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Preparations For War? Around Half Of US Navy’s Fighting Power Is Deployed Around World


Preparations For War? Around Half Of US Navy's Fighting Power Is Deployed Around World

USS Harry S. Truman. Click to see full-size image

By mid-July, more than half of the ships of the US Navy are either deployed to various locations around the oceans or are underway to be deployed.

Out of a battle force of 290, 53 deployed ships are underway, 49 non-deployed ships are underway (for various trainings, etc. before being deployed). To be presented in an alternative way, 101 ships from various fleets are deployed in the near and far sea areas, according to USNI’s Fleet Tracker as of July 15th.

At the same time, there are six carrier assault groups (CSGs) deployed in the sea at the same time, taking into account the two deployed in forward basing.

Preparations For War? Around Half Of US Navy's Fighting Power Is Deployed Around World

Click to see full-size image

This sort of configuration of the US Navy strike forces can be taken either as a show of force and a means to exert pressure on US opponents – especially Iran, or even the beginning of deployment of forces for a military campaign.

But this is only if the carrier group will move further into the ocean, and not return to base. According to previous US military campaigns, the American formula for war is known – five carrier groups are simultaneously deployed in one theater of military operations. The carrier groups that have now sailed into the sea will need 20-30 days to reach the Persian Gulf, if they are being deployed there.

Currently, five aircraft carriers remain at US naval bases in the United States – four in Norfolk on the Atlantic coast and one in the Pacific at Kitsap-Bremerton, Washington. Of the nine amphibious groups in the ports, four remain: three on the Pacific coast in the port of San Diego and one on the Atlantic in Port Mayport, Florida. One, the LHD-3 USS Kearsage, has just returned from the Middle East to the Norfolk base, Virginia.

Preparations For War? Around Half Of US Navy's Fighting Power Is Deployed Around World

USS Kearsage. Click to see full-size image

The Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group (CSG) is participating in Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019 (TS 19), a bilateral U.S./Australian training exercise, which will occur in the Coral Sea from July 11th to 24th. TS 19 will also include forces from New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and Japan. The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, was aboard USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) in the Coral Sea on July 12th.

Preparations For War? Around Half Of US Navy's Fighting Power Is Deployed Around World

USS Ronald Reagan. Click to see full-size image

The Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group departed Naval Station Norfolk, Va., on July 5 to begin its composite training unit exercise (COMPTUEX) ahead of a deployment later this year.

The Harry S. Truman CSG consists of nine squadrons and detachments, and four guided-missile destroyers:  USS Farragut, USS Forrest Sherman, USS Bulkeley, USS Arleigh Burke. The USS Normandy guided-missile cruiser is also part of the CSG, but had to return to port for repairs and then would rejoin.

Preparations For War? Around Half Of US Navy's Fighting Power Is Deployed Around World

USS Harry S. Truman CSG. Click to see full-size image

Also, part of the CSG-8, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) is underway “conducting carrier qualifications while in the basic phase of the Optimized Fleet Response Plan.”

USS Bataan (LHD-5) is at sea conducting “Amphibious Squadron (PHIBRON) Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Integration Training (PMINT) in the vicinity of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, July 14, 2019.

PMINT is part of the 26th MEU’s and PHIBRON 8’s pre-deployment training program, which enhances interoperability and familiarizes Marines and Sailors to life on ship prior to deployment.”

The Pacific Ocean has the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier CSG 9, as well as the USS Nimitz supercarrier, and the USS America amphibious assault ship.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt CSG consists of nine squadrons and detachments and three guided-missile destroyers: the USS Russell, USS Kidd, and USS John Finn.

The US Nimitz SSG is reportedly underway for training.

The USS America is also underway for training.

Previously, the Navy announced “that the amphibious assault ship America and landing platform dock USS New Orleans (LPD-18) will become part of the U.S. 7th Fleet forward-deployed naval forces (FDNF) in Sasebo, Japan.”

Finally, in the advanced deployment in the Central Command as part of the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy, an aircraft carrier strike group currently operates with the USS Abraham Lincoln and the amphibious group with the USS Boxer. In the region of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, these two groups are there to “deter” Iran. On July 18th, it was reported that the USS Boxer downed an Iranian drone, which Iran claims didn’t happen.

It should be noted that the USNI Fleet Tracker only provides major movements, “not shown are thousands of others serving in submarines, individual surface ships, aircraft squadrons, SEALs, Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Forces, Seabees, Coast Guard cutters, EOD Mobile Units, and more serving throughout the globe.”

On July 9, General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the United Command of the Marine Corps, stated that the United States “is now working with a number of countries to find out if they can create a coalition that would ensure freedom of navigation in both the Strait of Hormuz and the Bab al-Mandeb Strait.”

The Spanish frigate Mendez Nunez with the Aegis system on board was supposed to operate with the USS Abraham Lincoln CSG in the Persian Gulf, but as of mid-May it was recalled, since Spain said it didn’t want to be dragged into an accidental war.




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  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    They run on oil. the petrodollar was just a handy byproduct. and society has been convinced they need oil to ‘keep domestic economy flowing, (energy/cars etc)

    truth is wars are fought over oil because the military needs oil to keep running

    I think it was battle of the bulge where germany ran out of oil and thus facilitated their defeat. This lesson has been learned

    • grumpy_carpenter

      Battle of the Bulge? How about the entire 1942 summer campaign (case Blue) that resulted in the German defeat at Stalingrad and the near collapse of Army Group South. Germany bet the entire farm on capturing the Caucasian oil fields and lost.

      • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

        battle of the bulge germany would have won if they hadnt run out of oil. tanks, were at a standstill, planes were grounded etc. It was the pivotal moment in the war.

        germany had to invade Russia, when the soviet union collapsed it proved hitler was correct, the russian army amassing on the border were just 3 weeks away from invading europe from the East so they would have replaced the germans. and the whole of europe would have been under communism. USSR committed terrible atrocities

        • Concrete Mike

          Lmao, battle.of the bulge was not pivotal, germany had already lost the war by then.

          The bulge was a gamble.

          • Tudor Miron

            Just read the 2nd part of his post – that will tell you this hitler lover objectives. He (and a bunch of others) are very active on Russia Insider promoting hitler as a savior of “free world”.

          • 1691

            He is not the only one who 1. demonstrates his low IQ., 2 has all the facts twisted and mixed, 3.became a victim of his own government. You can not educate his kind. Life will. Ignore the idiots.

          • Sinbad2

            Natural selection will thin them out.

          • Concrete Mike

            Another misguided fool stirring the pot for nothing.

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            well yeah. but if they hadnt run out of oil then germany would have won it. The only way to keep the war machine going is with oil.

          • 1691

            So…. you’ve read a book. Well done. That does not make you knowledgeable, does it? You demonstrate how well brainwashed you are. Courtesy of your government.

          • Concrete Mike

            The war was.lost.in 42, its called winter.

          • PZIVJ

            He ignores the fact that German eastern front was short 1 million replacements at the end of winter 41-42. This forced Army Group Center to go on the strategic defensive for the remainder of the war.

          • Concrete Mike

            Exacly, to sum it up, winter kicked the wehrmacht’ass .

            So to that we can say thank you greeks for delaying operation barbarossa by 6 weeks!

          • Hisham Saber

            Ya, Germanies detours to Yugoslavia to quash the rebellion, and Germanies dedicating 300-350 thousand troops to take the Crimea. Which took them forever.

            Gen. Manstein said it was at tough nut to crack.

            If you want pivatol battle, look no further to the battle right outside Moscow, where about 1 million Soviet troops, quickly trained in from the ‘ stan ‘ countries, and unleashed on German Army Group Center, which caused a near rout for the whole army group. Hitler ‘s famous ‘ not a step back ‘ order came about during this desperate battle. And Stalin had given the reigns of the military just recently to Zhukov.

          • grumpy_carpenter

            Just a nit pick. First. Both the Russians and Germans fought in the same weather. It was the Red Army that defeated the Germans …. not winter or Studebaker trucks.

            Second a late wet spring delayed Barbarossa. They jumped off as soon as the roads were drivable. If they started any sooner they would have been bogged down in the mud.

          • PZIVJ

            German logistics where strained by the time they got near Moscow.
            And then the cold weather hit, the Russian forces where much better prepared with shorter supply lines and fresh forces brought in from the east. Hitler’s gamble did not go well after that. :)

          • grumpy_carpenter

            People to this day don’t understand how the Germans fought in WW2. They think their strength was in their tank forces where in reality it was in their infantry. The tanks took ground but they avoided tank formations and strong points leaving that job for the infantry.

            Another thing they don’t get is that Barbarossa was a big throw of the dice. Russia had to be taken in a single campaign season. They didn’t have the resources to go more than a year in Russia.

            Like you said after they lost 750,000 infantry during Barbarossa and the Battle of Moscow they could only advance on one strategic axis so Hitler played the only hand left to him and went all in on grabbing the oil. The USA never faced the Wehrmacht at it’s full strength

          • Sinbad2

            Yes WWI was about German energy independence, and WWII was the sequel.
            The same thing is happening now, the US is trying to stop Germany getting free access to oil, just like the French and British did.
            But this time round Russia will aid Germany, and the FUKUS powers will lose.

          • grumpy_carpenter

            If the Germans were successful in ’42 and seized both Baku and Stalingrad the only way an American would be able to get to Normandy to this day is with a visitors visa and a German phrase book.

          • Hisham Saber

            Yes indeed. In fact, 80-85% of the German war machine was lost in the eastern front.

        • Tudor Miron

          “germany had to invade Russia, when the soviet union collapsed it proved hitler was correct, the russian army amassing on the border were just 3 weeks away from invading europe from the East so they would have replaced the germans. and the whole of europe would have been under communism. USSR committed terrible atrocities”

          What? Paid hitler nazi lover with his freak fantasies is now deployed here to try to spread his BS?

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            watch ‘the greatest story never told’

          • Sinbad2

            If you want a dose of truth, watch Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States.
            It’s based on provable facts, not imagination.

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            in the middle of a 3 hr alex jones aaron russo interview atm…

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            will put it on my watch list but i have so much stuff to catch up on with current events and previous videos cant guaruntee it will be soon,. i do appreciate links and recommendations tho thanks

          • Brother Ma

            I thought it was nonsense as well!

        • grumpy_carpenter

          You’re talking about Viktor Suvorov’s books ‘Icebreaker’ and ‘The Chief Culprit’

          I read them and had an open mind about his theory however David Glantz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Glantz has completely debunked the story. David Glantz was the US armies foremost researcher on the Red Army and taught combined arms tactics at The US Army War College.

          The Soviets were in the midst of completely re-organizing the Red Army in 1941. The unit on their western front were newly formed and although they had tanks they didn’t have troop transports, artillery or repair and maintenance unit. Most importantly they didn’t have any officers.

          When the Germans attacked they sent tanks into battle with no infantry protection, no repair units, no fuel or ammo trucks and no leaders. They couldn’t get 100 miles without breaking down or running out of gas let alone invade Europe. The plans that Suvorov claims were for the invasion of Europe were really the plans for the failed Brody counterstroke.

        • PZIVJ

          Battle of the Bulge was an act of desperation.
          “On 23 December the weather conditions started improving, allowing the Allied air forces to attack. They launched devastating bombing raids on the German supply points in their rear, and P-47 Thunderbolts started attacking the German troops on the roads.”
          Oil does not matter if you do not have a supply line to get it forward.

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            without oil the supply lines and arms were at a standstill. if they could have got some gas into their tanks and planes that gamble would have paid off. I think we took oil fields they were holding which cut the supply

          • grumpy_carpenter

            Even if the German spearhead made it to Antwerp what then? They didn’t have the infantry to keep a supply line open and as soon as the sky cleared they would have been massacred by the US air force.

            Germany primary oil fields were in Ploiești Romania. The Russians captured those oil fields in Aug 1944 four months before Ardennes II. So by “we took oil fields” do you mean the oil fields the Russians took or are you thinking of some other oil fields?

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            our side.

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            cant remember exactly which oil fields but our side basically cut them off. and the original point i was making was to do with the need for oil. society has been convinced we need oil to keep the country going. oil is needed to keep NATO and USA Military going.

        • AM Hants

          Instead, we held on for a few years and are now under EU rule, Soviet style.

  • Jesus

    US could not deploy 4-5 carrier battle groups against Iran, considering their fixation with freedom of navigation against Russia and China,

  • chsr

    Is US navy a paper tiger ?

    • FlorianGeyer

      A paper pussy cat, I think :)

  • Will

    As a Lebanese Citizen we are left between a rock and a very hard place. On one hand I know for a fact that a weaker, war ravaged Iran will significantly weaken Hezb back home and allow the country to breathe a little again with a more balanced corruption instead of a single totalitarian one, as sad as that is. On the other hand I know the gulf will also burn in the process so no money from the Arab states for a good time period in an already dire situation of the country.

    Fucking Iranian leadership had to go about the region creating states within states of militias more powerful than armies and hold counties as puppets to do their bidding. Nothing good comes out of these fuckers, at least the Arab world sends us tourists and tons of jobs about 1 3rd of the population depends on it. We get death and destruction for one sided power and a pipe dream to free Palestine and the Shebaa farms which was never Lebanese to start with. Meanwhile the rest of the Arab world (outside Lebanon and Syria) can enjoy peace. Imagine if Lebanese had peace what they could do even with corrupt politicians.

    In my opinion the west must stay firm and tough not to trust these fanatic Ayatollahs and their henchmen. As bad as the house of Saud is at least it is under control and they throw cash about. Iranians if set loose will create more rough situations by arming Hamas, Hezb and Yemenis further as well as the creation of the bomb, that can never be good for anyone.

    1 – Hezb must step down hand over the weapons to the army, Lebanese must make peace with israel. They can no longer afford not to the country is dying.
    2 – Yemeni leaders must negotiate and make peace with Saudis their children are dying and no one in the world gives a fuck including Iran, they must realize this. They are being played like a fiddle.
    3 – Iran must not be allowed to ever get the bomb or the Arab world will be forced to do the same and the stand off will be endless like Pakistan and India.

    • Garga

      Sure you are Lebanese, sure Mr. Jubair.
      Are you sure from the one in the Levant, you know green Cedar tree, red and white?
      Maybe from a bit further to the south, no?

      • Jigz Villaceran

        This lebanese must be ass licker of western country, maybe he is an lgbt who want to have a pride parade in lebanon

        • Will

          Sadly its impossible to have a sane discussion with such a bunch, but then again I can imagine a few 12 year olds on keyboards or living outside the region or country, you would know what i’m speaking of if you have lived your life in Lebanon and then a good potion of it in Syria as well.

          Bottom line is you either choose another thousand years of war and death with families trapped and surrounded, or you choose peace. Lebanon is and never has been a one nation country, its always been a country of multitude of tribes all of whom corrupt to one degree or another. The only time it thrived was when the Christians had the upper hand back before the civil war orchestrated by you name it and that was for a brief good period in history, a ticking time bomb because the fact is diversity never works out and is never a strength (fuck LGBT). Which is why they called it the Paris of the middle east. Nowadays even Paris has become a shit hole thanks to more corruption in EU and the left.

          These days its so far gone as a country its unrecognizable. For that matter the notion of “Fighting for the people’s freedom” no longer exists because this is no longer “one people” but many divided tribes backstabbing each other on a constant basis with too many sheep holding voting power some bribed others under gunpoint yet majority simply brainwashed sectarian fools. The minority who are educated have no say and long gone powerless.

          The difference with Hizb is that it became too powerful so now it has monopoly over the other tribes,.
          If something got done back in the days on a 20 percent efficiency, nowadays its never done and going backward because one party alone has the final say with its own agenda mostly followed by a foreign actor not having the interest of Lebanese in mind.

          What has happened in Syria is not part of this discussion. But having said that Syria has raped lebanon for decades and has done by far worst deeds than either Israel or America put together. I would’ve happily chosen US marines patrolling the streets than Assad’s uneducated thugs who raped women on the random on checkpoints, beat the hell out of citizens to their liking and committed massacres in villages including mine.

          I am no ass licker to the west as one of you put it, but I recognize that a country like Lebanon can or could’ve been the next Dubai with trees and actual culture rather than to be the front line dick of the so called “resistance” run by the snake heads in Iran and Damascus who want neither the best for Lebanese nor Palestine for that matter. Just more influence to the final end goal of controlling the ME which will never come.

          And if by any notion of a fantasy dream they do succeed in ousting every Israeli to the med sea, they will all be Nuked by some 300 warheads and end up living deformed in a radioactive wasteland forever, some life that would be.

          So tell me geniuses what do you suggest we do. You want me to go pick a gun and fight? for whom? for what cause really? You tell me if its all worth it.

          As for ISIS and Nusra they can fuck off, it got complicated in Syria, it should’ve never been so in the first place but then again it wouldn’t have happened if Assad reached out to the other Arab leaders and stopped being such a stooge to Iran. I’m sure Russia would’ve helped out with negotiations and put lines for its own interest as well.

          There must have been a way, it mustn’t have come to this.

          While I don’t agree with this saying because I too have family in Syria but if you ask most Lebanese they would say “Its karma for what they did to us”.

          The Egyptians were more clever in all this.

      • FlorianGeyer

        This regards another issue, but I am sure it will amuse you and your fellow citizens, Garga.

        You probably read about the new British Aircraft carrier that entered into Royal Navy service last year having more service issues. It has had a major flooding problem in recent days.

        The UK MOD stated that the flooding only affected two compartments.

        I have been informed by a highly qualified navy insider, that the flooding was caused by a faulty high pressure sea water fire suppression system , and that in fact, ten compartments were flooded. :) I was also told the volume of water weighed circa 500 tonnes. :)

        • Garga

          Wow, that’s a lot of water coming out of sprinklers!

          What happened to the world, why incompetence is so rampant?

          • Tommy Jensen

            Money. The more incompetence, the more problems, the more controlled profit.

          • FlorianGeyer

            I was told that the high pressure seawater pipe burst due to a weakness of some sort. Investigations are ongoing, although a faulty flange seal etc is suspected. Such a fault could be an installation fault , a material fault or a design fault.

          • FlorianGeyer

            There is also a UK nuclear submarine on the way to Hormuz and one of her tasks is to spy on Iranian government communications.

          • Garga

            Very interesting because initially I wrote a lengthy reply to you in which the Astute class submarine was mentioned, but I thought I ought to cut my rants and make it short. What they say? Like minds think alike?

            If they really want to send a nuclear sub into the Persian Gulf, they are more even insane, if that’s possible. The sub is welcomed to to sit and listen the “depths” of it’s waters!


            In most parts, it can’t even get to the periscope depth and gives us good opportunity to evaluate our midget subs’ and other equipments’ detectibility and efficiency. We hope US, UK and others use their latest technologies against ours and give us the best possible training we could hope for.
            Let’s hope this one doesn’t spring a leak or something and no one falls overboard!

          • AM Hants

            Talking of Astute, not a lucky submarine. Not just when cornered by Russian electro-diesel and frigates, when trying to hit Syria.

            They managed to seriously damage the Astute, first in the class, before she was commissioned, on a training exercise. Then if that was not enough, one of the ratings had a hissy fit and shot one of the officers. Don’t think she had even made it to active service, before the rating went mad.

            Submarine commander relieved of post after running aground
            The naval officer charge of a nuclear-powered submarine which ran aground on a shingle bank has been relieved of his command…

            ‘… 27 Nov 2010
            HMS Astute, the Royal Navy’s most advanced nulcear submarine, was on sea trials last month when it became stuck off the coast of Skye and ended up marooned for several hours…’ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/defence/8164599/Submarine-commander-relieved-of-post-after-running-aground.html

            HMS Astute shooting: submarine murder accused ‘desperate to leave ship’
            The seaman charged with shooting dead an officer on board Britain’s flagship nuclear submarine, HMS Astute, was desperate to get off the ship following a recent confrontation with other crew members, relatives said… https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/8441494/HMS-Astute-shooting-submarine-murder-accused-desperate-to-leave-ship.html

          • AM Hants

            What impressed me with Iran, was Magrav technology. I still laugh at the Russians, using a wicker basket, laden with the technology, created by an Iranian engineer, to take out the electrical systems of the USS Donald Cook. Just one wicker basket, laden with Magrav technology and the poor sailors were demanding to be allowed to leave the US navy, severely traumatised.

            No loss of life, just pure international embarressment. So who knows, just what toys Iran has in store, that are equally as good?

            Then you have the Astute class submarine, which was on her way to Syria, to launch her cruise missiles. Only a Russian electro-diesel submarine and frigate, cornered her. Funny, how with all the latest Sonar technology on the Astute Class submarines, they could not hear that coming.

            Royal Navy submarine locked in ‘cat and mouse’ pursuit with pair of Russian hunter-killer subs dubbed ‘the Black Hole’… https://thaimilitaryandasianregion.blogspot.com/2018/04/royal-navy-submarine-locked-in-cat-and.html

            What spooked the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?… https://www.voltairenet.org/article185860.html

          • FlorianGeyer

            It appears that factions within the UK Government thought it would be a good idea to seize a Panama registered vessel carrying Iranian oil. Even the dullards in the government would have realised that there would be a similar response from Iran. Although the Scottish owned vessel was in fact in wrong ‘lane’. A similar ‘onw way’ system is enforced in the sea lanes of the English channel that is also very congested of course.

            So it seems that British factions are deliberately goading Iran to give a pretext for war by NATO.

            The US is using coercion to demand her UK vassal takes action against Iran, and maybe, just maybe, the treasure trove of paedophile CD’s found in Epstein’s luxury apartment with names of the child ( to be abused) + the name of the abuser, are giving the US intelligence agencies leverage against perverted politicians around the globe :)

          • AM Hants

            Not forgetting that the UK Foreign Office, was heavily involved in trying to get Clinton into the White House. Involved in Russia Gate. UK was on board, with Iran abiding by the JCPOA. Next, Trump, by Royal Appointment turns up in the UK, dining with those who were heavily involved in ‘Russia Gate’ and the ‘Steele Dossier’.

            Funny, how he then left on ‘Air Force One’ and the UK Government just happen to be in situ, suppositories fully lodged up Trump’s back passage. With whatever is left of the Cabinet, sharing the back passages, suppository style, with Bolton and Pompeo.

            interesting the Epstein timing and never thought of it that way. However, seriously makes sense.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Arguably, every aspect of human interaction is about ‘leverage’ of some sort.

            Most is benign , some is selfish and a small percentage is malevolent to the extreme.

            It’s time to self identify as a bar of gold I think :)

          • AM Hants

            Just not Ukraine gold, post 2014. Must admit I did laugh out loud, when they assumed nobody would notice they had shipped the gold to the US and left behind led bricks, painted in the colour gold.

          • אהרון

            Have you been successful in confirming Russian media accounts of Ukraine’s gold being spirited out of the country? All I’ve ever found is varying media accounts based on the same, single and vague, Russian media report.

            Highly suspicious, in my humble opinion.

          • AM Hants

            Didn’t it end up with the Dutch, a few months later.

            Now many would say that was to keep them sweet, with regards the MH17, but, would I be that cynical?

            Ukraine’s Gold Reserves Secretely Flown Out and Confiscated by the New York Federal Reserve?
            The Spoils of War and Regime Change… https://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraines-gold-reserves-secretely-flown-out-and-confiscated-by-the-new-york-federal-reserve/5373446

            ‘The Netherlands In 2014, 122.5 tons of Dutch gold reserves were returned to Amsterdam from New York, where they had been stored in a vault of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; the De Nederlandsche Bank (NRC), the Dutch central bank, said that it “felt that in times of financial crisis, it was better to have the gold near at hand.”

            Sadly, Google has cleaned out so many articles. However, the gold coloured led bricks, seriously made me laugh. Back in 2014, Ukraine provided so much black satire and most are still laughing, regards their stupidity.

          • אהרון

            So, in short, you’ve been unable to verify any bit of this vague Russian media report but the lack of verification hasn’t slowed you from repeating the “story” as if it were a reality? Is this correct?

          • AM Hants

            Like I said, thanks to Ukraine, information is classified. I ask questions, and the articles have left many questions unanswered. In 26 years, the answers will be released. Together with the facts, I repeat facts, that the DSB and JIT refused to acknowledge a lot of information during the course of their investigation. Now why was that?

          • אהרון

            Let me see if I understand you correctly. You’re saying that it’s the Ukrainian government’s fault that you’re here repeating a Russian media story which lends zero evidence to that story? Do I understand you correctly?

          • AM Hants


            Must get back to the interview with the Malaysian Prime Minister and the General he sent over to Ukraine, and their views on MH17. So love the work of John Helmer, plus, the Dutch investigative journalist, who produced the latest documentary, has many questions that JIT and the DSB have left unanswered. Don’t Malaysia have their own International War Crimes courts? Seem to remember, they found Israel, Blair and Bush guilty of war crimes, with the Israel decision, back in November 2013. Now why did they lose two aircrafts, that could be controlled by ‘fly by wire’ technology, just 6-7 months later?

          • אהרון

            Sweetie, isn’t that a rather awkward Segway away from Ukraine’s gold?

            You give me several occasions to smile.

          • FlorianGeyer

            I was not aware of the lead substitution. :)

          • AM Hants

            It was back in 2014, when they shipped the gold out of Ukraine, as soon as they got rid of Yanukovich. Google clean out, not so easy to find, however, they discovered a load of gold bars, which on further inspection were led bars, painted the colour gold. A few months later, the US returned the gold to the Netherlands, where it had allegedly stored since the war. Again, Google clean out, difficult finding the articles.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Yes, History is being selected and edited by Google in plain sight now, although Project Veritas now has Trumps ear, and many Google insiders are providing evidence that Google ( and Facebook etc) are politicised platforms for Cultural Marxism/Neo Liberalism.

            Funnily enough, all of the beneficial owners of such platforms are Jewish, although most are fake Khazar ‘semites’ :)


          • AM Hants

            Must admit, enjoying how Project Veritas are opening up things, with regards the ‘social media’ monopoly.

        • AM Hants

          One of the problems, with using Lego to build an aircraft carrier. Wasn’t the ship built in three parts, by, different dockyards and then put together?

          Remember, before she was commissioned, they found a problem with the pipework. Having to give her an extensive refit, which took months. Now she is going through ‘operational trials’ and still they have not fixed the problem with the pipework. So back in dock, for another round of Naval healthcare.

          Not forgetting, she has a long wait till she gets the $trillion disaster, called the F35s on board.

          Ooooooooooooops, so not a good look. How many aircraft carriers, post £multi million refits, did we send to the Turkish scrapyards? Never knew there was so much intelligence in a tin of ‘Heinz’ baked beans. There again, wasn’t John Kerry, Secretary of State to the US, at the time we scrapped the carriers and his wife one of the Heinz clan? The things Westminster will do, to keep their friends happy and the cans, Heinz needs, for future supplies.

          • FlorianGeyer

            In cash terms, the cost of the carrier alone would have built 140,000 decent state owned homes for those who are currently unable to afford them, and such homes would also appreciate in value over time.

            One of our South Front friends posted this video the other day. It puts all that we have come to realise into an informative video based on accepted facts and events.

            You have most likely seen it, AM, but if not , you will enjoy I think.

            “All Wars are Banker Wars”


          • AM Hants

            Thanks for the video, I had not seen it. Been quite busy the last couple of weeks, so not upto speed.

            Bookmarking it, as happily listening to the video. Brilliant.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Yes, I have been out and about a lot as well. Three weeks left of the season.

          • AM Hants

            Good luck with the end of the season.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Thanks. Last year was far too hot.

          • AM Hants

            Had what I class as our first day of summer, up here in the North of England, so no doubt, you might end the season, during a heatwave. Assuming, owing to your image, it is the polo season, but, no doubt I am wrong. Enjoy and good luck.

          • FlorianGeyer

            I do not play polo. These days its happy hacking and Skill at Arms on horseback :)

            My horse and I are too long in the tooth for galloping around hunter trials etc. :)

            I have never been foxhunting, or any other animal hunting for that matter.

            In my Avitar, I have just shot a balloon on the jump with a pistol.

    • Concrete Mike

      Your advocacy for complete capitulation will.not get the result you desire here.

      Let me be the second to say dream on you treasonous selfish scum.

      Keep kowtowing tonthe people that abducted your president and fund the isis/ nusrah types. You will get ahead.

      Good luck with that!

    • Augsta “Augsta”

      Fuck you will I hope Iran gets the bomb and finishes off the illegal Zionist entity once and for all. If I was a Palestinian living under the occupation I’d wish for anyone who has the bomb to drop it and if that means wiping out the Palestinians just remember wipe out the Zionists also leave a good Zionist is a dead Zionist. The whole world will be elated. No more Zionists…😉

      • Will

        Oh someone deleted my long reply, guess it was too long for them to comprehend. I bet it was an LGBT moderator. The kind from the other side this time.

        Well that’s easy for you to say Augsta, you see the difference between you and I is that I love life even though I grew up in a shithole not too dissimilar to your Gaza.

        And yes Zionist entity bad yes they cause so much shit in the world, but you see instead of throwing rocks from your glass suicidal house as they say in Arabic, why don’t you use your head and learn from your enemy and their tactics instead.

        You see if you want to truly defeat the Zionists first you must truly educate your children, and by education I don’t mean give them AKs and tell them to kill Jews, no I mean to really educate them in Math, physics, politics, unbiased history and so on. You can do so with those millions you get every year from charity that goes to guns.
        We got educated under poverty and bombs literally falling around our schools back when there was not even internet or easily accessible information. It’s much easier to learn something nowadays.

        And guess what after a generation or two of well educated majority citizens, you will start having the upper hand by using your head instead of your dick and RPG.

        You know why Jews are good at what they do? Because they don’t stab each other in the back so often and they make sure to take care of their own over any other. That’s how you get Hollywood, and major news networks. I wonder if the Arab world can do the same for a day let alone a century.

        When the educated Iranians brought down the Shah in 1979, they were too naive to not see the Ayatollahs waiting to pounce on them at a moments notice and take away that carpet from underneath their feet. The first thing they did was to kill them all off. Kill all the educated leaders then indoctrinate the sheep with fanaticism. The result is today.

        • Concrete Mike

          Educating the children is a good idea.

          Did you ever bother to check.education statistics in Iran?
          The amount of engineers is staggering.

          Nice try but you did not succede.

          • Will

            Hey Mike I think you got it all upside down, what good is an engineer under the authority of a corrupt leader and what good is an engineer when most of your population starve or are imprisoned for “wrong thought”? Oh you mean Iran keeps only the “Right kind” of educated types the ones it can use to build its military branch.

            Didn’t you read anything I wrote?
            Bottom line Iran has no business going about in other people’s countries like my own and fucking them up for their own Agenda of supposedly annihilating Israel or after that maybe coming up with a story of liberating USA, you name it they have it cooking.

            They even occupied contested islands from the gulf, the thing is I get it lets assume all this is politics as usual ,they want to play tough meddle about, fine everyone does it China the west, lets speak of the most common denominator. Tell me what benefit you as a citizen living in these countries have when Iran rules over you?
            Give me one good reason I as a neutral law abiding citizen along with my family have when Iran rules my country?
            If you can’t answer that question my answer is a simple none. no benefits, no jobs, no infrastructure investment. I get only more corrupt politicians more shit and more constant state of war.

            Now why would I choose Iran over The gulf where half of the population of my country goes to for jobs, cash flow back to family, and on the long run just stability and growth. because they are not interested in wars.

            What about the west? Same.

            You think Russia is going to provide us jobs? Or Iran or china? man China would rather have us working in their slave factories for a dollar a day than anything. Iran would rather see me sign up to go fight and die in a desert in Syria!

            That’s the bottom line here.

          • Concrete Mike

            I polled my arab friends in a wholly unscientific poll.

            The question was whose influence is better in.lebanon: gulf monarchies or hezbollah.

            The unanimous answer was hezbollah. What a coincidence!!

            Innresponse to your financial arguments, i think playing the western economy game of only growth at all costs is not the best.method of economic development.

            All this does is enrich the elites.on the back.of the working peoples. We know for we are in the west and ive beem watching this econimic model for 30 years. Its in place to protect the aristocracy not the people.

            But its your choice, if you want saudi money with all the strings attached go for it. I for one know better and id rathrr be poor than to be ties.to that cesspool of corruption.

            Thats why i never went out west to.work.

            A.dollar a day in china? Its not 1980 anymore that figure is wrong.

            Iran doesnt rule you country you gullible fool. USA UK France and Israel and saudis try to run your.country.

            Iran.never abducted your president, saudis did.

            How.many.schools and hospitals did the saudis build in arsal??


            Hezbollah is lebanese for the lebanese people.

            Otherwise they would not have had succes in the last elections, lebanese voted for hezbollah.

            In all honesty im doubting you are lebanese. Saudis abducted your president for a week did you forget that?

            Thats not interfering in your affairs?

            Your projections will not work here.

          • Will

            It is hard to explain as it will go on for a long while and its extremely complicated in Lebanon.

            How many of your Arab friends actually live in Lebanon? Or maybe they are one of those who support these already corrupt leaders blindly. Also its not the president the saudis “Abducted” it was PM Saad Hariri. they kept him in a 10 star hotel for a few days made him read a script for show and then they all shook hands and went home. A foolish idiotic move by Arabia to try to threaten the already corrupt to the core Lebanese Leadership just goes to show how much they suck at playing hardball totally harmless bunch these Arabs are just send them a few girls and a car and they will be happy – in comparison to the wit and cunning of their Persian counterparts. Those guys are the real dangerous bunch.

            Elections you say? Of course they will be voted in power they killed off all the opposition, literally assassinations and car bombs. Just google it.

            On top of that the elections in Lebanon have not been fair for a very long time, let me put it this way, the people are so desperate that the system has been built for decades to be as what they call it the only country in the entire world which is “Coup proof”. In other words the majority people voting follow a very strict hierarchy of corruption that start top bottom and bottom up, if X fails to vote for Y then he or she is an outcast and will most likely starve. In most cases the candidates who are and have been the same bunch for decades now are already voted in before the voting starts.

            Last but not least all the people you vote for whom you think will actually make a change get either assassinated or blown to bits , just dig up the recent past and see how many candidates got killed. You know the ones that can actually make a real change.

            Many people didn’t vote in the last election the turn up was only 30%!

            The country has no internet connection, has the most expensive and slowest telecommunication networks in the world has no water or power structure with average power cuts of 6 hours per day in the capital and outside areas up to 8 hours. Generators have turned into mafias polluting the air and threatening the opposition protected by the thugs under the protection of the now leadership in power.

            There are no longer neutral good parties, there is only Hezbollah with now their christian useful idiot of a president and his henchman nephew who turned from selling groceries to millionaire overnight. You’ve got the local thug wing of Hezb under the parliament leader who is also the longest standing parliament leader in the history of the world (you can google that one he made it to Guinness) Nabih Berri and his gang the Amal movement who are also Shia like Hezb. They do all the dirty work locally for Hezb so that Hezb doesn’t need to get their hands and reputation any dirtier in house. You know the petty things like drug wars, taking charge of the genrator mafias, power sectors, terrorizing protesters when they don’t play ball.

            There is no more such a thing as “Lebanese” Most especially not Hezb they are an Iranian backed militia wing with sustained cash flow in their no go zone areas where the army can’t even interfere. they don’t pay their bills or taxes.

            The real levantines as they would call them were majority Christians and druze back in the day living in mount lebanon, the reaosn why lebanon was considered the best place in the ME is because of what christians did to the country with the french rule making it the “Paris of the middle east”. the french also gave us trains tramways and most beautiful architecture.

            The west is far from perfect but after living for half a decade in the Region I can tell you that Many including myself will take any offer from the west and dump any sense of false patriotism or nationalism that never existed in the first place and whatever did exist was killed off during the civil war. When the Real patriotic christians and other Lebanese factions where betrayed by the Europeans and Syria was unleashed to wipe them all out and rape their families and wives. They massacred thousands of boys and took equal amounts to rot missing forever in Syrian jails.

            The economic model in the west ins’t perfect either, it was actually pretty good until it got worst when Reagan gave all the power to the banks in the 80’s.

            But guess what at least even in your flawed system the average joe has the chance a good chance to work hard and make a good living or even find himself as a very wealthy person form nothing. America to this day is proof of many such countless examples. Capitalism isn’t perfect but its the best “free” system relatively to any other known systems in the world. But like I said it did get worst after Banks took total control.

            Saudis wont rebuild Syria but they have always sent money to Lebanon including Qataris, they love Lebanese hospitality, women and beaches (whatever is left of them now). They keep bailing us out of total collapse by injecting cash and bonds at the last minute to at least keep the country on life support.

            Believe me if I felt the country was worth it I will pick up a gun and fight for my freedom. You westerners must understand that what you have is extremely rare and precious with all the shit foreign policy of the states you guys have relatively speaking and in comparison to any other known system in the world, by far the greatest freedom and value for their own citizens.

            Never make the mistake of thinking that other nations think like you do or other cultures. Believe me on this one and ignore your Arab friends, lastly never trust anyone until they prove themselves to you especially anyone from the ME in life and politics.

            This is why Europeans with their naivity are getting fucked left and right by immigrants and Muslims, they will chant diversity they will chant tolerance but they will be out bread and outcast, this is why like sheep the west will fall like Rome once did with the barbarians at the gate. The difference is that the people in the west can still make a change if they saw the truth and wanted to, you have that power but anywhere else in the world you don’t. that’s a fact not in Africa not in China not in Russia and most especially not in Arabia or Iran. Not in Syria and never in Lebanon.

            The ME is a 4D chess with no winners or sovereign nations. All are extremely bad actors some more than others. They have no self governing capability or the culture to be civilized. In my opinion I will go as far as sadly say that they should have and must have stayed colonized to the end, that would’ve been the only way to peace. Once you understand that you will see everything.

          • Will

            Fuckin hell! second time my reply has been marked as spam and deleted!!

            I stayed respectful in my reply.

            Goes to show I am right on many points and that scares some people here, the minute they censor you the more you know you are saying something they don’t want people to hear.

            That’s the last of it, wont waste time here.

          • Concrete Mike

            Hah later dude.

            Thats what i told you, what you wete saying was not gojng to be tolerated here.

            Dont cry about being censored, we all are welcome to the club.

            My arab poll had 3 jordanians 1 egyptian and 2 tunisians. It was still unanimous.

            Good day.

          • AM Hants

            Riddle me this, when did Iran last invade anybody?

            Why did the US give Iraq chemical weapons, I believe it was back in the 80s? Was it not to use on the people of Iran?

            Not forgetting the US Commander, who was promoted, for taking down the Iranian civilian aircraft.

            ‘We will invade 7 nations in 5 years, ending with Iran’ – General Wesley Clark, I believe in 2003.

    • RichardD

      Stop blaming Iran for Yinon plan crimes and war. You’re sound like an AshkeNAZI Jew Zionist shill spamming these threads with hasbara propaganda.

    • Sinbad2

      There is no such thing as Lebanon, the French stole a piece of Syria and called it Lebanon. The same applies to Palestine, except it was the British doing the stealing.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    No wonder the debt numbers are clicking over like the distance a space probe is travelling every second.

    Over-sized navy achieving just about diddly squat.

    • Sinbad2

      Empires usually collapse under the cost of their military, people just don’t learn from history.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    they can send their entire navy to iran, iran would sink them all lol

  • goingbrokes

    The fact that a US commander even mentions the Bab-El Mandeb Strait is a clear sign that all these manoeuvres are for the benefit of israel.
    Iran does not control that strait, but israel is extremely concerned about that strait becoming closed for their Dolphin subs (another reason why the otherwise senseless war on Yemen has to continue). Those German built and supplied Dolphins will want to participate in a nuclear strike against Iran.

    • Hisham Saber

      Nuclear strike on Iran ? That would be suicide for the whole dastardly race of international Khazar Talmudic Jews. Its not going to happen.

      • goingbrokes

        Probably not, but they are planning nevertheless.

    • AM Hants

      Have Israel got any Dolphin submarines left? Here they were a bit careless with them.

      The US, has not signed or ratified the ‘Law of the Sea Convention’, so seriously weird how they believe they control the seas.

      LAW OF THE SEA (TREATY DOC. 103-39)
      SEPTEMBER 27 AND OCTOBER 4, 2007
      Printed for the use of the Committee on Foreign Relations
      Available via the World Wide Web: http://www.gpoaccess.gov/congress/index.html
      VerDate 11-MAY-2000 13:05 Nov 14, 2008 Jkt 000000 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 5011 Sfmt 5011 LOST1.TXT sforel1 PsN: sforel1
      JOSEPH R. BIDEN, JR., Delaware, Chairman
      CHRISTOPHER J. DODD, Connecticut
      JOHN F. KERRY, Massachusetts
      RUSSELL D. FEINGOLD, Wisconsin
      BARBARA BOXER, California
      BILL NELSON, Florida
      BARACK OBAMA, Illinois
      ROBERT MENENDEZ, New Jersey
      BENJAMIN L. CARDIN, Maryland
      ROBERT P. CASEY, JR., Pennsylvania
      JIM WEBB, Virginia
      RICHARD G. LUGAR, Indiana
      CHUCK HAGEL, Nebraska
      NORM COLEMAN, Minnesota
      BOB CORKER, Tennessee
      JOHN E. SUNUNU, New Hampshire
      LISA MURKOWSKI, Alaska
      JIM DEMINT, South Carolina
      JOHNNY ISAKSON, Georgia
      DAVID VITTER, Louisiana
      ANTONY J. BLINKEN, Staff Director
      KENNETH A. MYERS, JR., Republican Staff Director

      ‘… The ongoing delay in ratifying the Convention would be just an
      interesting political science case study, if the United States were
      not facing serious consequences because of our nonparticipation. As a nonparty, we do not have a seat at the table to prevent proposed amendments that would roll back Convention rights we fought hard to achieve.

      In addition, as a nonparty, our ability to influence the decisions
      of the Commission on the limits of the Continental Shelf is severely
      constrained. Russia is already making excessive claims in the Arctic. Until we become a party to the Convention, we will be in a
      weakened position to protect our national interests in these discussions…’


      It also concerns the Straits of Hormuz and also the Sea of Azov. Nought to do with the US.

  • AM Hants

    UK has not got much left, in working order. Remember, when the Russian electro-diesel submarine and a frigate, cornered on of the Astute class submarines? Which was hoping to unleash it’s missiles on Syria? However, they ended up trapped by a Russian submarine and frigate, leaving them unable to do the job.


    ‘We will invade 7 nations, in 5 years, ending with Iran’ – General Wesley Clark, I believe made the claim in 2003.