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Pre-War Hysteria: Trump Vows To Boost Nuclear Forces, Withdraw From INF Treaty

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Pre-War Hysteria: Trump Vows To Boost Nuclear Forces, Withdraw From INF Treaty


Tensions in the diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia seem to be ramping up to a potentially pre-war level. The increasingly thought diplomatic rhetoric of both Moscow and Washington as well as hostile US actions against Russia and an active pro-war propaganda campaign within the US military are openly signaling that the sides may posslby soon find themselves on the verge of open regional war.

On October 20, US President Donald Trump declared that the US would be abandoning the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty claiming that the decision comes as response to multiple Russian violations of the treaty, which had put a stop to the development of nuclear and conventional missiles, as well as their launchers, with ranges of 500–1,000 and 1,000–5,500 km.

On October 21, reports citing senior White House officials appeared claiming that Washington may also withdraw from another arms treaty with Russia – New START. The deal signed in 2010 reduced the number of strategic nuclear missile launchers by half.

Trump’s announcement gave rise to a strong response from Russia. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stated that US withdrawal from the INF Treaty would be a very dangerous step, which would trigger “retaliatory measures, including ones of a military and technological nature”. He described the US stance as “attempts to achieve concessions from Russia through blackmail”.

On October 22, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that Russia will take measures to restore “balance in this sphere” and ensure “its own security” if the INF Treaty is broken. He said that Moscow has provided evidence at various levels that Washington eroded the basis and key provisions of the treaty by “installing anti-missiles, which can be both interceptors and also short and medium-range missiles, using combat drones, which are de facto nothing other than short and medium-range missiles.”

Meanwhile, Trump came with a new statement on the issue vowing that the US will build up its nuclear arsenal in response to the alleged aggressive actions and violations by Russia and China. Beijing is not a part of the INF Treaty, but this does not seem relevant to the Trump administration.

National Security Adviser John Bolton, who has recently arrived in Russia, pushed the idea that Washington is breaking the deal because it does not include China and North Korea, which develop missiles that may pose a threat for “potentially deployed American forces”.

The actions of the Trump administration have already led to increased tensions in the Middle East and an economic and diplomatic conflict with China. Now, it seems that instability and a threat of military confrontation is growing in Europe.

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  1. Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes says:

    New Generation of US Politicians Forgot About Nuclear Threat, Think They Can Win War With Russia


    1. TiredOfBsToo says:

      Unfortunately, the generals have responded to the politicians that the US can win a nuclear war with Russia and with acceptable losses. These morons and psychopaths have been drinking the kool-aid from the same fountain for so long, that they actually believe this fantasy.

      I suspect the real name of the game is an arms race. The US is hoping that the world extending it free credit through it’s reserve currency, can outlast Russia while causing Russia’s economy to self destruct and placing the country back in the situation it was in back in the ’90s. Why will that fail? Simply because the name of the game in the US is greed & corruption. That is how a failure like an F35 can be built costing billions of dollars due to the greed of all involved in the project. Meanwhile, the Russians spend very little producing technically advanced weaponry with which to defend their country from the barbarians at their gate. The generals advising the politicians should read what comes of all those who have, at various point in history, attempted to conquer Russia and thus assure themselves of living long enough to have a retirement.

      1. Nope says:

        The new Nazi Germany, now under the name USA will corner us and murder us.

    2. Tommy Jensen says:

      We will win with acceptable losses, but this, you guys cant take it and invent all kind of excuses.
      You gotta think big like an American…………………………………………………………LOL. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/america-could-win-war-against-russia-china-what-cost-22200

      1. Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes says:

        would have to assume 100% total annihilation of your enemies on a pre emptive nuclear strike. Russia will respond. Theresa May has decimated our British Armed Forces for EU Military Unification

        1. Jens Holm says:

          No, she hasnt. GB has had that plan for years making their forces smaller but better – a usual way all over the earth, where military forces are able to.

          Nothing to do with Theresay May. Very manipulative from You. You seemes not even able to follow brittish foreign policy in those matters.

          1. Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes says:

            Do you have any idea what is happening regarding EU Military Unification? And yeah she has decimated our armed forces, ukcolumn.org has been keeping track of it for yrs

          2. Jens Holm says:

            I see a modefication to tje seize of the GB in the world. I am a kind of sorry for that.

          3. Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes says:

            we have one aircraft carrier that has no planes or frigates to protect it, we have 80k personnel in the armed forces so around 18k soldiers, Our soldiers moral is at rock bottom, Theresa May was home secretary then PM, she has decimated our armed forces, She is talking all the time with advisors who used to be goldman sachs for EU military unification

    3. Tommy Jensen says:

      The naive guy in the video thinks he can pursuade the brainwashed chocolate drinking European zombies to wake up and see their continent as US/Russia nuclear playground LMAOL.

      1. Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes says:

        he was talking to a Russian audience, i doubt many europeans watched that. Vesti news is nice little soundbites of russian media with subtitles. its not a bad little youtube channel

        1. Jens Holm says:

          You might open for western news. They descriebe well. The usual we know nothing is not correct. We do comment Trups hard as well.

          Its like You are not allowed to knpow Yourself.

          1. Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes says:

            MSM in UK (mainstream media) is all BS

          2. Jens Holm says:

            At leas GB has free medias, and I can find a lot there of alll kind.

            We are integrated with brits in Afghanistan because our troops are very semilar, so I do follow it.

          3. Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes says:

            BBC is absolute crap,. so is sky and itv. nothing but lies, ukcolumn.org is probably one of the better news sites in UK

    4. Zo Fu says:

      As I already mention before, politicians in the USA are partly morons and partly servants of Rothschild. And Rothschild wants depopulation so he doesn’t care who would survive, only numbers counts and he wants 6 billions people dead. If nobody survive in USA it will be ok according to Rothschild’s depopulation plan.
      If all his servants die in the process, he doesn’t care either.
      He wouldn’t need them in depopulated world any more.

      1. Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes says:

        Things are changing, i have said there will be no NWO. perople tell me there already is one.. i say.. you didnt read that sentence correctly… :P

  2. stary ujo says:

    Trump is stupide psycho patient !! Putin says , that Russian never to use nuclear weapon as first ! But if Russian will endangered , culprit havent time for pray !! Westerns keep attention about your random lunch rocket by error !

  3. MADE MAKER says:


    1. Nope says:

      USA = United Saudi Arabia!

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Are You toilet cleaner in an ISIS tunnel ?

  4. paul ( original ) says:

    For what it’s worth , I think what we are observing is a panicky reaction
    by the USA to the realization that Russia and China have developed
    some impressive new weaponry . However, I think this posses a problem
    for Russia and China. I am sure their thinking in developing these
    weapons was as a way of getting the USA to accept a multi-polar
    world. If you like it was to establish an equilibrium. This does not
    appear to be the reaction of the USA which is determined to
    ‘maintain’ dominance.

    So the political purpose of these new weapons does not seem to have
    worked. That rather only leaves their military purpose. So as the
    commentary above says it does look like war is getting closer. I only
    hope that Russia and China hold their nerve. If it’s to be force than
    so be it , I know where my sympathies lay.

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      Interesting viewpoint regarding forcible acceptance of the MPW. I agree with your assessment. In addition, I believe the Chinese think reaching parity would gain respect for themselves from others. The Chinese don’t seem to truly understand the US and vice versa. They’re looking at them through an Eastern prism.

      1. paul ( original ) says:

        I think your use of the word ‘respect’ is a good one. That’s what I
        think Russia and China seek. But now they may find that all they
        receive is contempt, insult and disdain . My question is when will
        they show pride and national anger? Will they forever accept these
        things or will they say no more?

        1. Nope says:

          You think the Earth can survive if all human beings 7 billion adopt US life style?

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Off course it can. I woud prefare we became less people on earth sharing a good standard of living.

            USA has to change too being more economic in ressources. It does not say, they should go down in this, but do better …

        2. Tommy Jensen says:

          Respect from Europe and US is all that matters. Erdogan tried in 25 years and still try………………………………………LOL. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1779b1a12c73afb3f918fc4ada03694b1d2b13741db77a1f53ee3ee8249216a6.jpg

    2. Nope says:

      Russia has an enormous land mass – USA doesn’t in case of a nuclear war – US will go first. Sure life will change on Earth for all of us who survive, but it will be a live in freedom without the US Nazis.

      1. Tommy Jensen says:

        You cant escape. In every spot of the world, even in the amazon jungle, we have American Special Forces………………….LOL.

        1. Nope says:

          Hehe, we already cut the throats of your SS or special farces. I still have the picture of 2 US rangers who got beaten up by a 16 year old Belgium farmer boy because this US heroes tried to rape his sister.
          For me and many others US equals scum.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        You know nothing about spreadings. Besides that USA and others are not as stupid, as You assume. Of course they first will bombarede the heavy populated areas.

        It might be true some more russian insects and fish will make it.

      3. paul ( original ) says:

        There have been times in human history when the population of a region has been drastically reduced. But now we hardly even know about such events. I think the same is going to be the case here. At the outset of WW2 no one could have imagined that 50 million would perish and if they did they might have seen this as something terminal for humanity. Without wishing to seem indifferent to those who died the net effect was not really that great. In fact human ‘development’ accelerated after the war ( at least in a technological sense).

        1. XSFRGR says:

          The cheapest commodity on planet earth is human life. We have over populated, and it’s time for a global cleansing. Of course, that doesn’t apply to your life or mine or any of those dear to us, does it ?

          1. paul ( original ) says:

            Yes, it does apply.

          2. Tommy Jensen says:

            Finance has invented a Western system where we destroy each other.

            Its called 0-sum and goes like this:

            A business has 10 employees each paid $100 = $1000. The only way anybody can get more is from the others thus feeding the internal greed.
            First we steal from the weak bottom and give it to the top. $200 to Chairman, CEO, CFO and $57 to the rest 7 emploees = $1000.
            This is called competition.

            Then we fire 2-3 of the weakest in the bottom each second year to get more until only the Chairman, CEO, CFO is left with $400, $300, $300 = $1000.
            This is called making the product more competitive.

            Then a same type company but double size buy up the latter or fusion, and kick the minor company´s Chairman, CEO, CFO out to get their $1000.
            This is called adaption to market conditions.

            This system works all the way to up to the 1% Finance who takes it all.

  5. Shahna says:

    Or he’s just playing “Rocketman – Totally Destroyed” again.
    (It’s what he calls diplomacy.)

  6. Harold Smith says:

    So, are we all finally in agreement (everyone except Paul Craig Roberts of course, who will NEVER, EVER admit that he was fooled) that Orange Clown’s presidential campaign was a calculated bait-and-switch fraud from the beginning?

    1. purplelibraryguy says:

      Did anyone vote for Trump based on the notion that he would do any specific thing he said? The overarching message of Trump is “I’m a seat-of-the-pants bullshitter who doesn’t think–just like you!” and all the Americans who have been educated, televised, mobile-phone-ified, tabloidized and advertised into being exactly that, voted for him.
      I suppose another subtext of Trump is something like “You know the people in charge can always convince a reasonable person to do the establishment thing. But I’m totally unreasonable so I won’t listen to them!” That too turned out to be mostly a lie.

      1. Harold Smith says:

        So you’re implying that’s it’s just some kind of a “shit happens” coincidence that Trump reversed himself on all of his diplomacy and peace rhetoric and turned out to be “Obama on steroids”?

        1. purplelibraryguy says:

          He’s not Obama in particular, just the “Washington consensus”. He went with the flow on most foreign policy because he doesn’t really care much about any policy that doesn’t enrich his personal coffers.

          1. Harold Smith says:

            No; in the realm of foreign policy he went against almost everything that he explicitly claimed to stand for before the election.
            And he apparently did so in order to defraud people into voting for him; people that otherwise would’ve either stayed home or voted for someone else. That’s not a “bullshitter” that’s a *con man.*
            I agree that he’s not Obama i particular; he’s obviously much worse.

          2. purplelibraryguy says:

            I suppose. It’s just that his lies were always pretty transparent and his positions were never very consistent. It didn’t seem to me that anyone would believe anything he said unless they really wanted to believe.
            But even so, I don’t think it’s that he was planning all along to do the opposite of what he said. He just spouted a line of bull that was somewhere between “expedient” and “what he thought off the top of his head”. And what he thought off the top of his head was maybe not megasmart, but it was consistently far more sane than the US foreign policy establishment because those guys have been in this circle-jerk groupthink of evil nuttiness so long it’s reached Arkham Asylum levels. So then he got into government and the whole Washington establishment was like “Don’t do that stuff you told the rubes, do what we want or your life will be inconvenient”, and he was a bit petulant about it but eventually shrugged and caved because, like, he didn’t give a damn.

          3. Harold Smith says:

            “It’s just that his lies were always pretty transparent and his positions were never very consistent.”

            Please give some specific examples of his transparent lies.

            “It didn’t seem to me that anyone would believe anything he said unless they really wanted to believe.”

            Seriously? In his foreign policy speech on 04/27/16 he said, for example: “My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people and American security above all else. It has to be first. Has to be.”

            But you imply it was unreasonable for voters to take that statement (and others like it) at face value? Even though Trump was not a career politician? Even though Trump had a history of publicly criticizing Obama’s illegal adventurism in Syria for example?

            “But even so, I don’t think it’s that he was planning all along to do the opposite of what he said.”

            LOL! Trump said:

            “We desire to live peacefully and in friendship with Russia and China. We have serious differences with these two nations, and must regard them with open eyes, but we are not bound to be adversaries. We should seek common ground based on shared interests.”

            He claimed to seek “common ground” with Russia, yet literally within a few days of the election Trump announced the appointment of the overzealous Russophobic PNAC Zionist warmonger Nikki Haley as UN ambassador. And as one of her first official acts, she demanded that Russia give back Crimea; something that both she and Trump knew Russia could not do. Yet you’re actually going to claim that this was not a calculated betrayal? Trump just happened to appoint someone who just happened to do everything possible to sabotage better relations with Russia? Which just happened to go against the impression he sought to make during the campaign?

            “He just spouted a line of bull that was somewhere between ‘expedient’ and ‘what he thought off the top of his head.'”

            Nonsense. Many of his statements were obviously carefully calculated. He calculatingly presented himself as an alternative to the war that the “trigger happy and very unstable” Hillary Clinton would certainly cause by way of aggressive foreign policy. Trump said he will be guided by “diplomacy, not destruction.” He said: “In a Trump administration, our actions in the Middle East will be tempered by realism.”

            Yet Trump was only in office a few months when he attacked the Shayrat airbase in Syria with a cruise missile barrage, potentially risking war with Russia. And you tell me that’s just a case of “shit happens”?

            It’s painfully obvious that Trump’s campaign was a calculated fraud from the beginning, and no amount of your sophistry can change that.

          4. purplelibraryguy says:

            “In his foreign policy speech on 04/27/16” . . . he said nothing at all, apparently. That’s a quote with no content. Sure, I guess nobody would have expected that to be a lie because it didn’t say anything–certainly nothing to contrast him with Obama. Except for style, that’s actually a very Obama-like statement.

            Or maybe I’m wrong and Obama went around saying “My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people last” or something. But I’m thinking no.

            I don’t know why you’re getting so hot under the collar, or why you’re now making stupid accusations. Sophistry? I disagree with you about something. Deal. I know, I know, you’re eternal and perfect and anyone who has a different evaluation from you is a commie mutant traitor who should be used as reactor shielding. Whatever. I had him figured at the time, you upset because you bought his BS?

            Look, the fact is that on policy after policy Trump has gone around saying thing A, then a few days later thing B, then a few days later thing C, and then maybe a while later A again, and half of them readily fact-checked as completely unrelated to reality. And he did this kind of thing during the election campaign, although not as much. Like, the way he was a birther about Obama, until he suddenly wasn’t. So, sure, he said all the stuff you’re saying, and there was a certain . . . centre of gravity, of his campaign statements, such that probably the majority of what he said was quasi-peaceful. But he also said other stuff other times that was different, and he lied constantly in a blatant, transparent fashion. When he was constantly spouting made-up statistics totally divorced from the facts, not just fudged or spun but just whole cloth lies, that got fact checked as such at the time, why would anyone expect his claims about what policies he believed in to be any different? In point of fact I don’t think he ever believed very hard in anything except his personal awesomeness. But the beauty of it was that most of the voters didn’t give a damn if he was telling the truth; they assume, probably correctly, that all the politicians are lying most of the time anyway, just more subtly, so what’s left is who is more entertaining and panders to them better. And Trump was entertaining and he gave great pander.

            But anyone who actually thought there was a chance greater than around 30%, max, that he’d do much of anything he said, was just being a rube, because it’s not like he was trying to make serious representations of reality. He wasn’t even really building a narrative, in any coherent sense. It was more like creating a mood. He could project the same vague sense of “Make America Great Again” and “America first” on the same topic with quite different specifics as long as he represented the specifics as being in the service of that same kind of brash selfishness. As long as the brash selfishness was consistent, his supporters didn’t worry about the details. The only thing they didn’t realize was that his brash selfishness is really just in the service of him, not of America.

          5. Tommy Jensen says:

            With the social media and surveillance we have today, its quite easy to take the temperature on a populations mood and make a political campaign that suits it.

          6. Harold Smith says:

            Trump’s handlers are experts at deception, and they of course knew exactly what buttons to push. What got Trump elected, apparently, was the antiwar vote. Trump presented himself as an advocate of a reasonable “America first” foreign policy which would stress “diplomacy” rather than confrontation, whereas Clinton was promising confrontation and implying war with Russia, Iran, etc.

            Then, in an apparently calculated move to put Trump in the White House, Obama attacked the Syrian Army at Deir Ezzor in Sept. 2016, which drastically increased tensions with Russia, just as the election was coming into the home stretch. And the apparent result was that enough former Sanders supporters in a few key states swung the close election to Trump.

          7. Nope says:

            …look to Mike Pence he is the Nazi insane in the White House plus Kushner the insane Jew! Not to mention a torturer as CIA chair.

    2. Tommy Jensen says:

      Yeah. We agree.

    3. Nope says:

      The election of the Orange clown and the Kushner gang was certainly bad for Palestine and Yemen.

  7. Snowglobe says:

    …an up to the moment interview with Bolton after the first meeting in Moscow.

    Bolton says Russia’s nuclear treaty warnings ‘overheated’


  8. Shahna says:

    US has nearly 7000 nukes. They can nuke the world 100x over.
    What will more nukes do – other than feed the bottomless MIC?

    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      US has 1000 bases. It gives only 7 nukes each. They can not hit 1000 bases at the same time, meaning we can pinpoint nukes anywhere we want……………………………………….LOL.

      1. Nope says:

        …that’s why we should start to cut American throats where ever they are accessible. Last time I looked – it seems that 21.5 million US citizens squat abroad. Sorry – LOL.

        1. Tommy Jensen says:

          Violence is not effective. Huxley proved that.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          You really dont get it. Nuclear dust will spread all over and hit all.

  9. Tommy Jensen says:

    In each of US 1000 military bases around the world, there will within a few years be hundreds of nuclear missiles pointing everywhere.
    USA only asked you to behave folks, and you refused. You denied to respond to a simple question.
    YOU wanted it the hard way! Now you will get what YOU wanted and what you all asked for…………..LOL.

    1. Nope says:

      …that’s why we start to cut all US throats from now on.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Far out again. Next will be, You talk to drones as well…

        I heard complaints about it today and yesterday primitive people like You blaming US are not front soldiers, which could be machinegunnes for free or – a You say – about throats.

        You never will meet them unless You are dead in as coffin.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      So how many times will we all be killed ? I dont believe so many more. I see the old programs being replaced or modernized.

  10. Nope says:

    US life style for the whole Earth population is not sustainable, I suspect that the US will murder us all, in order to survive.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      You know nothing, and You show it well.

  11. Zo Fu says:

    Swamp is draining Trump ….

  12. Christopher Simpson says:

    Extra nuke holocaust technology in Europe is supidupi for upper class twit satanic arms contractors. Trump’s empty election promise poetry about making the world safer and being friends with Russia are now revealed For What IT was – THe codswallop of a suave confidence trickster. In geopolitics words alone are cheap .

  13. Nope says:

    US is ruled and controlled by self made Jews.

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