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Prison Break Is Over: Last Two Palestinian Escapees Apprehended By Israeli Army (Videos, Photos)

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Prison Break Is Over: Last Two Palestinian Escapees Apprehended By Israeli Army (Videos, Photos)

Screen grab from the IDF’s official video of the operation in Jenin.

Late on September 18, Ayham Nayef Kamamji and Monadel Yacoub Nafe’at, the last two of the six Gilboa Prison Palestinian escapees, were apprehend in the city of Jenin in the northern Western Bank.

The arrest was made by a joint force of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the Shin Bet security agency and police special forces based on intelligence from the Shin Bet.

“The Yamam, Shin Bet and the Haruv Reconnaissance Unit entered the city of Jenin, sealed off and surrounded the house, including gunfire around the building in which the fugitive terrorists were hiding. They came out unarmed and without resistance,” the IDF said in a statement. “The two terrorists were caught alive and were handed over for interrogation by the security forces.”

Two Palestinians who aided and sheltered Kamamji and Nafe’at were also arrested by Israeli forces in the course of the operation.

Kamamji and Nafe’at were two of six Palestinian prisoners, all detained on “terrorism” charges, who escaped from Gilboa Prison, a maximum security prison in northern Israel, on September 6 through a tunnel they dug with simple tools.

The other four escapees failed to cross into the Western Bank. All of them were arrested inside Israel. Mahmoud Ardah and Yaqoub Mahmoud Qadri were captured on the night of September 10, while Zakaria Zubeidi and Mohammed Qassem Ardah were captured early on September 11.

While the six prisoners ultimately failed to reach a safe refuge, their remarkable escape brought back attention to the cause of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons.


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What the hell? How did Israel find them so fast? So depressing


SNITCHES man snitching how you think, drones above head watch every move, what more.

Dennis Kovac

Do not use smart phones, internet, because they can trace and find you very easy…For ex. If you use old Nokia, Ericsson… They can see you using that base station, but can not locate you. Old phones do not have GPS, Internet (WAP) and so on. Or even better do not use any mobile phone…”They” have control over communications

Last edited 29 days ago by Dennis Kovac
Icarus Tanović


Dennis Kovac

You are welcome, countryman.

It takes time to explain all details how” they ” trace you… Police can by help from the mobile operator find you everywhere, so far you have contact with the (mobile) network. CIA and Mossad have advanced equipment…. Remember Macron and Pegasus from Israel. They are using other countries to do all” dirty” jobs and in this case “they” used Morocco and other stupid ( leaders) arab countries Saudi, Egypt, UAE, Bahrein…..


I would say some quisling gave them up.

the jimmy legs

or they were not hiding very good

US & EU are Zion slaves

Ahhhhhhh, it is not very hard tho, they are in “Israel” after all.

Zion got a big ass nose they can smell Arabs.

Dennis Kovac


This is open description, but Mossad and CIA can do it very easy with their equipment


The zionist squatters get off on arresting Palestinian children. A sick society.


Alexandre Moumbaris

I express my sorrow for the palestinian fighters, their famillies and organisations.

Dennis Kovac

Because of the smart phones.


I doubt it,because those guys would have been aware of that.

Icarus Tanović

Good thinking, maybe. Do you know what so called selfie camera is for? To have your face all the time.

the jimmy legs

but how do you know it was because of that?

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