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JUNE 2023

Preparing For Agressive War Against Russia

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Preparing For Agressive War Against Russia

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In recent months, and even years, one of the leading narratives in MSM and in the rhetoric of Western diplomats has been the so-called “Russian threat.” It is used as justification for a variety of questionable actions, most notably the Washington-led establishment in the face of NATO and its partner states carrying out preparations for an agressive war against the Russian state.

A wide-scale military buildup is ongoing in Central and Eastern Europe.

Most recently, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravecki announced that the US troops deployment in Poland would be increased more than tenfold, thus the current 4,500 soldiers are reportedly about to turn into 45,000 soldiers.

This announcement followed a Washington-Warsaw agreement from summer 2019 which outlined a supposed increase of only 1,000 soldiers on top of the 4,500 already present there.

In addition, the command of the US troops on the NATO eastern flank would be moved closer to the “frontline” – to Poland, from Germany.

“This means that from Poznan, the American commander, the general, will lead the American forces, both in Poland and in our part of Europe, that is, on the eastern flank,” said Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

According to him, “this means that there will be a high-ranking military institute in Poland.”

“The American forces will be commanded not from Germany, as until now, but from Poland,” he added.

Currently, the US has 60,000 troops throughout Europe, with the biggest deployment being in Ramstein base, Germany, where nuclear warheads are stored. It is the stronghold of the US Air Forces in Europe, as well as the NATO command. About 15 thousand military men serve there and almost 30 thousand civilian specialists work at the base.

If Poland receives approximately 40,000 more troops, if the claim by the Polish Prime Minister is true, that would almost double the US presence in Europe. Poland would contain the largest US deployment on the continent.

The US in April and May 2019, signed defense-cooperation agreements with Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

According to the US Department of Defense release, areas of cooperation include “capability development and defense-related aid, training exercises, cyber defense, the Estonian Defense League, training areas and host nation support.”

Since August 2019, the US has deployed 3 B-2 Spirit Strategic Bombers to the UK.

A press release issued by US European Command (EUCOM) said:

“A Bomber Task Force deployment of B-2 Spirit stealth bomber aircraft, Airman and support equipment from the 509th Bomb Wing, Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., have arrived in the US European Command area of responsibility for a deployment to conduct theatre integration and flying training. The aircraft will operate out of RAF Fairford, England.”

The Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense, which could easily be repurposed to launch Tomahawk missiles underwent scheduled maintenance is now back and operational in Romania.

In late October 2019, AH-64 Apache attack helicopters arrived at the Illesheim Army Airfield, Germany. They arrived as part of the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade nine-month rotation in support of Atlantic Resolve.

Atlantic Resolve is a demonstration of continued US commitment to collective European security through a series of actions designed to reassure NATO allies and other European partners of America’s dedication to enduring peace and stability throughout Europe. The current 4,500 troops deployment in Poland is part of Atlantic Resolve.

In addition, 2020 promises some massive deployments, which are reportedly going to be just temporary. However, we know that there is nothing more permanent than temporary.

As part of the Defender 2020 exercise, which is scheduled to begin in Spring 2020 and last until August, approximately 20,000 troops will be deployed from the US to Europe.

The force deploying from the U.S. mainland will be the equivalent of a heavy division, according to Brig. Gen. Sean Bernabe, G-3 for U.S. Army Europe.

The major participating units include soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division, 1st Armored Division, 1st Infantry Division, 3rd Infantry Division and 82nd Airborne Division.

“The 1st Cavalry Division will serve as the primary training audience for both a command post exercise and a live wet-gap crossing taking place in Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area in northwestern Poland,” Bernabe said. “The 82nd Airborne Division will provide the command and control for three joint forcible entries.”

US soldiers and equipment will land at airports across Europe and seaports in Antwerp, Belgium; Vlissingen, Netherlands; Bremerhaven, Germany and Paldiski, Estonia. From there, heavy equipment, including about 480 tracked vehicles, will be moved by rail.

Additionally, 14 sets of M1A2 Abrams battle tanks will ship in with new Trophy active defense systems, Bernabe said.

About 9,000 U.S. troops stationed in Europe will be participating, as well as 8,000 European troops, bringing the total participants to 37,000.

“It features a fictional near-peer competitor and actually puts that competitor on European terrain to allow us to get some good repetitions in large-scale ground combat,” Bernabe said. “The scenario will be set in a post-Article V environment … and it’s actually going to be set in the year 2028.”

Propaganda efforts also seem to be unrelenting.

There are numerous reports, especially in recent months of mysterious Russian submarines in Norwegian national waters. These reports were used as a sort of justification to introduce a change in policy, that would allow NATO’s nuclear submarines to port in Norway, of course, to defend it from these alleged Russian submarines.

In addition, mainstream media outlets argued Russian special forces were allegedly operating in some clandestine operations throughout Norway, but there appears to be no concrete evidence except Instagram speculations.

And if that wasn’t enough “Russian military whales” were allegedly harassing Norwegian fishermen.

Sweden continuously accuses Russia of violating its airspace, despite the only countries actually violating Swedish airspace are the NATO states, and Stockholm is not a NATO member country.

And the “Russian threat” narrative has been spread by Sweden for a while now, since approximately 1981 now and not just in recent months.

“We maintain regular contacts with our Swedish partners, via diplomatic channels, on stability and security matters in the Baltic Sea region. We consistently note our readiness to discuss any concerns on the part of our neighbours. We are confident that there are no military threats requiring a military solution in the Nordic Baltic region,” Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Second European Department Sergey Belyaev said.

Another point of the propaganda campaign is the Northern Sea Route, similarly to the Norwegian fearmongering reports. They all allege that Russia, in conjunction with China has “evil plans” to abuse the Northern Sea Route and prohibit any other country from using it.

Simultaneously with the propaganda, at the diplomatic field there are preparations on an “official level” for the possible aggression.

The most recent of these claims is the one by Estonian Parliament Speaker Henn Polluaas and Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsalu who said that Tallinn would like to reclaim annexed by Russia in accordance with the 1920 Tartu Peace Treaty.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson unequivocally said that such a scenario wasn’t possible and that Russia regrets that the Estonian authorities, instead of looking for ways to normalize relations with Russia, are rather looking for “provocative and absurd statements.”

On November 18th, Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Second European Department Sergey Belyaev gave an interview to Rossiya Segodnya, in which he elaborated further on the situation.

He underlined that Russia was complying to all requirements for a land and sea border treaties with Estonia, but Tallinn would always introduce additional steps that were unacceptable for Moscow and it would do it after certain agreements were reached.

“The entry into force of land and sea border treaties would certainly have a positive impact on relations between Russia and Estonia. Bilateral relations are now far from their best due to the hostile line pursued by Tallinn. Moreover, the ball is not in our court, as they say. When signing the documents with Estonia in 2014, an understanding was reached on the absence of territorial claims between the two states and the need to ensure a normal non-confrontational atmosphere for the ratification of the border treaties.”

At the same time, Estonia makes territorial claims as the above-mentioned and makes little effort to attempt and normalize relations, Belyaev said.

“In 2005, a package of border treaties was signed, but Russia had to withdraw precisely because the Estonian parliament added a number of political clauses to the law on ratification, referring to the Tartu Peace Treaty, which is inactive and implies territorial claims against the Russian Federation.”

But Belyaev said that Russia expected Estonia to comply with the ratification process and there to be no issues, and no repeat of the situation in 2005. But that the Estonian parliament was “in no hurry” to ratify them. More similar claims may arise in the near future, to be used as justification of more buildup and potential aggression.

The US and other Western states, as well as international corporations, are openly meddling into Russia’s domestic policy.

According to the chairman of the Federation Council’s temporary commission for the protection of state sovereignty and prevention of interference in Russia’s internal affairs, Andrei Klimov, foreign forces used YouTube video hosting during the August 10 rally on Moscow’s Sakharov Avenue in order to manipulate Russian citizens.

“Simply speaking, people started receiving on their gadgets information from the sources, for which they had never signed up,” the senator said.

He added that the provided information was of instigative nature, encouraging citizens to violate law by sending them to protected federal facilities. Klimov recalled that on August 8, the temporary commission for the protection of state sovereignty and prevention of interference in Russia’s internal affairs cited the facts of blatant and illegal foreign meddling in Russia’s sovereign affairs in connection with the election to the Moscow City Duma.

Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic States and some states of Northern Europe have already become a foothold for various propaganda organizations working to destabilize the situation inside Russia. The US and NATO are also intensifying their military buildup in these particular countries, located close to the Russian border.

At the same time, foreign embassies in Russia are not shy to publicly encourage and support any anti-government protests. Western intelligence agencies have been steadily working to set conditions for the dissolution of Russia in the event of a wider crisis that may erupt in the even of some internal distabiliation or a foreign intervention.


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Tudor Miron

“The American forces will be commanded not from Germany, as until now, but from Poland,” (C) – Whore is happy – “Master is going to give us orders from here! This way it will be possible to lick his boots!”. When they brag about independence it’s utterly funny. Truth be said – what Eastern European elites really hated about Warshaw pact is that social system didn’t allow for that elitism they lust for.


This is totally counter-productive from perspective of serious HATO operations…literally everything in Poland is in range of dense batteries of medium-range missiles, well-protected, in the Kaliningrad Oblast (north part of old East Prussia) and will not survive initial days of real war. Only effective way to engage Russian or say, Belarus forces from Poland is to use troops positioned initially in Germany (or say, Moravia through the “gates’, but Czechs will not have that) AFTER denudation or exhaustion of those missile forces.

What the US forces in Poland are in reality is an enlarged trip-wire force, as confidence in Article 5 sinks…larger forces are required to enable war and thus inspire more confidence (see Budapest Memo). Thus rationale for these forces in reality is purely political.

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

All the Russkie Air Defense batteries in Kaliningrad/Crimea will be pulverized by swarm attacks using NATO F-35s, then the US B-2 stealth bombers will go in and eliminate all major Russkie airbases/military bases/ and remaining air defense batteries. Finally, all armies of NATO spearheaded by the US Army/Marines will invade the Russkies and trample them. NATO/USA will win any future conventional war against the Russkies anyday, anytime. Guaranteed!

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

USA/NATO would get control of the sky and sea in the first week of a massive conventional conflict with the Russkies. After that, it’s go time for a NATO ground offensive :D

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

US and its allies would win before nuclear weapons could get involved


You’re hilarious. This is either piss poor trolling or some 12 year old, or at least 12 year old maturity. Either way, you amuse me, you win an internet today.

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

truth hurts I guess. not many people want to admit the US military supremacy


No one is supreme if nukes are used & if Russia was invaded facing defeat it would use nukes & then we all lose including the US, EU, Nato

Ricky Miller

The truth is you have no idea what would happen in a large scale confrontation between Russia and NATO. Russia can bring more conventional forces to bear in the near and middle run of time, and NATO more much later. A NATO, especially American build up of any significant threat near Russia’s borders probably triggers a fight when Russia is more ready than NATO is. The strategy would be to bash the first echelon and wait for the next, divide and conquer. But no one should be confused, if Russia’s existence as a state is threatened they will launch a full nuclear strike on Western Europe, the United States and Canada. Russia isn’t building mobile missiles, ABM avoiding payload vehicles and eight new ballistic missile submarines for nothing.


BS The Russian military has roughly 766,000 active front line personnel and as many as 2.4 million reserve forces, how many men can NATO muster. Do you think Russia would just sit around waiting lol

Ricky Miller

Right. So Russia just sit backs and watches and says to itself, “hey there is 120,000 NATO troops on our border. I propose we watch and wait until there are at least 500,000 then wait for them to attack.” Any NATO build up close enough and big enough on Russia’s border to actually work would only come to pass if Russia allows it without fighting on her own terms and initiative. The Russians have seen this invasion route many times before and no way they sit back and wait.

Jens Holm

If it was a conventional WW2 war, the 120.000 are, so the reserves can be activated.

Your 500.000 propose only is one kind of warfare as well.

Jens Holm

Numbers hardly count in that at all. Its about strenght.

Do You think Nato would just sit around waiting for You?


How did the Danes do again Germany they collapsed like a cheap table.

Rhodium 10

US and allies cannot win vs taliban..

Jens Holm

Afghanistan is only a dirty corner of the whole world.

Wayne Nicholson

Oh I get it ….. I read about your kind ….. you’re one of those poor assholes afflicted with the ‘optimist gene’ who are going to get us all extinct.

It’s healthy to be optimistic but not all the time about everything. That’s dangerously naive. You need to temper your optimism with a little bit of realism to stay alive.

So in order to save yourself …. and maybe even the human race ….. don’t just blurt out stupidly naive statements like “US and its allies would win before nuclear weapons could get involved”

THIS is reality. Russia has satellites, long range OTH radars that can ‘see’ stealth aircraft but not get a weapons grade lock on them and they have good old fashion spies. Nato can’t mobilize without Russia knowing it. It took months for the USA to move men and equipment for the Gulf war …. this would be even bigger

NATO would never agree to attack Russia bolt out of the blue because Russia has nuclear weapons. Russia sees the mobilization and you risk Russia making a first strike attack on you ….. everyone loses.

Option 2. US nuclear first strike on Russia …. you have to get all their missiles and subs or you’re dead too ….. everyone loses.

Option 3. Limited strike to take back kaliningrad. Russians don’t know the extent of the attack so they nuke 3 NATO forward bases with small tactical nukes to show they are serious (this really is a Russian strategy …. look it up). How does NATO respond?

Jens Holm

You seemes to be correct about him, but You also are very biased Yourself.

Wayne Nicholson

Of course I’m bias. I take positions on issues and argue them. That’s the entire point of doing this. The question isn’t whether or not anyone posting here is bias …. everyones bias ….. the judgement should be whether or not they are correct and accurate.


Invasion of Russia by NATO lol thats the funniest thing I’ve ready for years



Rhodium 10

Yeah but first you have to calibrate Patriot missile vs cruise missile and drones…

Ricky Miller

And then, Russia does what they have to. How deep is the basement at your house?


……..and then you wake up!!!!

Karen Bartlett

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Jimi Thompson 2

I have stood for Israel’s right to exist as a free nation all of my life.

Over the last 2-3 years, after learning more about their respective involvement in the CIA’s / UK’s / House of Saud’s, genocide on Syria, and seeing more and more vocalization from people like Avi, and so many others like him, I have pivoted to the point to where I will stand with Christian Russia & Putin, pro-Assad Syrians, and Ukrainians who are working to remove the CIA / State Department backed NAZI’s in their country, before I will stand for those in Israel who want to destroy Russia, and that side with the Globalists, Neocons, and Leftists in the U.S.

You are very much spot on here when you allude to the fact that Americans are wising up to the totality of who our enemies are… be they within the domestic 5th Column, or of a foreign nature.

Things are just now getting to the point where people are going to be forced to choose who they will ultimately stand with… there is surely a storm coming.

Karen Bartlett

Ha! Thanks, Jimi. I knew I wasn’t alone. If I can wise up to what’s going on, so can other Americans. Anybody who is a Christian, imo, will realize that God won’t stand for the killing of hundreds of thousands (if not more) civilians in the countries where the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia have invaded.Being patriotic does not mean cheering when the US and other gov’t’s commit crimes against humanity. I believe Christ will be here soon. There’s no other help.

Jimi Thompson 2


Jens Holm

Just wait and see. there is a God. and its HOT.

I have webcamera to the Polish one. Its a very big iron plate. Many are waiting there and polish coal has not arrived – yet

Karen Bartlett

There is indeed God, and He’s coming for YOU!


Explain to us all why NATO would launch an unprovoked attack in the first place – you are deluded.

Jens Holm

Russian women are beautifull. Thats a good reason. Maybee many Parking free parking spaces in Sibiria as well :)

Karen Bartlett

I think NATO and the US are looking for pretexts to attack and/or trying to provoke Russia in order to have a pretext for attack. But, fortunately, the Russian military and gov’t are too smart to fall for it. I think Russia is the only reason a huge war between NATO and Russia hasn’t started yet.

John Vishnevskaya

AVS I had a good giggle when I read your post. Is this guy really for real or is he so sarcastic that he is showing some kind of advanced intelligence ? Either way I liked your post so much that I am willing to crowdfund you for a new scifi movie. You could be the talking rock from planet half baked. Keep on posting dude. We all need a good giggle each day.

Jens Holm

If possible I will give him a corner of Grenland, if he stayes there and take his frioends with him. They even can get their own bear but no ice for the vodka.

Wayne Nicholson

“Finally, all armies of NATO spearheaded by the US Army/Marines will invade the Russkies and trample them. NATO/USA will win any future conventional war against the Russkies anyday, anytime. Guaranteed! …..”

That’s when the pilots of the NATO F-35’s discovered that their airfields had all been destroyed by Russian missiles and the B-2’s had to ditch because their tankers had been shot down, every runway in Europe large enough for them to land on had been cratered and NATO sappers were not able to de-mine them in order to allow them to be repaired in time to land returning NATO aircraft. Those NATO spearheads, bereft of any kind of air cover were pocketed and reduced to nothing with rocket artillery.

Jens Holm

Typical Russian adventure. They all start with: Once upon time in the future far out in time, there might be….

Number one often is non poison or radioactivities in honest peoples mpiuth, clothes bad and toilet paper.

And You really dont the F35s. They will land in Russia :)

Jens Holm

Thats not correct. Our Danish navy seals will invade it with feathers an make them die laughing.


Danish army lol

Jozef Mak

is jewish NATO going to kill all Russians? 120 million? jew,you areso stupid


I am just wondering, are there enough prostitutes in Poland to serve the American soldiers or they will ask Romania to help them?

Rhodium 10

Ukraine have an huge prostitutes reserve…


Do not forget Latvia

Ishyrion Av

So you’ve been there and paid for the services or you just assume?

Ricky Miller

He’s probably been to Poland. There are so many destitute Ukrainians in Poland right now many Poles are starting to throw fits. I mean, you’d think that all these former Axis ally third reich partner states would just continue to love one another but everyone has their limits.

Jens Holm

30% of the population in fx Kharkov and Donetsk actually was Jews.

There any time was more comminist supporters in Ukraine then Nazis, but those of course was evacuated by Stalin.

And true parts of the rest might not ne nazis, but they ceratainly prefared them compared to Yours.

The same after WW1 which Russia as the only ones lost 3 times. The best organized resistance was in Ukraine, You treated them worse then the Tzars did and Troskij has to be refugee. You on purpose then starved millions to dead and many others came in jail or was percecuted.

What the F..K do You expect.

Rhodium 10

Here in Spain 40% of prostitutes came from ukraine…another 40% from latinamerican..10% Africa..10% Romania…

Ishyrion Av

I see you made your study… How many did you “interview”? :)

Rhodium 10

I have read it in an Spanish newspaper..about prostitutes in La Junquera ( Gerona) and national 4 highway..

Jozef Mak


Leon De Elias

Poland is controlled by the Khazars,Ukraine is filled with them too.. All this warmongering coming from the Khazarian mafia..

Jens Holm

Very impressing, You hardly can find a dead Jew in Poland unless dead for many years ago.

Those Jews certainly work hard.

And before they are born ?

Ishyrion Av

US soldiers don’t use prostitutes anymore, in case you didn’t find out. They mix between themselves with fluid genres and when they got wild simply kidnap local women, rape and kill them (documented). On the other side, please keep these comments involving entire countries and nations for yourself, especially if you have no idea about what happens in those countries.


I have to partly agree with the first option. I apologise for the second as not all women are prostitutes, but the problem exists.

Ishyrion Av

Yes, exists everywhere. Prostitution is the oldest job in the world.

Jens Holm

Looking for work?


Nahhhh I am retired, besides I dont fuck Americans, look for yourself.

Jozef Mak

US Army, indoctrinated with the jewish LGBT culture, do not need prostitutes, they are closed society.

Karen Bartlett

Attempting the Balkanization of Russia! The hubris of the US gov’t knows no bounds.

Jens Holm

I see none of that. I see the USSR colonies dont like their former Masters even collapsed in 1991 has learned nothing.

Those and the rest of the world never will allow riussians to eat other countries as the did by tha Tzars before WW1 and did again after WW2.

And Yes, we do defend their rights to try to find themselves after many years of Communist Nepotistic fiasco and before that the Tzars ditto.

Your agressions if, You are Russians, only makes contrasts worse. Here I was reading yesterday USA supported Nazis. News to me.

Russia bought for 17 billion weapons in USA in WWW2 and most trucks following the T34 with fuel – from USA – was americn bedfords. The same goes for several 100.000 jeeeps, 13.000 airplanes, clothe, food, railways with trains and waggons, nikkel and even a few 1000 not the best tanks.

It was USA and Britts which knocked almost all Nazi production out. Russia hardly had a singleheavy bomber until they almost was in Berlin.

After that it was Leand and Lease. Not a single thing was asked or demanded back.

So USA support nazis in Ukraine??? They should support Old Comunists in stead. They suport peace and very needed change, but its very difficult, when Outin shout, som we hardly can see the rest of his head.

The article is a repeating of a several years old one. There will be a thin but strong line from Odessa to Riga. And of course You might see it as an anti Stalin or Molotov line even You as in the good old days of nepotisme only allow Putin to be the Father Russia.


dissolving Russia into numerous states would be the best option, just need to get their nuclear weapons to safe hands first.


I gladly invite you to do that. I can’t wait to park my new anti-nuclear radiation car on the rubble of your former home in hell aviv. Oh yeah! ;)

Ricky Miller

The United States is a failing state built on a mountain of debt and a splintering social fabric. Russia has existed in her West of Urals footprint for more than a thousand years and did not dissolve during the chaos of the 1990’s. It is highly unlikely that Russia falls apart before the U.S. does. And it’s not like the Russian people can’t figure the game clearly: to divide Russia, make each new statelet vulnerable and then compliant, steal their resources and leave the population with a smaller percentage of the economic benefits than they get now. The Russians are too educated to act that stupid.

Jens Holm

You dont understand Western Economics at all and none will have any part of Russia, thats why its still there.

A big country which cant even produce a car is nothing.


You spout some BS – a country that has a space program & can build nuclear reactors is hardly nothing

Jens Holm

The USA is 16 times Yours in GSP and pr capita 5 times more.

I tell You midget, that You dont understand what that socalled “mountain” of debt is as well as splitering fabric is not a bad thing but a base for an overwhelming production as well as production capasity.

You actualle tells, that if Russia has 4 rubels of gold under the pillov, they are more wealthy then USA.

Let me tell it in Lego. USA can sell companies and have many times more gold under the pillow, if they wanted to. Russia hardly has anything to sell and hardly can pit the same amount of tons on zink.

None will allow USA to fall apart. NONE. They are a main motor in western Economics and even China and EU will go with them, so we help ech other. We anytime will help USA to decline slowly and keep stability., because we owe each other and are very dependet.

Hardly none will save Russia apart from expensive loans in very limited versions. Thats the dofference.

I can see living standards outisde the streets and inside the houses. Thats where the wellfare is in the apprtmentments as well as in the daccas – as well as the lack of it. Here You of course will remind me of the poor in USA.

You probatly never mention the poor in Russia as well as USA has a very wealthy middelclass and a small too rich upperclass. Those in the middle are not in Your version if USA even they are the main part and You dont have many of them in Russai of today and never – NEVER – jas had.

And Ricky Miller as many other dont understand, that USA already are 52 states and decide most things incl. death penalty, abortions and gays themselves.

He also try to illustrate diving USA as well as othe big states in the most stupid way, which can be found.

Its about dividing responsibility and put in more braincapasity to local an regional matters for the users. The users pay – dont they – by tax – So they decide what a lot of the tax is for because they know whats needed. Thats the whole point. They also work harder, are for improvements and increase the production and make more tax to “the upper state”

Thats what You probatly dont get. They make the cake BIGGER and more pr capita to share and even can effort more in space and nuke reactors.better.

And who does the main part: The middle class. Educated and well educated well paid taxpayers, which can see improvements by educations, skills and hard work paid pr hours.

I see no progres for Russia in this at all. I see USA lack some in investments for innovation, but there are no signs for they cant lower or raise in a well controlled way, whatever they do.

Karen Bartlett

Bullshit. You’re not even American. Fat lot you know about “American economy” or anything American except for maybe the CIA.

Peter Williams

Top ten cars built in Russia https://russia-insider.com/en/business/top-10-bestselling-cars-russia/ri10490

Top zero cars built in Denmark.

Wayne Nicholson

You make it sound so easy …. dissolving Russia ….. as simple as dissolving a teaspoon of sugar in a cup of hot water.

May I remind you that the attempts of US led regime change operation since 9/11 have cost US taxpayers alone an estimated $7 T USD.

And those countries Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya, are they nice peaceful western democracies now? Are their citizens now chasing the American Dream and planning shopping trips to one of the great malls of Bagdad? That’s what we were told was going to happen in 2003.

If you can’t handle the likes of Iraq with a population already divided between Shia and Sunni how on earth do you think you can pull off a similar operation in a country like Russia with a strong well armed military and a cohesive population with millennia of history?

There is a better option for regime change and dissolution IMHO. The population is already armed and divided along political lines, they’ve had a civil war 150 years ago and at that time their population was less divided than it is today …. all that’s needed is the spark. That spark could be an impeachment attempt of a populous president ….. could be an economic collapse ….. maybe even the recession that’s predicted in Q1 2020. Combine a recession with the collapse of a major bank like Deutsche bank ….? Maybe throw in some major corporation hollowed out by stock buyback schemes disappearing?


Note that it seems that there are currently many Zionist trolls assigned here. This is a sign that something in SF has disturbed or seriously damaged their demon lair (Israel). So they are assigned to fight, incite, persuade and distort the facts here. Whatever or whoever has caused them to be like that, then good work. Try harder parasitic zionist, harder! Пошел на хуй, сионистская сука!


Shush Ruski, back to your vodka. Pizdetz.

Jens Holm

More like You as several others here are on LSD and guided by Your Masters. But of course thats the main excuse for decades or maybee centuris for You kind.

You would be a winner in bad excuses, if the ir was a Nobek Price for it.

And whats the main reason for Your missery. Its Your own bad systems, which You even insist in keeping.

Vodka is for lamps and cars.

Black Waters

Nice observation, i had noted this since a couple of days (like a week ago), they are more active now. It’s like the Zio-trolls evolved into LV-2 propagandists, they even downvote now haha.

They are aggressive because they are weak and scared dude, there’s no other way around, inferiority complex it’s strong on them.


That’s right, they are the world’s trash, let them be the laughing stock here. Laughter is good for reducing stress and can make you stay young. Lol ?

Rhodium 10

Nothing Special!…Russia moved and joined during last Vostok exercise 300.000 troops in far east!


To be honest, usually I dont even bother to read about some thousand here or there in the vassal bin EU, or 300 Yankikes in Northern Norway, because they are not even remotely close to be anything else than a joke, the Sweds, well, can be an problem, but they will never go full force anyway, to smal and yet they are clever with weapon platforms etc, thinking about good old Bofors, the largest machine gun ever build, to RFK as we call em, and plains, but they dont have the man power for anything, just like Norway, to smal, and wouldnt even if consrcipted be more than an local force.

If they put half a million in the BalTicks, and some houndred thousands in the idiot bin Polan, it would be something, but the problem the Yankikes do have and will be in, is the close aproxemity of the Russian armed forces, not only inside the enclave Kailiningrad, but mainland Russia. Remeber this, their attack forces are simply to close to mainland Russia, and is more or less sitting ducks, and I bet RUF would make the main bases, regarding logistics to fighter forces as airplanes simply evaoprate from existence within some few days, even with convensional weapon systems to the missiles/cruice misses to drones, and to even think this idiots would manage to invade or go for Moscow, is never going to happen, Kailliningrad maybe and thats just an itsy bitsy tiny whiny maybe, but again, this time they will encounter Russians fighting for their homeland and not an 3 world banana republic, but most of this is more due to domestic abuse, to forther have an epic vacume cash sucking machine into the Moronikans anuale cash flow where they already is sucking half of the imperial banana republic income, that, is to have an chocke hold on the cash flow and then to maintain it, you need eh….. events, and to fight uh… or guard the EU, etc against the Rusikis, is of course selling, when you have the MSM on your side, but war, nope, I simply dont think that is an option, the presence isnt reflecting it at all.

Yup, scare porn sels, and is an golden to dance around calf for the MIC in Moronika and ZATO.


Karen Bartlett

I liked your comment except for “Yankikes”. Not all Jews are Zionists.

Karen Bartlett

https://youtu.be/EUghnqW1er4?t=2 and https://youtu.be/x69J4gSruec?t=11

There are more such videos on YouTube.

Black Waters

Lul, the U.S gestapo thinks that russians are dumb… Lol, the last group of people that committed such mistake aren’t with us anymore. A Barbarossa 2.0 it will be the last thing that the U.S will do before Washington D.C becomes part of the Russian state or a pile of sterile soil.


I love deluded people like you, they have the funniest comments! xD

Black Waters

You’re a the only one who is deluded dude xD

PD: You need some gas in your life little hasbara.


Can i give you gas too?

Tommy Jensen

The airspace over Russia is closed by S-400 and S-500. The sea space also difficult to access and well defended through black sea or northern route. This leaves the land space and extreme long border as the obvious opportunity. Hypersonic weapons are of no use toward land troops…………………..LOL. 1. No one will think in their wildest fantasy the Americans will attack on land and march toward Moscow! 2. A big force of 500 000 US troops can be build up in different nationalities with invisible stealth in civilians clothes! In a complete surprise attack backed by US Airforce the E-European land troops will soon reach and take over Moscow, and from here the rest is peace of cake. America did it, America did it again!!

Tommy Jensen


Jens Holm

Its so funny reading this old fact again and again.

Every time it doubled up. 40.000 to 80.000 and next 150.000.

Facts are Natos has promised to help our own defence better and will go from about 1,4% to 2%.

The rest is crap. Read it well. The article is like that. First amaricans go east and next they doitinRamstein, which is west.

So where do the sun go down? It must be where the author is. Most of the article is completly dark.

No news and only repeating offical facts several from years ago. There will be a small but hard belt more east then East Berlin.


Hard to credit the Polish Prime Minister’s big-number claim.

While I’m sure he’d like such a huge contingent of American troops, this comes at a time of America pressing Europe and parts of Asia hard for a whole lot more money to pay for their “defense.”

Poland is not a rich country, and it has lots of problems.

It, of course, would be a stupidly destabilizing act, but then a great deal of what the US does today in the world is stupidly destabilizing.

It seems often not to act rationally.

peter mcloughlin

The huge increase in troop numbers for Poland – if correct – could mark a dangerous escalation. But there is already enough evidence, and where we are in the cycle of history, pointing to another world war. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/


US military thinking appears to be so second world war.

Jozef Mak

LGBT NATO army wants to fight Russia with 80000 soldiers? Sweeden tried it. Poland tried it twice. Napoleon has thrown in 500thousand, 10000 came back. Hitler tried it with 6mil. army, less , than one million survived.

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