSOC;Joint Chief of Staff or

      INTELLIGENCE has 17 agencies.

      DHS-Department of Homeland

      DOS- Department of State

      DIA; Defense Intelligence
      Agency ; Budget is CLASSIFIED

      NRO; National
      Reconnaissance Office established in
      1961- All Satellites- Budget classified.

      NGIA-National Geospatial
      Intelligence Agency created in 1996: Classified but estimated to be around $4.9

      FBI- CREATED IN 1908; Annual
      Budget $7.8 billion per year/ Robert Mueller has been lying to Congre$$ under
      Oath since 2001 starting with the “WMD LIES”. Did American ever VOTE these organisations in?

      • The short version:
        USA = bunch of terrorists

  • gold37

    If they don’t chant “bil rooh, bil dam, labeek ya Bashar” they don’t mean it. Translation “with soul, with blood, praise you o Bashar”.

    • BMWA1

      From video, actual translation????

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Air drop fire arms for Pro Syrian protesters.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Amnesty International is still putting LIES on their website.Syrian Government just need to carry on with their strategy to reach their people and Liberate these people who have been held hostage since 2014. Keep kicking their arses SAA soldiers. Fake Media is part of the USA’s SHADOW GOVERNMENT so, do not expect to serve either their american audiences any time soon.

  • Rather embarrassing for the Americans – I bet they forgot to notice.