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President Trump Announces US Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Accord

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

It’s done. Bannon 1 – 0 Kushner.

President Trump Announces US Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Accord

President Donald Trump announced the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate pact and that he will seek to renegotiate the international agreement in a way that treats American workers better.

“So we are getting out, but we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal, and if we can, that’s great. And if we can’t, that’s fine,” Trump said Thursday, citing terms that he says benefit China’s economy at the expense of the U.S.

“In order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord, but begin negotiations to re-enter either the Paris accord or really an entirely new transaction on terms that are fair to the United States, its businesses” and its taxpayers, Trump said.

As Bloomberg reports, Trump’s announcement, delivered to cabinet members, supporters and conservative activists in the White House Rose Garden, spurns pleas from corporate executives, world leaders and even Pope Francis who warned the move imperils a global fight against climate change.

As we noted earlier, we should prepare for the establishment to begin its mourning and fearmongering of the disaster about to befall the world.

President Trump Announces US Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Accord

Pulling out means the U.S. joins Russia, Iran, North Korea and a string of Third World countries in not putting the agreement into action. Just two countries are not in the deal at all – one of them war-torn Syria, the other Nicaragua.

The Hill notes that many Republicans on Capitol Hill are likely to support pulling out of the Paris deal – 20 leading Senate Republicans, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) asked Trump to do just that last week. Withdrawing from Paris would greatly please conservative groups, which have orchestrated an all-out push in opposition to the pact.

“Without any impact on global temperatures, Paris is the open door for egregious regulation, cronyism, and government spending that would be disastrous for the American economy as it is proving to be for those in Europe,” said Nick Loris, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

“It is time for the U.S. to say ‘au revoir’ to the Paris agreement,” he said.

Trump wants his presidency to be about jobs and his decision to be viewed as an economic win for the United States.

A recent report commissioned by the oil industry-backed American Council for Capital Formation found that the deal would eliminate $3 trillion in GDP and 6.5 million jobs by 2040.

A Heritage Foundation paper last year didn’t go quite as far. It predicted that the agreement would prevent 400,000 jobs and cause a GDP loss of $2.5 trillion.

As Bloomberg notes, although cast as a final decision, the announcement only prolongs uncertainty over the U.S. role in an agreement among almost 200 nations to address global warming. Trump is kicking off a withdrawal process that will take until November 2020 to unfold — creating an opening for him to reverse course and injecting it as an issue in the next presidential election.

Under the terms of the deal, the earliest the U.S. can formally extricate itself from the accord is Nov. 4, 2020 — the day after the next presidential election. And Trump would have wide latitude to change his mind up until that point.

Conservative groups quickly applauded Trump’s decision.

“By not succumbing to pressure from special interests and cosmopolitan elites, the president demonstrated he is truly committed to putting America’s economy first,” Michael Needham, the chief executive officer of Heritage Action, said in a statement.

Environmentalists blasted the decision, saying it would turn the U.S. into an international pariah on climate change, even though it would not halt a global clean-energy revolution.

“The world has already resolved to act on climate, the renewable-energy industry is growing exponentially, and people all over the globe are becoming part of the clean energy future,” said Greenpeace USA Executive Director Annie Leonard. “Progress will continue with or without Donald Trump, but he is making it as painful as possible for people around the world.”

Finally, we notes that U.S. climate efforts won’t completely cease just because Trump is walking away from Paris. States including California, New York and Massachusetts continue to move forward with aggressive policies to cut carbon emissions.

Al Gore has spoken up…

And Bernie…

And so has President Obama…

And most of Europe…

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Gonçalo Pena

f…..ng retard


Why you censoring yourself you fuckin dipshit?



Straight in the head.


It is a fact that the worlds climate has always been very changeable. Whether or not the human impact is really making a negative difference is debatable and if it forestall’s another ice age in might be beneficial :)
However IF the West is so worried, surely its time to stop instigating wars that consume vast amounts of carbon killing people and also stop the waste of resources making tanks and guns etc ?


The climate is changing is a fact what we do about it is the next question.

Miguel Redondo

You are right , the climate changes. It does so the last 4 billion years. (with and without help from mankind)

Rüdiger Preiss

Maybe spend a week in Bejing and enjoy the fresh air ?? Sure, climate has been changing ever since the dawn of life on Earth. However, do we need to pollute everything for greed? Which of the 2 sceneries do you prefer and do you really think our children will appreciate your selfish comment? comment image comment image

Miguel Redondo

What the heck has fresh air to do with CO2 ?
You exhale CO2 with every breath you take. To mistake pollution with climate change is the big fallacy you make. All the climate change hoax goes over CO2 levels in the air , in the ocean and whatever comes to mind. Who are you to tell the chinese that they are forbidden to be in the future as same as rich as the germans or US-americans? You not get really rich manipulating money. You get rich only producing goods.
The nice picture of the muontains is good for tourists , but without tourists in that environment only live four sheperds and a dozen cows. A tourist is a person who makes a voyage to see beautiful landscapes and relax from his work where the rest of the year he is producing goods and values polluting the air and wasting resources. This production is the source of his wealth. And this production of goods is also the source of the wealth of the barkeeper and hotelier who sells the beer and bed to the tourist.


No humans have the capability to alter the climate we been doing it since the beginning.

Uzamere Uwa

Yes you killed it. Right on point.


Putting aside any possible effects on the climate, this will certainly cause
the European elites to get their knicker in a twist ( as we say here
in the UK). So that’s a good thing for a start.


This “climate” deal is robbery.
It is literally take money from first world countries and give it to third world countries.
There is NO REQUIREMENT WHATSOEVER for these countries to adhere to any climate change agreement and NO REQUIREMENT for them to PAYBACK ANY MONEY sent to them in the event that they do not hold up their end of the “bargain” which is not really a bargain at all.

Uzamere Uwa

Hmmm have we more brain in this world today?


Your tears are delicious.
comment image

Solomon Krupacek

“This “climate” deal is robbery.
It is literally take money from first world countries and give it to third world countries”

sure not. this agreement is much harder for third world. slows down their development


Also, and more significantly, it limits development in developing nations, for example, South Africa cannot get funding for coal plants from World Bank due to ‘climate regs.’, I think they have gotten some funds from China maybe for this through BRICS structures, the funds you speak of are mere bribes to keep the poor countries poor, and prolong the Global status quo among financial elites who no longer make their main money through industrial activity.

Solomon Krupacek


otherwise, china can not give money for coal mining, because this is against the spirit of agreement.


Trump is right. Climate change is unstoppable and denying that is a waste of money. There needs to be action to deal with the changes, more irrigation systems to deal with rainfall changes, more flood defences, more flexible agricultural practices. Stopping burning carbon fuels is a waste though.

Miguel Redondo

You are right , climate change is unstoppable , we are suffering it now for the last four billion years.

Joe Doe

As usual americans looking for free ride, at the expense of others


comment image

Real Anti-Racist Action

Good. While I am 100% for clean energy and less pollution. The fact is that huge social programs never work efficiently at all. Each nation in a manner of Nationalism should reduce toxic pollutants as well as other pollution. However, no vast Imperial organisation is necessary at all.
And Paris is the last nation that should be leading anyone. Talk about the blind leading the blind.
Stop invading the middle east is one way to cut pollution.
Another is to end the death-occupation of the ethnic native indigenous tribal people is another way to end pollution.
All army’s returning home is yet another war to end pollution.
And sowing shit all career politicians mouths is yet another way to stop pollution.

Solomon Krupacek

And Paris is the last nation

Paris is
a) ancient greek mythological person
b) capital of France.

sure not nation :P


I think, in this case, the name derives from one of the tribes of Gaul, the Parisii, and not in this case the Paris of Classical mythology. The Romans would have maintained that name, but some evidence for migration from this FR region into the east of Yorkshire, the so-called Arras Culture of the Iron Age.

Miguel Redondo

The romans called it Lutetia (Asterix dixit)

Solomon Krupacek

OK, i acept your argue. :)


This kind of choices show each one’s underlying nature. Can see the reasonable people that the unreasonable people will never understand? No matter how much data they get shown, they will never understand. They get reality into their eyes and ther brain does not pick it up.


Sidestepping the issue of how the measurements are taken (which is not uniform, has been tampered with, is not evenly distributed and treats the satellite measurements as a poor second) NASA’s own figures tell the world that the climate temperatures have not risen or changed outside the margin of error since 1998. Even though carbon ppm has gone up!

The clearest indication that the AGW (Anthropomorphic Global Warming) is a hoax is US reluctance to embrace it. They know it is a hoax because they invented it to distract environmentalists from very real pollution issues very near them, caused by the multi-national corporations. It is better to save the planet, even if you can’t save your locality, isn’t it? Wrong!
Another indication of the hoax is the fact that the Saudis have flooded the world market with cheap oil for a few years now. No one is complaining about this most anti-green policy in the world! Even though they believe in the AGW! Al Gore predicted the poles would be ice-free by 2013. They are growing now. And Al Gore has a mansion near the beach! Some of the ice-melting photos are taken in the summer!
Fracking, plastic pollution, lead in the water, de-forestation, loss of habitat for wildlife, destructive control and toxic pollution of rivers – there are some real issues worth dedication time to.


“Principled American leadership”

Wow -pass the sick bag

El Diablo

I hope that some catastropich films in that U.S.A. will be destroyed will became reality :D

Solomon Krupacek

“Pulling out means the U.S. joins Russia, Iran, North Korea and a string
of Third World countries in not putting the agreement into action. Just
two countries are not in the deal at all – one of them war-torn Syria,
the other Nicaragua”

the agreement will be valid also without USA

Nicaragua did not sign only therefore, because want musch more strict agreement.
Practically only the USA ar a country, which is against the agreement.

Nilo BP

Trump has been a total disappointment on foreign policy but at least he’s making the watermelons weep tears of blood. I’ll take it as a consolation prize.


Chlimate change, yeah, I look out the window and yeah, within 5 min the climate is indeed changing, we have snow on the ground in Northern Norway, in June, but hey, the world is boiling, right.
I am just giving you the head lines, and some ex. i know of many more.
For 20 years, 2 f….. decades have I read about this scam.
For 20 years they have screamed about rising sea levels, and what happened, nothing.
Maldive Islands, where the highest mountain is 2 m (meters, not kilometers) above sea level, hehe, what have happened, nothing, in Norway we have an oceanographic institute in Bergen, whom pressures sea levels, and what do you think they report, huh, in Norway the sea level is in fact decreasing, yeah, how is that possible, do enlighten me.
For 20 years they have screamed about rising temps, and what happened, nothing, to drool about 0. something is downright stupidity and mathematically an downright fraud, and to then use this what I define as statistical noise level is in this common core days, ridiculous nonsense, and is not even happening.
Polar bears, yeah, multiplying like rabbits, thats why they dont talk about it anymore.
Arctics, I am from the arctics, and some of the communes have waited this boat traffic thru the North eastern Arctic passage/route for decades, and why is nothing happening, because its to much Ice.

Its veeeeery convenient, isnt it, huh, to make this idiotic claims on an region where just few humans are, and we have no way of knowing whatever apart from the writings from our MSM witch lies about everything all the time.

And so on.

This, is for once something I am with Trump on, why the Chines and Indians are so cocky about Trumps handling of this scam, to why He back out isnt talked about, where both this countrys (China and India as an ex.) have no restrictions on lets say Coal power plants, but the Americans have to make sacrifices of their own Ind. China and India dont.
To the ridicule Trump is an downright rotten political freak show of ignorant idiots whining about AGW and what “catastrophe” it is to not make an “deal”, but people are do stupid to realize this.
And so on.

The second scam is the redistribution of “industry” and wealth to the so called “not industrialized” lands aka the 3 world, and what corps do you think backs this, those whom benefits from moving to low cost country’s, where there are no “rules” incl workers right to environmental concerns, other than the scam called CO2, and no wounder large corps are in it because they are getting gov. subzedisings and so on to be more “green”, so they can relocate their ind. to other country’s, redistribution of wealth, for them and nobody else.
Like this master of crony capitalism creeps like this fraud Tusk, an bloody parasite, period.

This is facism as pure it can be.
The third great scam is the so called “save the rain-forets” nonsense, where we pay billions in “aid” and to help??? the lands where they are chopping down forests. And while in the mean time this “greenistas” wants to have and to make “green” oil, so the “greenistas” can have their 20% of “biological” and “environmental” friendly petrol, this is also the reason for inflation of prices, since half of the corn produced in the uISISa goes to petrol.
This is an scam so big its an bloody miracle nobody talks about it, its an billion dollar fraud.

Do you get it.

I dont even bother to drool about CO2 other than to point out the remarkable lack of interest in pollution, chemicals, recourse plundering aka over fishing, bottom trawling witch I consider to be one of our worst environmental crimes I can imagine, along with Fukushima, and nobody talks about it, polar bears creates threat isnt “warming”, since they are 400 million year old species but chemical poisoning, where Hormone poisoning is making Polar bears sterile, and f…. up their reproducing systems.
Have anyone of you read anything about that.
And now they are fishing Krill in the Antarctic oceans, for what, omega 3, huh, to me, this is the second biggest threat to anything living in those zones, but nobody cares about some f…. fish.
Whines about climate but gives an f…. about environment.
I can massacre this scammers anytime, but thats why they never ever will allow any kind of opposition to the AGW hoax, other than blaming me for been an “heretic” an “denier”.

Crawl back to epic shit heads like this drooling idiot called Hawkins, why anyone bother to listen to this ignorant creep is beyond me, 100 years left, huh and idiots believe this creep.
I know, that within the next 50 years, compared to the previous 50 years, I know we will have alternatives we cant imagine right now, and we are in fact getting closer to do so, oil, the scam about Peak oil is just that, they dont even wanna admit the lies about how Oil is created, and so on.

To me, this AGW is an religion, and have absolutely nothing to do with “science”.
Its an downright scam, period.

And if you wanna see their insane sniveling drivel, go to an site called Climate Central, where they have animated their “science”, and sing hallelujah.
Dunka, dunka.(my head on he table)



Paris climate accord is nothing more than globalists trying to redestibute the wealth around the world, not any different than than massive outsourcing that took place 3 decades ago that concentrated the wealth of the world in a few thousand hands.

Kristy Rain

Best thing I’ve heard outside of SAA gains in syria.

THE earth lives and breathes, warms and cools, with or without us. We are just on for the ride and only human arrogance suggests we are big and powerful enough to pull the lever that turns the earth.


The earth must be sick and tired of us humans and probably wishes we would all just disappear forever. I dont blame it tbh! Lmfao


This global climate is all about the biggest BS..! These BS is big profit for all of them.. I mean all of them..!


Finally another thing I support trump on 100%!!! Unfortunately that happens much less often than I’d hoped! I’m convinced now that global warming is just one big scam to get more money from us and control over us through fudged and over exaggerated evidence/studies. This accord would lose 6 million US jobs and make us reduce our energy output while China doesn’t have to do anything. How is that fair??

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