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Preparing For Escalation: U.S. Delivers Third Batch Of Weapons To Ukraine In October

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Preparing For Escalation: U.S. Delivers Third Batch Of Weapons To Ukraine In October

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On October 22nd, the Kiev government received another batch of Javelin anti-tank missiles from the United States.

A Boeing 747-400F cargo plane of the American airline National Airlines delivered the third consignment of additional American military aid to Ukraine in the amount of $60 million to Kiev Boryspil airport.

Both missiles and launchers were delivered.

Attending to meet the plane and the US representative was Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Nosov, Commander of the Medical Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Brigadier General Tatiana Ostashchenko, Head of the Main Logistics Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Nikolai Shevtsov, and the US military attaché in Ukraine, Colonel Brittany Stewart.

Lieutenant General Nikolai Shevtsov said:

“Today a batch of Javelin anti-tank missile systems with missiles has arrived to us. We also received ammunition for those weapons we have under the “NATO caliber”. The weapons will be moved to bases and warehouses, taken into account and transferred to the military for use, including for the units of the Joint Forces operation. “

A package of additional urgent American military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $60 million was allocated by Washington following the agreements reached during the recent visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the United States. This package was provided in addition to the previously agreed $250 million US military assistance to Ukraine, allocated in 2021.

Preparing For Escalation: U.S. Delivers Third Batch Of Weapons To Ukraine In October

Click to see full-size image

Preparing For Escalation: U.S. Delivers Third Batch Of Weapons To Ukraine In October

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This military assistance package included additional Javelin anti-tank systems, small arms ammunition, medical equipment, etc. The first two consignments of this additional military assistance package were delivered to Boryspil on October 10 and 18.

The US Embassy in Ukraine on October 22 marked the occasion.

During his visit, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin vowed that Washington would continue supporting Kiev.

“Secretary Austin reiterated the U.S. commitment to supporting Ukraine’s forces through security assistance, including efforts to enhance Ukraine’s maritime capacity, and encouraged deeper regional cooperation among our Black Sea allies and partners.

Secretary Austin encouraged Ukraine to maintain progress on defense and defense industry reforms in order to advance its Euro-Atlantic aspirations.  President Zelenskyy and Minister Taran expressed gratitude for U.S. support and their ongoing commitment to Ukraine’s defense reform agenda.”

The constant deliveries of weapons to Ukraine begin to paint a significant picture of an escalation, when the recent remarks by Germany’s Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer are taken into account.

On October 21, on the side-lines of the NATO summit in Brussels, she gave an interview to Deutschlandfunk radio in which she threatened Russia with the use of nuclear weapons if the country did not bow to NATO’s guidelines. The Baltic region and the Black Sea were specifically named as possible war targets.

As it can be judged from statements by former Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, such supplies acquire an extremely important signal value that a war is in the works.


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Preparing for escalation? Please, how did the last escalation from ukronazi idiots go? They tried to move several km and got crushed. Instant retreat.

Anyone ignorant enough to believe they are sitting still in Donbass doing nothing?

Chess Master

These javelins ain’t gonna test themselves


But Ukrops are so corrupt, is serious potential to see some of these sold on illicit marker.

Last edited 1 month ago by JimmyPage
Ivan Freely

It appears the Ukies are preparing for another attempt.


Which will result in another comedy hour…

Michel LeBlanc

So poor ukrainian conscripts will die to please there nazi masters. Wich are our nazi masters as well.


Correct, depending where you live. Do the Chinese have “nazi masters”? They do not even recognize any “jewish religion”. Why? They understand the sick subversive nature of zionist ideology.

This why they are hated by “christian” imposter trash from rome and their american, british & zionist degenerate underlings.


It has been a wet dream of the US to provoke a war between the EU and Russia since 2014 by creating conflicts hoping that it will finally get to a point of one side making a mistake hence creating another European war. So far, Putin played his cards like a master but it comes a time when a line needs to be drawn and Russia did with NATO while also passing a strong message to the EU.

Russia will not back down and many in Europe are well aware of this. France for one, wants to reestablish friendly trades with Russia although EU’s non elected puppets hates the moves.

The US is closer than ever to collapse completely. They are losing power worldwide and they certainly cannot fight both Russia and China and expect to win. They need to EU to fight Russia and Japan, Australia, and Korea to go against China but that will not happen in Asia.


Good insight. Add in Taiwan as another idiotic proxy. tsai ing wen, the supposed president of Taiwan was “educated” and indoctrinated in britain before she achieved her current status.

A born traitorous degenerate. 90+℅ of the Taiwanese people are of ethnic Han descent. Despite this imbeciles like ing wen continue to support american and british interests in the region as a destabilization technique.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Ciaisis is willing to fight till the last ukropnazi…
Javelins are crap by the way.
They need active cooling and special battery packs that cant be stored for long periods.
Without them they are just paperweight.
But this won’t be an issue I guess because corrupt ukropnazis are selling these weapons as they arrive for the highest bidder on the market.
Poor CIAisis still doesn’t know the depths of corruption in that shithole.


They already done it before by selling those humvee, drone, and other to DPR and LPR forces in the past even they trade grenade box for vodka


By escalating with Javelin’s the US is just making Russia supply more advanced counter measures to the Donbass and Lugansk separatist freedom fighters.


Good point. Important to remember that the Russians already stated that a few ballistic missiles can settle any conflict on their border territory.

I am guessing the Iskander would do well as a deterrent. Of course there is a the RS-28 Sarmat that would turn all of “ukraine” into a wasteland. The point is Russia has dozens of options because of intelligent leadership and people.

The ukraine has painted itself into a corner under “western” control. The zionist run oligarchy is simply too parasitic for the average person to understand.

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