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Press TV Says Its Anchor Was Jailed In US On Unspecified Charges

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Press TV Says Its Anchor Was Jailed In US On Unspecified Charges

FILE IMAGE: Marzieh Hashemi

Iran’s state-run network Press TV reports (source):

Marzieh Hashemi, a journalist and anchor working for Iran’s English-language Press TV television news network, has been detained and imprisoned in the United States for unspecified reasons.

American-born Hashemi, most famous for anchoring news programs and presenting shows for Press TV, was detained upon arrival at St. Louis Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, Missouri, on Sunday, her family and friends said.

Press TV has learned that she was transferred by the FBI to a detention facility in Washington, D.C. The US officials have so far refused to provide any reasons for her apprehension either to her or her family.

Hashemi, born Melanie Franklin, had arrived in the US to visit her ill brother and other family members.

Her relatives were unable to contact her, and she was allowed to contact her daughter only two days after her arrest.

Mistreatment in US jail

Hashemi, who has been living in Iran for years and is a Muslim convert, has told her daughter that she was handcuffed and shackled and was being treated like a criminal.

The journalist also said that she had her hijab forcibly removed, and was photographed without her headscarf upon arrival at the prison.

Hashemi has only been allowed to wear a T-shirt, and is currently using another one to cover her head.

Furthermore, she has been offered only pork as meal – which is forbidden under Islamic law – and even denied bread and any other halal food after refusing to consume the meat.

Hashemi told her daughter that the only food she has had over the past two days has been a packet of crackers.

Hashemi’s family members and media activists have launched a social media campaign with the hashtags #FreeMarziehHashemi and #Pray4MarziehHashemi in support of the detained journalist.

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The jewnited snakes of America, strikes again.Zionist style Democracy,WTF.

Zionism = EVIL

Freedom of Press in the Americunt police state for you.


This sounds like a tit-for-tat for the arrest of their spies in Iran. Ms. Hashemi is a known TV anchor and journalist, unlike the ones caught in Iran who are usually go by “activist” or “journalists” who don’t have much of prior publications and nobody in the rallies prepared for their release knew them before their arrest.

The last bit about the food is to add insult to injury. When they face someone who believes in something, be it a Muslim or a Christian, they try their best to hurt them by their belief. They fully know that a practicing Muslim doesn’t consume pork, just like Jews but you never see the same treatment for the Jews (even in organized crimes cases which are very common) because it’s a career-wrecking move in the US. In fact their Jew inmates not only don’t eat pork but their food should be Kosher, prepared according to Jewish religious laws.
We don’t have Halal food is also a lie because Kosher is considered Halal when one has no access to Halal meat. In this woman’s case, they don’t even need to give her Halal or kosher, a piece of bread and tap water is enough. They’re forcing her to go to hunger strike


I agree with all that you say and can only imagine the hysteria if ANY jew in a Western jail was denied Kosher food.

I have to say though that Marzieh Hashemi was extremely naive to fly to the USA .


Sad isn’t it? The FBI arrested some, most likely, innocent women to get back at Iran (idk that tbh. I don’t completely disagree but we don’t know any real details).

Brother Ma

I have heard that Islam does allow the eating of pork products under onerous conditions ie starvation . Ie it is the only food left for you. Consequently,i can not see why she can not eat pork as it is literally the only food she has access to.
Obviously,I do not agree with what the US has done. Brutish Exceptionalists like the Jews.


Well that’s just an ass backwards way of looking at it.


Brother Ma is not condoning the treatment by the FBI , he is just highlighting that the Islamic position where there is no Halal food available.


Since I started eating Biblically Clean, aka halal/kosher, twenty eight years ago I have never had the need to eat otherwise. To say she should eat what is given her because that is all she has to eat is merely passing the blame to her instead of the Satanists who have imprisoned her. Whether she HAS to eat it or not is not the issue.
And I bet most if not all of them call themselves Christian. She will have the last laugh.

Brother Ma

Florian has already answered you rightly on my behalf. I need not say any more.


You sound like one of the people who are trying to force her to eat it.
I need not say any more.


I agree with all of that but in practice the FBI are denying her Halal . She has a choice to make. I would rather see her live.


Based on the religious law, if one’s life is in danger because of starvation, one is permitted (means from a religious view point it’s not a sin) to consume not only pork, but dead carcass of other animals or if the death is imminent, even a dead human flesh to preserve one’s life.

I fully understand why she refuses to eat pork. They do this just to humiliate and break her. As there’s no danger of bodily harm at the moment, she refuses to bow and defies them. If they continue, she probably chooses a wet hunger strike.
I don’t know what would you do if put in similar conditions, meaning forcing you to defy your own beliefs. I even don’t know what would I do, but since she chose to convert to Shi’a Islam willingly and by research, I think her faith is stronger than my own.

Brother Ma

Exactly what I was trying to say.

You can call me Al

Now I see – “Marzieh Hashemi is an American-born Iranian journalist and television presenter. She is a correspondent in Press TV and the editor-in-chief of Mahjubah magazine. Wikipedia”.

Don’t rate you chances on this one girl.


The funny thing is that most Americans, who call themselves Christian, will praise her treatment. It just goes to show that Christians have no clue. There will be more “Muslims” in the coming Kingdom than there will be “Christians”.
America truly is the great satan.

Tommy Jensen

In general it looks like Muslims have more dignity than Christians.

Tommy Jensen

American born? Maybe tax evasion. They are hunting Americans all over the world for taxes.

Joe Kerr

Amazing, what the zio-filth expect to gain by engaging in this type of activity. Obviously self-defeating as the Jew-owned western MSM have scrupulously avoided reporting on it. China and Russia need to make clear the cost to the bankrupted Israeli colony of the U.S. of starting a war with Iran.

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