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Pricey Apartment And Infiniti Car – Price Of Russia Doping Scandal


Pricey Apartment And Infiniti Car - Price Of Russia Doping Scandal

A screenshot from the video

The informer of World Anti-Doping Agency Grigory Rodchenkov said that for taking part in a film about Russian State doping-program he received an apartment and an Infiniti car. NTV published a video where the ex-Head of Moscow Antidoping Laboratory admits to the bribe.

“For taking part in the film they pay me with this pricey apartment and the latest Infiniti car,” Rodchenkov said. He admitted that he was financially strained.

“Because the events go more or less the right way, my price is going up, despite the fact that my budget had run out. Ah, screw it,” the informant said.

On November 28 the New York Times published excerpts from Rodchenkov’s diary, in which he said he had taken part in Russian state scheme to conceal the positive doping tests. According to the report, four days before the 2014 Sochi Olympics, he handed Vitaly Mutko, Russia’s sports minister at the time, a copy of the “Duchess list,” naming the dozens of Russian Olympians who had been ingesting the drug cocktail and would have their incriminating urine swapped out with their prestocked clean urine.

Rodchenkov moved to the US in January of 2016, and became the WADA informant. He accused Russian winners of 2014 Olympics of doping. Currently the International Olympic Committee is conducting an investigation that had resulted in Russia losing 10 Olympic medals in Sochi.



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  • Bru

    Another scum telling any liar if the US regime gives him enough money….

    • Cheryl Brandon

      Luke Harding is another scumbag. I bet the JEWS paid him lost of money as well.

  • Marco Alvarado Vargas

    Starvation salary. Hunger sharpens the wit.

  • hhabana

    Don’t do what you shouldn’t do. Moral of story.

  • Tudor Miron

    Hariris “brother” :)

  • Lav

    He is just a paid liar, traitor and a wh*re who sold his soul for an apartment and an Infiniti car.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Off course Luke Harding just had to do his bit for the JEWISH Lobby in the UK with his book of lies2 Collusion; How Russia helped $chump win the WH”???? LIAR; It was at the AIPAC lobby summit where $chump went in 2016 and pledged his loyalty to the JEWS; He did not visit the Russian Lobby in the USA!

  • Gary Sellars

    Someone needs to grab this fucker, stuff him in a suitcase, and transport him back to Moscow. He needs to answer for his crimes…

  • matt

    The real crime is that sport is used for propaganda by all sides. Normal that doping is involved!

  • West winning again, Russia has always lost, look at USSR hahahaha