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PR Stunt: ISIS Vows Attacks Against Israel


PR Stunt: ISIS Vows Attacks Against Israel


On January 27, ISIS released an official audio message claiming that the terrorist group will launch attacks with the focus on Israel.

The message was released by the group’s al-Furqan media.

“He and his brothers in all states have vowed to begin a new phase, which is to fight the Jews and restore all that they have usurped from Muslims,” the ISIS spokesman said about Abu Hamza al-Qurayshi (the current leader of the group).

The message called on the “soldiers of the caliphate” especially in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and across the Levant to attack Israeli targets.

“To Muslims and Palestine and elsewhere, be a main force in fighting Jews and frustrating their plans such as the Deal of the Century,” the message said.

On top of this, the terrorist group called to ‘cut ties’ with Hamas because of its links with Iran and positive attitude towards the figure of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani (assassinated by the US on January 3). Besides general wording threats, the terrorist group proposes to use rockets with chemical weapons to shell Israel and calls on the Palestinians to launch a terror campaign against the Israeli population. The message also includes threats against all states that have ties with Israel.

The terrorist group’s spokesperson emphasizes that ISIS still exists and continues expanding around the world. A part of the message is addressed to the ISIS branch in Afghanistan, where the terrorist group is facing significant difficulties. (The main reason of this is active actions of the Taliban that fiercely fights against the ISIS presence.)

ISIS made the announcement as the US administration prepares to unveil its ‘peace plan’ for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Palestinians have not been consulted on the much-trumpeted “Deal of the Century” and have preemptively rejected it. The Palestinian side reasonably says that the plan will be biased towards Israel.

The ISIS call to attack Israel comes at a time when the terrorist group has suffered major defeats and its self-proclaimed ‘Caliphate’ has collapsed. Despite carrying out deadly attacks throughout the world over the past years, ISIS has never attacked Israel. For years, the terrorist group controlled a large chunk of territory near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights in Syria. Nonetheless, the group did not use this foothold to attack Israeli forces. In fact, it was a useful tool of Israel and the United States in their joint efforts to overthrow the Assad government and keep Syria in chaos.

The real ISIS ideology has never included a real antagonism toward Israel, the ‘liberation of Jerusalem’ or fight for Palestine. The new statement is just a PR stunt designed to paint ISIS as the ‘force fighting Israel’. The reality is that it is not. If the group really wanted to act in this direction, it had more than enoguh chances to do so. The January 27 message with threats against Israel is an attempt of the declining group to gain more supporters using anti-Israeli rhetoric.

A contrary example is Iran. Regardless points of view, the Islamic Republic has been providing a consistent policy of fighting the Zionism and supporting Palestine. Iran has repeatedly vowed to liberate Jerusalem. This position turned Iran into an attractive ally for any force fighting Israel’s hostile policies and supporting Palestine.




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  • Rhodium 10

    ISIS has never attacked Israel…not even when they were deployed in Qnueitra province next to Israeli border when they have received weapons and medical cares!…ISIS is just a tool of Saudi Arabia( both wahabi) and the Arab country is a member of the petrodollar team together with USA and Israel!

  • Ilya

    Oooooh, just a little PR stunt. Could of course have yourself a little bomb in Israel, get yer ISIS mercenaries to claim it, and then you have smoke for the grass grazers!

  • Vitex

    Whatever. Shut the gate, the horse has bolted. Everyone already knows ISIS works for the ZOG

  • Azriel Herskowitz

    ISIS threatening Israel at the behalf of Assad. I even said the other day that Assad was keeping ISIS alive for a reason. Now ISIS announces they will attack Israel just days later. Not a coincidence.

    • J Ramirez

      Israhell is ISIS, get your head out your ass.

    • Mike

      Seriously jacob whul you must be the 30% below the poverty line unemployable loser to come here and continually post your dogshit here. Some economy even with U.S Aid for you rely on mossad paychecks from the troll farm, your essentially a U.S. tax payer paid welfare bum.

      • J Ramirez

        Ya, totally agree, my tax dollar hard at work. time to start working cash only ;}

    • ruca

      You are a liar. Death to the Oded Yinon Plan.

    • Z.P.

      You Jews are so much involved in creating conspiracies, I have impression that you are totally insane.

    • Arch Bungle

      You realize everyone here sees straight through your bullshit right, Assreal Herskoshitz?

    • HerrinSchadenfreude

      You have to be either some kind of dolt or an unfortunate sufferer of narcolepsy. Assad isn’t keeping ISIS alive in Syria. They are camped right in the middle of American held territory and American troops fired on SAA troops who were closing on ISIS to destroy them. In Raqqah, American troops covered the escape of over 500 ISIS vehicles while the SAA was on the way in. WTAF are you on?!

  • Pave Way IV

    Paychecks from Tel Aviv late again? Snackbar!

  • Ed

    As a PR stunt, it was a completely wasted opportunity then! Where was their claim of creating and unleashing the Corona virus and killing ‘over half of the worlds population’. Or how about claiming to have started the Australian bushfires. Or how about causing the earthquake in Turkey the other day or the volcano eruption in New Zealand back in December last year.
    What a bunch of desperate, clueless, backward, attention seeking morons. It’s a great shame the world is still actually paying attention to them.

  • Ed

    As a PR stunt, it was a completely wasted opportunity then! Where was their claim of creating and unleashing the Corona virus and killing ‘over half of the worlds population’. Or how about claiming to have started the Australian bushfires that ‘killed hundreds’. Or how about causing the earthquake in Turkey the other day that ‘killed hundreds’ or the volcano eruption in New Zealand back in December last year that ‘killed hundreds’ etc etc
    Seriously, why is the world still paying attention to these deluded, clueless and totally pathetic morons

    • ZP

      If by “the world” you are referring to the western MSM than there is a reason, ISIS is the executor and MSM is the PR agency for the same masters. The whole MSM is owned by 6 “News” companies and guess who owns all 6 of them?

  • AJ

    Recall not long ago when Isis apologised for hitting IDF by mistake. They have never shown any interest in going after Israel which shows they are a fake group used by the US as boots on the ground

    • Assad must stay

      ahahahahha yea that was just too funny how they apologized like wtf lmao

  • Mike

    Pathetic ISIS you had nearly a decade to prove your fight against Israel, by doing some attack on their interest either in Israel or whatever targets theirs outside of Israel proper. Instead you have been content in basically butchering and terrorizing Muslims and Arabs, rather then fight Israel and the West. Your pathetic and counterfeit there ISIS and you have no cred in the Islamic world, outside of Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.

  • ruca

    BS and beware of the false flag.

  • Peter Jennings

    ISIS terrorists should have no problem finding their way into isreal. Lots have been there before and know the way.

    Is the isreali regime now trying to distance itself from its own monster and extricate themselves from any blame for events across the border? The isreali regime do that an awful lot, but everyone still knows they are guilty of the crimes.

  • frankly

    Posted a bit about this last week. One has to question ISIS’s credentials as Arabs and Moslems.

  • wwinsti

    Does this mean free health care for Jehadists is over in Tel-Aviv? This news won’t play well with the Takfiri rank and file.

  • vergv

    I think you guys arent getting what the purpose of this press release is. It’s a propaganda effort to equate the Palestinian resitance with ISIS, and the timing on the eve of the publication of Trump’s new concessions to Israel isnt coincidental. This points toward a new attempt at morally whitewashing the upcoming Israeli massacre in Gaza after Trump’s proclamation. The IDF will not be massacring the world’s most pitiable people, but ISIS…

  • Xoli Xoli

    Never fall for this propaganda.This is propaganda. ISIS lost terrorists agenda in Muslim and Arab world.Now their masters coaches them to claim their will attack Israel.Just to get support.Never ever fall for ISIS and ISRAEL joke it is a trap.If their attack each just sit back and enjoy juice.ISIS and Hamas are USA,France and British proxies.Hamas and Iraqi traitors sell out Soleimani location for USA attack.

  • Arch Bungle

    Controlled opposition via the hegelian dialectic

  • Z.P.

    “ISIS released an official audio message claiming that the terrorist group will launch attacks” immediately after they get out of Israeli hospital (where they have been hospitalized for being injured by SAA)

  • Pemba Sherpa

    So now all of a sudden, ISIS & Al Qauida is all about the Palestinians’ rights? What took them so long then?

    Doesn’t that come just in time to associate & dismiss the expected Palestinian resistance to “deal of the century” with terrorism and hence, mainstreaming the 70+ years long of genocide, apartheid and land theft against the Palestinians?

  • Mehmet Aslanak

    ISIS was founded in a NATO HQ in Izmir, Turkey by the US, funded by Saudis & trained by Turks, in order to topple Assad. Alas, ISIS turned against its masters, just like al-Qaeda, Saddam, etc. People don’t know that all the ISIS armory is US made tools delivered by Saudis.

  • goingbrokes

    Yeah whatever. ISIS = Mossad so this is nonsense. At most it will be tiny little pinpricks somewhere which israel will overreact in a OTT fashion for some political gain. FFS, ISIS has been on Israel’s borders for years, and even apologised for shooting at them accidentally – APOLOGISED!
    Gimme a break!
    A new wave of False Flags coming up people with israelis wearing the black gear and shouting Allahu Akbar. PATHETIC!

    • goingbrokes

      Maybe an excuse to start dropping bombs in Homs and Deir Ezzor desert where the IS is hiding. Only it’ll be supplies! Lol!

  • HerrinSchadenfreude

    LOL. Sure they did. And they’ll do it too. Right after they find the Resistance base and destroy it and then convert Rey and Luke to Sith royalty.