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MAY 2021

Pro-Government Forces Continue Operations Against ISIS Cells In Central Syria (Video)

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Syrian pro-government forces are conducting new security operations against ISIS remnants in the country’s central region.

The al-Quds Brigade, a Palestinian pro-government force, and units of the National Defense Forces (NDF) are currently conducting a new operation against the terrorist group’s cells in the Homs desert.

A video of the operation was released by the al-Quds Brigade on June 9. The video shows the group’s fighters combing the desert between Homs and Raqqa.

A similar operation was launched on June 10 by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Deir Ezzor’s western desert, according to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The recent security operations inflicted serious losses on ISIS cells in the central region. The terrorist group is now launching less attacks there. However, the SAA and pro-government forces will likely need more time to fully neutralize the terrorist threat.


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  1. Mohammed Mohammed says:

    Islamic State was a REAL state… it took taxes and gave receipts for it. They used the money to pay for hospital workers and supplies… Paid salary for 80,000 government employees fired by USA and Shia after fall of Saddam, to run their government… They gave all poor women and children a specific amount of money and meat, rice, oil, etc… Established price controls to stop greedy corrupt business men form profiting from the suffering and hunger of the poor Muslims… They paid for elderly poor people to get medical treatment in Turkey if it was serious disease… They paid money to widows of dead fighters and paid money to citizens property harmed by ISIS during battles…

    ISIS removed checkpoints and ended corruption and citizens finally had some law and order and rules and security… Becufe thet were only used to chaos and criminal gangs… Now everything is in chaos.

  2. northerntruthseeker . says:

    It is hard to eliminate the “ISIS” cells in the Deir Ez-zor region, when the US just sends more of them out there constantly from their illegal Al Tanf position.

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