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Priming For Great Power Conflict: U.S. Army To Field Mid-Range Missile Battery Soon

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Priming For Great Power Conflict: U.S. Army To Field Mid-Range Missile Battery Soon

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The US Army is hard at work on its newest medium-range missile battery, and plans to field the first unit by September 2023.

This unit would also be the first ever mobile medium-range missile battery of the US Army, and three more are to follow.

The Army is pursuing a Mid-Range Capability (MRC) to fill the gap in the service’s fires portfolio between the Precision Strike Missile’s (PrSM) initial capability of roughly 499 kilometers and ranges it expects to achieve with ground-launched hypersonic missiles.

After the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty fell apart, the US immediately began revealing in-development missiles that would be in breach of the treaty.

The effort on developing the new mid-range missile battery is being led by the Army’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) but once the first battery is fielded, the program will transfer to the Army’s Program Executive Office for Missiles & Space.

In 2022, the Army will assemble both the MRC launcher payload deployment system and the first Battery Operations Center (BOC) for the first battery.

A battery will consist of four launchers and one BOC, but the number and distribution of missiles included in the battery is classified.

A system integration and checkout is scheduled for the third quarter of FY22 followed by initial fielding and training to the first unit beginning in the first quarter of FY23.

The Army will seek a release to deploy the system in the third quarter of FY23, according to the schedule in the documents and will conduct an SM-6 test and a Tomahawk test also in the third quarter of FY23.

This development is moving rapidly, but the US Army works in several directions, as it is also beginning funding in FY22 to extend the range of PrSM out to 1,000 kilometers as part of its layered approach.

Mixing and matching ranges from different locations “creates an incredible dilemma for the enemy,” Brig. Gen. John Rafferty said. Rafferty is in charge of Long-Range Precision Fires (LRPF) modernization.

These developments and more are part of the renewed US strategy, poised at great power conflict and the need to defeat “peer aggression.”

All of the U.S. military services are investing in new long-range strike systems to meet this need.

The Army is investing in medium-range and very long-range surface-to-surface missiles to equip its newly formed Indo-Pacific and Europe Multi-Domain Task Forces (MDTF).

The Air Force, which has long provided DOD with the preponderance of its long-range strike capacity, is acquiring B-21 stealth bombers, next-generation cruise missiles, and other munitions that can be delivered by aircraft against targets in contested areas.

The Navy and Marine Corps are fielding new strike munitions for sea control and sea denial in the Indo-Pacific, including ship-borne long-range hypersonic boost-glide land attack weapons and vehicle-mounted medium-range missiles capable of attacking ships in littoral areas.

The Navy and Air Force are also increasing the range, effectiveness, and capacity of the “kill chain” needed to find, fix, track, and attack targets over long ranges.


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L du Plessis

They will be deployed against iran, Russia and China only to be countered by the opponents.

Abraham Lincoln

Yes countered with Russian and Chinese missiles in Cuba and Venezuela


Just wait. Next meeting someone is going to pipe up and ask for ‘stealth’ …. the price goes up 2000%, delivery in 2045 and they only get 3 of them.

Last edited 27 days ago by HB_norica

Nice work america, only two decades behind Russia and China. How old is the Iskander hypersonic missile system?

Jim Allen

More than two decades behind.
No sign of catching up, either.
The Globalist elite are currently destroying most Western countries right now. As well as advancing their coveted UN Agenda 21 Sustainability Development Guidelines
90% world depopulation plans.
US, UK EU population’s reduced by 2025.
The rest of the world by 2030.
Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Cuba, Venezuela, N. Korea, Belarus, the Donbass region, Hungary, Iceland, Yemen, and some others aren’t having any of this.
Chinese, and Russian vaccines are actual vaccines, not experimental mRNA gene therapy that is not a vaccine. DNA altering, and no one knows what this not vaccine will do.
Those jabbed, cannot donate blood, these shot’s have killed far more people than Government is reporting, severely disabled more.
That Government continues to press on in it’s determination that everyone take the jab, long after the “plandemic” fizzled out, tells us this isn’t about caring for the people’s health.
Either the people shake off the generations of brainwashing, and put a stop to this genocide, or wait to be killed by the Zionist Cabal. Resistance worldwide is growing rapidly, Globalist plans have been destroyed, the Cabal’s advance of it’s one world Government is stopped in it’s tracks.
US military is retreating, CIA is still destabilizing countries, attempting to turn countries away from their allie’s, trading partners, with big empty promises, and “gifts” of money. That turn into loans with 33% compounded interest, a Rothschild Central Bank as reserve bank, Ukraine as example. The Cabal have special interests in Ukraine, the Caucusus, and in the region. They want the land, but not the people.
Crimea was the prize, get rid of the Russians.
The Crimean’s took a dim view of this, and demanded to join the Federation. With Russia’s big military base, and only warm water port, needing to be secured, Putin held Crimea’s hand through the International Courts to separate from Ukraine, and join the Federation. Russia invested hugely in Crimea, everything had been closed down, and Ukraine was playing games with the water supply, and electric power. Gas as well. New power plant, airport, the Kerch Strait Bridge, reopened the Black Sea resorts, repaired, rebuilt, or built new, expanded agriculture. Who knew Crimea produced world class wines ? Five years later Crimea is self sufficient. Again, Putin was quicker than they thought, snatched the prize away from the Cabal, Kerch Bridge is like an endless slap in Rothschild’s face.


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Piss off shekelseeker.

Icarus Tanović

It’s bullshit, you nawwhatamsaying.

Lone Ranger

By 2040 it should be operational with hypersonic speeds downgraded to subsonic and with 52% hit ratio…


The US is so way back in missile technology that by the time they come up with something new, Russia and China will already have something much better, fully tested, and ready to go.

That’s what happens when the US spent nearly 20 years trying to keep air and sea superiority while others were working at taking those superiorities away.

Good luck catching up.


The Jews’ US Tyranny soon able to “Fallujah” from mid-range more cities, towns, wedding parties, and schools of the peoples of the countries they are occupying, plundering, and oppressing on the behalf of the Jews.

Raptar Driver

When you have unlimited resources you can purchase whatever knowledge or techniques you want or need.

Jim Allen

Apparently not, every single piece of new military technology US has had built is flawed, doesn’t perform to specification, have fatal design flaws, and the epitome of the “sunk cost fallacy,” F-35. Government has been pouring cubic dollars into this flying junk since it went into service, and not one of it’s almost 900 problems has been resolved. The plane had to be pulled from the Middle East theatre, as being impossible to maintain in combat conditions. The “stealth” coating would fall off within 3 days, and corrosion issuses were discovered on the skin, and airframe. Unreliable at best, Oxygen generator that often failed mid-flight, a Nitrogen system to protect sensitive electronics compartments failed regularly causing the loss of more than one aircraft, top speed of 1.6 Mach, which it could maintain about a minute, or the engine disintegrates. An external mounted gun shot the plane down. They’re not stealthy, maneuverable, fast, it’s suicide to fly into combat, even if it doesn’t fall out of the sky for no apparent reason. Neither the builder, or the military have been able to resolve this fugitive from the scrap yard’s problems, with unlimited funding. The LCS, and Zumwalt class destroyers are no better, Ford still can’t launch aircraft, US has gone back to flying F-15 fighters that have been upgraded. F-16 has it’s issue’s too it seems. At one point US, and Germany bought 21, and 22 MiG-29A, & B models each to deny them to Russia who was buying all the 29’s it could find for it’s upgrade program. Maybe US should’ve kept them. The Germans flew theirs, one Luftwaffe pilot logged countless hours flying these, even in top gun competition, he loved the plane, even with it’s shortcomings.
It’s internal fuel was, like all Russian fighters inadequate, and the lack of mid, and long range radars made it a sitting duck. The new radar was too big to fit in the small space at the time.
The upgraded planes have excellent electronics, new weapons systems, bigger, more efficient engines, and the SMT upgrade has increased internal fuel capacity, on par with Western fighters. These are the best dogfighters ever, like all Russian fighters are very agile. Made a 4++ gen fighter out of an existing airframe. No better design has been presented, to date.

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