Pro-Government Fighters Ambush Turkish-Backed Militants In Syria’s Idlib (18+ Video)

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Pro-Government Fighters Ambush Turkish-Backed Militants In Syria’s Idlib (18+ Video) 4.5625 out of 5 based on 32 ratings. 32 user reviews.

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Late on March 1, Syrian pro-government fighters ambushed a group of Turkish-backed militants near the city of Saraqib in the southeastern Idlib countryside. According to activists, 14 militants were killed in the ambush. A T-55 battle tank, which attempted to support the militants during the clashes, was also captured.

Syrian fighters from the so-called Syrian Resistance, a group affiliated with Lebanon’s Hezbollah, carried out the successful ambush. The fighters are reportedly from the Shiite towns of Nubl and al-Zahraa in northern Aleppo.

Earlier this week, Turkish drone strikes on southeast Idlib claimed the lives of nine personnel of Hezbollah. The ambush was apparently carried out to avenge them. Iranian forces in Syria had released a statement, warning Turkey from attacking its troops.

The SAA backed by Iranian forces are now attempting to recapture Saraqib. The eastern part of the city has been fully secured, according to several sources. However, heavy clashes are taking place in the western part.

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Jose Martinez

Good s#!t. Buck em down..


Finally …. some Justice has been delivered. Notice how overweight all these dead turkeys are. I notice the same thing in all of these videos of the turkeys. Can someone explain why this is so?




There’s no way to tell between a dead ender or an unwilling conscript when the person is older, sorry to say. If some of the images I’ve seen of child soldiers fighting for the takfiri are true, then they are grabbing anyone.


Too much oppressing of French women and not enough maneouvring

Herbrecht Von Jeromen

Graphic warnings?


No need they are beautiful like this…. live like extremist die like shit

Gabriel Hollows

Prettier in death than they were in life.

Josiah Gaxx Isaboke

It’s a work of art! Looking at them like that is perfect!!!


and it’s war all the world must see what the war look mayby they will be less happy to paid for OTAN Madness around the world this is the look of “Democraty exportation”


The Turkish war song before battle :


Hezbollah has proven itself time and again as the most reliable battle formation on the Syrian front. If only SAA would be so fearless and so organized as these guys are.

Christian S

The fighters from al zahra are insane, they fought a 3 year long siege against nusra only aided by 130 hezbollah commandos in 2013 dropped per helicopter and crushed every terrorist attack untill siege got lifted in 2015. SAA should airdrop them in idlib city


how do you know they are Hezbollah members?

Rhodium 10

Because SAA would be hide or missing…

Rhodium 10

I wrote here many times!..SAA is not a reliable force and terrorist know it!…but when Hezbollah are on ground…terrorist flee or die!


Hezbollah is a force that can bring down the Israeli regime to its knees no fucking with Hezbollah.


I think that there’s an Israeli ops room in Idlib (hence the drone strikes on Hezbollah). Hopefully that will prove extremely counterproductive.


I find it strange that no one has even given this the slightest thought. More-over the Russian ( and Syrians ) know where it is. This Israeli/Turkish FOB is well camo’ed and deep underground. The Israeli’s wear Turkish uniforms and they have troops mixed in at the various the various OP’s. The DUMB of the Israeli’s is a control room for the Turkish ( Israeli ) armed drones, but they are being shot down en-masse. It is the Israel’s who are directing battle-field operations as there are a number of redundant comms and data links which give the Terrorists up to the minute real time intel. Do not be surprised if the Russians launch a strike ( the Syrians did it ! )which will nail this hostile base, but it is fair to assume that this may not be the only one, simply serving as a hub for the other turkish OP’s.


if that he can explain why putin go fucking back he have to understand that israel will never be a peaceful country… even russian are dog for them


Well you can be as special ops as you like, but you can’t argue with overpressure :)


If you read the very good intel that VT puts out there, they described a Russian cruise missile assault on a similar base, near Aleppo, only much larger, and staffed by intel operatives from Saudi, Israel, France, UK, US, Turkey, and various Gulf states. That put the kibosh on such undertakings, or so was thought…………. Wrong, but after the liquidation of 34 Turkish army terrs, that was a clear notice to vacate asap. Well I’d like to be a fly on the wall at the next summit meeting between the ‘Dog and Vlad the impaler ! Its due to take place on March the 6th and will happen in Moscow. It appears Vlad summoned the Dog and wouldn’t take No for an answer !

Gabriel Hollows


Gabriel Hollows

Let the fumigation commence.


lmao at 0:25 1/4th of head missing

Assad must stay

i want to see everyday articles and posts how SAA/russia is crushing torkis and retaking all lost land, NO EXCEPTION

J Roderet

Great job, Syrian heroes — wipe those Zionist devils out!


Putin is an ass kissing bastard


Some sick azz beats in that video. Great ambient music to roast some turkish mogoloids to.


Lebanon and Turkey dont mix, very bad blood between in each other going back to the Ottman empire. Plenty of Catholics in Lebanon including General Aoun have no hesitation in all out war with Turkey and Islamic state. 12,000 German peace keepers in Lebanon are there to protect the biggest real estate owner the Roman Catholic Church.


I couldnt hear one Lebanese accent in that video, I can hear yemenis and even possibly a Iraqi.


The man who led this ambush should now go by the moniker, “General Raid” or “General Roach Spray”. Good work, men.


The turks and their girlfriends twisted the wrong tail and revenge is swift


This video is not gore. I would feel shocked if these corpses were SAA heroes. But terrorists deserve no sympathy. They will never look dead enough to me.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Iran and Turkey coming to blows, this should be interesting.


Perhaps Erdo will soon be saying that 150 of his drone operators now have Trauma Headaches :)


Beautiful headshots

Liberal guy

So jihad over hahahahaha theses fools are the biggest cowards and fools didn’t understand that was withdrawal from saraqib was a tactical withdrawal hahahahaha

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