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JULY 2022

Pre-War Preparations: Withdrawal From Treaties

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Pre-War Preparations: Withdrawal From Treaties

IMAGE: Ronald Gutridge / U.S. Navy

The US is actively working to withdraw from military treaties with Russia creating a pre-war situation in the diplomatic relations between Washington and Moscow.

On October 20, US President Donald Trump confirmed that U.S. would be abandoning the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. After a rally in Elko, Nevada, the President claimed that Russia has been “violating it for many years”.

“We’ll have to develop those weapons,” Trump said. “We’re going to terminate the agreement and we’re going to pull out.”

Furthermore, Washington is going to withdraw for another nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia – New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty). Under New START signed on 8 April 2010, the number of strategic nuclear missile launchers will be reduced by half. Reports that the Trump administration would withdraw from it started actively appearing in the media citing senior White House officials on October 21.

The US stance on these key deals faced a strong response from Moscow. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stated that the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty would be a very dangerous step, which would be definitely condemned by the international community.

“The issue is too serious to be dealt with through public debate. If the United States continues to act so clumsily and harshly, as we can see it do on numerous occasions, if it continues to unilaterally withdraw from agreements, different kinds of accords and mechanisms, and the examples are piling up — from the JCPOA on Iran to the Universal Postal Union — then we will have nothing left to do but to take retaliatory measures, including ones of military and technological nature. But we would like to avoid that. The US clumsy and harsh politics sees more and more rejection in a lot of countries and wide circles of international community. Washington should not underestimate these shifts in sentiment,” Ryabkov said.

He also stated that Russia condemns US attempts to achieve Moscow’s concessions in international security issues through blackmail.

“We condemn the continuing attempts to achieve Russia’s concessions through blackmail, moreover in such an issue which has importance for international security and security in the nuclear weapons sphere, for maintaining strategic stability,” he said.

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Ah those Hyenas around Trump they are playing their hands nasty hands. Bolton and Pompeo what a team to advise the sick Trump.

Promitheas Apollonious

I think you confusing puppets and errand boys assign to do a job with the decision makers. None of the ones you mentioning are decision makers.

Feudalism Victory

Clearly. Its been unfortunate but it does seems Trumps admirable instincts to peace and properity have been repeatedly turned to aggression and provocation by these unseen elements.

I remain convinced hes fighting a battle against them though and think him and his alliance with the people of america will prevail although there will be detours along the way.

John Mason

Wishful thinking, hoping and praying doesn’t alter the facts; Trump is a crook, past and present and he is and always was a part of the ‘swamp’.

Promitheas Apollonious

people find it most convenient living in denial rather than face fact even though they do live them and are part of their every day slavery. If you dont know and live in lulu land then you dont have any responsibility, since all is well.

S Melanson

I truly believe that Trump is draining the swamp… to make room for his own swamp and it will be HUGE!!!


Absolutely correct John

Promitheas Apollonious

remain convinced all you want my friend. One day you wake up in raw reality and understand that he is been their errand boy since he exist.

You do well before you take things on faith, to search the puppet you believe is going to save, NOT america, because america is a continent and you only manage to steal by genocide, only north america, but what you think is america. Then come and tell me the same what you saying now.

It is sad when people live in denial of fact and refuse to open their eyes. You need no one for that but your self and doing your home work.

Feudalism Victory

Were all descendents of genocide. Lord only knows how many forgotten people and cultures lie in the earth. Native americans and their experience does nothing to invalidate the later peoples of north america or the us or any section there of.

Regardless; the need for some one like trump remains even if he proves false or too weak to win.

There will be a trump 2.0 and his enemies will pray for a return of donald trump.

If they are able to do so of course.

Victory or death. There is no going back now. Trump is 100% expendable. He will do what needs to be done or he will be pushed aside. In the meantime we shall see.

TRUMP 2020.

Promitheas Apollonious

you may remain blind not a problem for me. It is very hard to awake people who pretend they are asleep. just know that ignorance is not a blessing, on the contrary.


The decision makers have been hitting a brick wall since 2014 and they are clueless about military strategic concepts and realities. Russia already has several weapon systems that deployed or close to be deployed that does not violate the INF and can destroy US. The decision makers are frothing at their mouths and see their “power” dissipate as a result of their moronic actions and thought process.

Promitheas Apollonious

no they been hitting a brick wall since 2008. I agree with what you saying but in case of war there are no treaties or rules only one to win any which way you can. Especially the war the globalists are promoting to happen.

S Melanson

In my view, 2014 was important as the key decision making elites of main factions in their rivalry both seriously misstepped once again and elites in general felt it was time for a changing of the guard and hence the battle playing out as Trumps elites attempt to replace the incumbent elites they see as too incompetent to rule.

I suspect that the deep divisions among elites is one reason the NWO agenda is a bit off the rails. My speculative opinion :)

Tommy Jensen

Maybe its a question only about fights for positioning and chairs in the nwo government.

S Melanson

I agree. Rivalry is about positioning and this is no different. It is one set of elites supplanting another to take their higher position as there own and lowering the position of the other group. Fighting for chairs at the table plays a role as well but leave that for now.

Promitheas Apollonious

and I agree but the hitting their head on the wall started to sink in they doing it to them in 2008 when they lost the game in the economy sector and started to go down hard. 2014 is the result of that. Change of guard.

You may see it as what happen to turkey in 1918 with the birth of the neoturks that dropped the sultan and replace him with ataturk the jew. Or in England the dutch indian company (jews of holland) that financed Cromwell to drop the king and remove the kings law that was forbidding jews to enter england.

People when they try to connect the dots often make the mistake due to lack of information and because the net does not any more have many of the records we posted back in the 80s and 90s and been erased during the .com wars on the net, to follow the path not only of the talmutians, when they been expelled from Sumeria who served as slave labor, but also the khazars before their empire been destroyed around 950-1000 AD.

Before that they have already married into many royal families including england and northern european kingdoms. Check it out. Also the people they insist to refer to them as jews they have no idea what they talking about as the jew name comes from the french pronunciation, Judean, the people of Judea. Where a lot of israelis ended up after their nomadic life in the desert……………….

Dušan Mirić

The USA Nazis don’t give a dam about the shifts in the international community. They are exceptional (idiots). Don’t you know that by now!!!


Seems the Deep State has won all the internal battles and is now preparing for their “winnable nuclear war” against Russia. They will of course attack all other “non compliant” countries as well. We are now on the countdown to the destruction of our planet, unless the American public wake-the-fuck-up and kill the faceless monsters that are planning this crime against us all.


The American people can’t even get themselves a decent medical system, do you really think they can stop another foreign war?

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

What do you mean “another foreign war”??? Sean, this is about WW3 when we will all be toast, including the exceptionally brave people hiding across the pond, whose corrupt and violent leaders think that they can unleash nuclear war in Europe while being untouched. Did you hear Putin’s comments at the Valdai conference about nuclear war? It was very chilling indeed with talk of martyrdom! WOW!


Keep Isolating yourself United States of America…You are doing a Great Job…. Bring on Your War…. You will not be considered a Liberator anywhere… But a Brutal Genocidal Demonic Massmurdering Monster that needs to be Destroyed to make Worldwide Peace a possibility… Your Headchopping Mercenaries already exterminated….

You are Desperate U.S. these days are your Final Death Throes… Just let it Go…you will be Crushed when the time has arrived… everyone is preparin’ at the moment….bye bye Great Emperor…your Defeat feels good….

Don Machiavelli

USA doesn’t exist anymore really. This is ZioEmpire.


Bad miscalculation by the USA.

First off the USA has lots of nuclear options without deploying land based intermediate range missiles to Europe. All they need are a few more subs hiding in the waters surrounding Russia to get the same firepower without any formal announcement to anyone ….. including the Russians.

In that light breaking the INF treaty and putting lots of missiles in Europe does nothing for the defence of Europe or the USA if things go kinetic however the US administration has a very short memory. The last time they tried to do this millions of Europeans were mobilized to protest in a huge way.

The USA has to realize that they are fighting a cold war ….. propaganda and influence are the primary weapons. Trump and co have been very busy stomping around making edicts, sanctioning everyone and breaking agreements. Turing Europe into an obvious nuclear target by installing medium range missiles on their land isn’t going to make the allies feel more secure and it may in fact be the straw that broke the NATO alligence.


There isn’t much left in the US other than bluffing with the US media and their time is running out. They are beating empty drums and will be annihilated if they make a stupid move.


I am an American and it’s wrong for the us gov to pull out from the treaty don’t support it! would much rather see positive by lateral relationship with Russian government and the people of Russia !! As do many every day people here in America !

Bill Rood

If the world manages to avoid nuclear war, we will eventually see the entire world sanction the US and bring it to its knees. That’s the most likely way the MIC will be brought to heel. Let’s all pray the Satanists in control of the US don’t choose “death before dishonor.”

Manuel Flores Escobar

So it would mean that USA will deploy nuclear cruise missile inside silos of Romania and Poland antimissile shield….similar to deploy such missile for example in Cuba near USA land.


Hmm, Kuba, that might come to pass again.

Tommy Jensen

If Russia dont want US to withdraw from treaties they must pay. If Russia refuse to pay a price we will withdraw and further put the heaviest sanctions on Russia you guys ever dreamed of…………………LOL.

Manuel Flores Escobar

US sanction dont hurt Russia as we have seen…petrol and gas price are high and there new powerful economic countries like China or India to make bussiness…..USA want to deploy cruise missile in EU..because in case of war they only can launch safety these missile from Ships on the Mediterranean and Atlantic…while Russia can launch from Black sea and Baltic both near EU borders…beside from ground (Iskander K/M) from Kalingrad…it means while US cruise missile are flying..many NATO air bases( near Russian borders) and Industrial facilities have already been destroyed and all Russian air defense/ air force only have to be employed to destroy that missiles!…the problem will be to threat Russia with nuclear capable cruise missiles near its borders……then Pershing 2 and cruise missile were deployed in GB and west Germany…but nowdays can be deployed in Poland and Romania less than 1000km Russian borders.

Jim Bim

Your stupidity is mind boggling.

Ivan Freely

Tommy Boy is trolling.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

These US war-games will continue until the collapse of the USD. How long do you think the free countries of Russia, China and even EU slaves will continue to use the USD and so fund the US Imperial military? Tick-tock!

Robert McMaster

Too late. The Americans have left it too late. By the time the U.S. actually deploys a new generation of nuclear missiles the Russians and Chinese will have in place a whole stable of Yars/Sarmat grade weapons. Economic sanctions amount to offensive incursions. If Russia could get its act together to really manufacture suitable numbers of what they have designed, the U.S. would be left in the dust. Do that and then focus on the economic and political fronts.


This can also be read the other way round. “We’re a poor, peace-loving people but have to defend against bullies and unwarranted aggression”. Prepare to see offensive moves by Russia.


The creator of perceptions errors when the perception created is of pending war. This does not contribute to either Stabilization or De-escalation.

Putin can figure it out, and he will avoid overplaying Russia’s hand which would occur by giving Carte Blanche to anyone: Iran and Syria in particular.

Consolidate gains in the Levant and Crimea: de-escalate Black Sea and Baltic Sea. Make friends in west and be wary in east.

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