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JUNE 2021

PR Event Or Failure? Syrian General Command Reports Only Minor Damage As Result Of US-led Strikes

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Was the recent US-led strikes on Syria a PR event like the 2017 Shayrat missile strike or jsut a failure?

The Syrian General Command reports only minor damage as a results of the “powerful” US-led coalition strike that took place on April 14.

The Syrian state-run news agency SANA reports (source):

The General Command announced that a tripartite aggression was carried out at 03:55 a.m. (at local time) by the US, Britain and France through firing 110 missiles towards Syrian targets in Damascus and outside it.

It added that the Syrian Air Defense systems confronted, with high competence, the missiles of the aggression and shot down most of them, meanwhile, some of the missiles hit one of the buildings of the Research Center in Barzzeh in Damascus, which includes an educational center and scientific laboratories, asserting that the damages were limited to material ones.

Other missiles were forced to deviate from their tracks while they were targeting a military position near Homs as their explosions caused the injury of three civilians.

The General command stressed its determination in defending Syria and protecting its citizens, reiterating that such aggression will not affect the Syrian armed forces to continue hunting the remnant of armed terrorist gatherings across Syria.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the US-led coalition launched 103 missiles, 71 of them were shot down by Syrian forces.

Just as a fact, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is alive:

France released a video showing its strikes:

People gather in Damascus to protest the US-led strikes:

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Rex drabble

looking forward to seeing how little was achieved by this stupid stunt by Trump and the CLOWNS


Until Bolton goes to Trump and sez “I told you so”

Rex drabble

If that means they will try again,great.
Im sure Syria is well prepared

Trut Tella

The French, British, and Americans have made their people righteous targets for retribution. They should be afraid wherever they are.


I think these three powers have been mass murdering people across the Earth WITHOUT justice for enough decades now to have lost all fear of retribution, frankly.

paul ( original )

Yes I think the sentiment here is correct .


it seems like that is ok by them even encouraged, gives excuse for more war

You can call me Al

The people were against this.


What a joke! And they want Russia to respond? Ha ha ha!

Nigel Maund

Great news! Well done Syria! It’s a pity the missiles could not be turned around and steered towards the US and NATO ships that fired them; that would have been extremely funny and, moreover, deserved!! The Orange Haired Clown that heads up the US, as POTUS, would have looked an even bigger idiot which is also what he deserves for FAILING TO DRAIN THE US DEEP STATE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rex drabble

Big mistake by Trump.No amount of talking or excuses is going to make Russia trust him now.
I had real hopes for him but sadly he is proving to be ill prepared for the job.

Nigel Maund

Rex, his daughters married to a Mossad agent and big mate of Bibi Netanyahu; Trump is a Zionist, like most prominent Americans, He is more loyal to Israel and the Jewish lobby than he is to the USA. Israel (and their founding fathers the Rothschild’s) calls all the shots in the US, UK and EU. The Governments are run by puppets who do what London (the City) and Tel Aviv / Jurusalem tells them to do!


Putin LOST Trump in the two weeks after Trump took power. Putin kept his distance when he should have rushed at Trump and embraced him. So Trump was left alone and helpless and at the mercy of Team Clinton- after that Trump was lost to Russia for all time.


Considering that Trump was under fire ever since winning the election for ‘Russian election hacking’ I’d say that Putin rushing in to declare Trump his BFF would have been the proverbial kiss of death. There was really no way Putin could come out ahead in this regard. Embrace Trump, give ammunition to Trumps’ enemies that he was a Russian stooge. Keep his distance and allow the swamp to drown Trump. At least with the latter it took longer for the snakes swallow Trump. And there was a chance that Trump might have beaten them off.


you place far too much in the idea of an independent executive in the US system of government. They are all prisoners of other mostly dark interests-bush 1 and 2 ,obama ,clinton and even carter to a lesser extent

Rex drabble

Maybe he could have but gotta say I agree with Barba


The regimes of Wahabistan, US, UK and France are dying on liberation of Eastern Ghouta from bastards.

All terrorists in Syria are working for the bastards of Wahabistan, US, UK and France.


This is fifth generation war in which US and UK regimes first send their well trained army as terrorists and deplomatic officers for covert operations to control all institutions in the target country and then later on they take full country. For example Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Libya, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia etc.


Cannibal Trump.


I firmly declare that the Presidents of U.S. France and British PM committed a major crime. They will gain no benefit; just as they did not while in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, over the past years, committing the same criminal acts..


If Syrian army liberate their land from bastards of US, UK and France then they will proclaim it with chemical attack.


You can turn a monkey into a clown if you dress him up. However, when you dress an ignoramus up he still remains an ignoramus


We have INDIRECT confirmation of the large number of missile downings from Mattis last night. He warned about DISINFORMATION coming from the Syrian government today. As in this forum, when a troll accuses a person of ‘disinformation’ using that ZIONIST term, you can usually bet the ‘disinfo’ actually contains dangerous facts.

And it’s not as if Mattis meant disinfo claims about targets hit that america did NOT hit- for the syrians would need to show non-existent damage, and how could they. No, Mattis was refering to claims of missile ineffectiveness- which he would not have said were said claims not true.

That’s the GOOD news. Here’s the BAD news. Now Bolton can go to Trump and say “i told you so”. “Mattis FAILED like all us neo-cons on your team told you he would”.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

What? The old Soviet Syrian air defences shot down 71/103 of the most spanking and shiny US missiles? That’s nearly 70%. I would be worried if was Trump/May/Macron.
Now RF must expose these lies about Douma immediately and roast the US/EU/NATO gang publicly, or go home and let the Syrians complete the job of liberating their country with the help of more modern Russian weapons.


It was more successful than the numbers reveal…………… The Russian def.min. stated that a portion of the cruise missiles were “re-directed” into empty land such as desert……………. but no figures are given. Let’s see what will be reported as direct hits in the next couple of days…………

You can call me Al

I am starting a crowdfunding site to supply the following to Trump, Macron and May for a year:


Pavel Pavlovich

It will come to pass, hopefully. The Cuban Crisis must be begun soon.

You can call me Al

Hawaii want independence as well.


This lad was one of the biggest !! leaders of the resistance – fantastic music, have a listen.

Kell McBanned

Its like watching a woman get raped from afar and you cant do anything to stop it, this event has set certain wheels in motion, the people responsible for this may well rue the day they were born, if theres any justice in this world they will.

Qatarische Tasse

The Russian ministry of Defence said 41 intercepts, accoring to Live Stream by RT. Sf you reported 71 maybe mistake?-Greetings from Germany

King Tudor777
Qatarische Tasse

Ahh ok, I was watching thishttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5eKkX5scY8k

You can call me Al

Bye bye – “Syrian air defense systems intercepted 71 cruise missiles and air-surface missiles fired by the Western coalition,” ……RT.

Learn to read and learn your maths better.

Tudor Miron

RuMOD report.
Airbase Duvali – 4 missiles fired/ 4 intercepted
Airbase Dumair – 12 missiles fired/12 intercepted
Airbase Blai – 18 missiles fired/ 18 intercepted
Airbase Shayrat 12 missiles fired/12 intercepted
Airbase Mezze 9 missiles/5 intercepted (As far as known Mezze is not actually used)
Homs airfield – 16 missiles fired/13 intercepted No serious damage registered.
30 + missiles were used to attack so called CW plants in area of Barza and Jaramani, from those 7 missiles were intercepted. It it worth to note that attacked objects were long ago abandoned and there were no personal or equipment in there.
https://youtu.be/-FW6MRYztvI from around 52.00

TJay Bang

It is going to be interesting! The “status quo” has been broken, the “gloves” are off, and the “free ride” for the so called “western democracies” is over … and I don’t think that Putin gives a damn anymore whether Trump (or the US for that matter) stands or falls.


Some believe he wants USA to fall to pieces as pay back for what they did to USSR/Russia. He said there is one thing he does not forgive and that is betrayal.

D-Ma Ayak

Oh lordy!
S-125, Pantsir-S1 and Kuadrat air defense systems managed to ground 71 out of 103 missiles. Great job! We now know Russia is more powerful than the evil west.


It is just a poor PR attempt.

The Russians are simply bloody morons and, above all, stupid liars.

Expect more of this any time soon. The Russians deserve to be kicked out of their foreign military bases and they deserve to be killed as well. I am not saying that it would be a good thing, but they definitely deserve it. Because they have been inviting this all the time.

They had the perfect timing for a response, yet they failed miserably.
They finally could look like defenders of the international order, now they look like accomplices of uprooting it.

1. There was no authorization from the U.N.S.C.

2. There was no investigation whatsoever.

It was just a naked aggression and the Russsians have shitted their pants once again. They are as untrustworthy as they can possibly be. And it will get worse worse and worse and it will cost them millions lives in the end. Because they are basically mentally deficient. hen they just keep wondering why this happens. The Russians have a corrupt leadershit that just robs them of their dignity for their own life in peace and opulence.

There is no need rooting for the Russians, they are not a party of reason, they are fools and bloody, haphazard morons.

Concrete Mike

Yeah whatever dude. This airstrike is nothing in fact in a negative, for what they are worth , for getting them there in the first place… plus it’s a failure. You as the west step out show your dick to the whole world. The Russians and syrians said LOL that’s it!!!

but as a make work project it’s great!! Gives jobs to some ppl, super easy, all you need is a phone really. All to get us talking, talking about what they want us to talk about of course.
Distracting us from reality whatever it’s supposed to be.

Insulting certain people is a low quality strategy, I understand your mad but insulting YOUR FELLOW MAN will accomplish nothing. It’s sad when I think of the progress possibility if we would cooperate…especially in space research. No instead we make up identity politics and get divided over and over and over.

To paraphrase jokingly author Stan Friedman, no wonder ET’s don’t want to talk to us, we’re too busy killing each other like primal apes.


I don’t think so.


Do us all a favour and *uck off and die…………………

You can call me Al

Muppet Troll. I want to block you but watching and reding you in panic mode is funny.

The Latin Mass
You can call me Al

mmmm – I doubt it, but that is my view.

Maybe I should have said I HOPE NOT.

Tudor Miron

Who the f$ck are you? What country you are from?


Actually, why do the Russians want to have a military base there at all??!

I mean, couldn’t they rent a beach resort instead?! I bet it would be a lot cheaper, without all the useless security.

Apparently, the Russians do not know what Russian bases on foreign soil are good for.

Wolfgang Wolf

nicely said: some missiles DEVIATED… = russian electronic warfare exercises haha)))

You can call me Al

Dont know mate – they are so crap, somebody could cough in the Antartic and they would go off course.



Michał Hunicz

Bashar acts like a boss.


So….., no Russian retaliation? That’s a bust. I’m not sure if that was smart in the long term. For now the Empire might have launched yet another symbolic attack, the damage of which could or could not be greater then has been admitted, by not retaliating as promised it sends the message to the Empire that Russia is weak. Now they will feel emboldened to do it a 3rd time, even if the OCPW concludes that the whole chemical attack was a hoax. That’s going to be yesterday’s news. And yesterdays news always takes a backseater to todays OUTRAGE. And there will be another OUTRAGE once the SAA tries to eliminate the next rebel enclave. They better be shipping in these S-300 missiles right now as I type this. And more Pantsjirs.

You can call me Al

Nah, I reckoned they have embarrassed themselves to much already. I am not saying it may not happen, but if Syria can defend with S-200, I doubt the Yanks ++ want to rattle he Iranan and Russians (no attacks on either).

If the OCPW got in today, the results should be immediate unless they want to play the tupid MH-17 game.


If Syria can take care of herself, Russia does not need to intervene. Russia intervened when it looked like Syria was overwhelmed.


Nice baguette launch


It’s a yawn. Two days ago a military former officer and current member of the Russian Parliament commented on the NATO attack plans being well understood in advance. He stated that this attack would be larger than the one in 2017. He estimated that the attack would consist of about 100 missiles. Well, what do you know?

There are all kinds of things wrong with this attack. It was desperate, extremely ill timed, highly unsuccessful and practically nobody in the geopolitical world is going to give it a pass. I think it will sow deep seeds of division within NATO countries in general and will leave the Occidental cred pool even more shallow. There could be very serious, long term blowback from it. Most of all on that track, President Trump, will all due respect, has really REALLY screwed up on this one. Hey, I dutifully warned him not to do it.

This was an operation that probably ran with a price tag in the hundreds of millions of dollars ( at least 200 to 300 ). And we get what? ………. 3 civilians wounded, about 70% of the missiles shot down and the Syrian Government getting some very intense/excellent training, with the opportunity now of beefing up it’s inventory with S300 systems. The powers that be in Israel and NATO must be doing some impressive freaking out right now behind the cameras. You fools!

Keep a cool head folks, watch the fallout over the next week or two. I wish well to all.

paul ( original )

All of what you write may well be correct. For me the difficulty in my
own mind is to distinguish what is wishful thinking and what is not.
I know my own mind functions on a biased basis which is innate.
Always after these events there are opinions which say that this is
really a usa defeat . This interpretation usually depends on layers
of meaning which are always qualitative, for example appeals world
opinion, long term consequences etc.

So to be honest I can only come down on what is tangible. So we have
that the west attacked at will. An independent country was bombed and
this was done as if it was a western right to do so. May be the
damage was small, but the point is they did it. No retaliation looks
likely to be forthcoming. Looks like we have been shown who is boss.

I don’t want to disagree with you but I just can not see it.


You’re right to be critical of any information, especially when it comes to war. But from all the information I’ve seen from various sources, John’s is probably a decent analysis. This attack did very, very little – that much seems indisputable at the moment.

We’ll know more in the coming days however.

Brad Isherwood

The attack was matched by old technology which Iran has newer Gen version.
Even China.

Cruise missiles were Jammed by Syrian Air defence.
Putin turned off Russian Regional jamming which covers to as far as Israel, ..turned S 400 off.
Iranian Area Jamming at T4 was damaged by IAF attack recently.
Appears Syria has other Iranian area Jamming and their own operational last night attack.
Thank you Iran for being there for Syria.

Putin is Netanyahu/Chabad Lubavitch …..Limo driver.

Funeral Dirge music from start of….Behind Enemy Lines*. ..Movie will suffice.
Syria should buy Iran’s S 300 version,BUK M2E and area Jamming systems.
China should be allowed to test it’s toys against Empire.

No sense ask the Lubavitch Limo driver anything…. : (

paul ( original )

It is the waiting and seeing ( and hoping) that has worn me down.


Hey Paul. That was eloquently put. Doubt is a good thing, to have in the process of setting the marks between real and fantasied pictures of truth. So, I definitely hear you.

The Russians and Syrians are already putting out their numbers on the missiles, where they were targeted and what the they did. The US is saying nothing was shot down and Russia puts it at 71 of 103 missiles destroyed. Further, most of the hits were at abandoned facilities, that seem to have been lightly defended.

On the diplomatic side, the fire is already going. A leading British MP is screaming about May over this. There seems to be sizable rustling that it was an act by the trio, done without legal standing in the international realm of norms. This is not going away anytime soon.

Over the next couple of weeks, it is all coming out in the wash, especially since the OPCW is starting to do their thing in Douma. My disposition is sort of set based on reliability of sources garnered over the last 8 years. But, I need to wait for more info. So, no need to be breathy about this. It is done. Looks like the Three stooges did about nothing ( even the rebels are mad at them now ). If I am off/wrong, then I need to adjust to reality. I wish you well Paul. :)

paul ( original )

Thank you for responding.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The SOHR had put the numbers at 65 show you even it’s own people will call BS on US,UK,France !!

You can call me Al

Same here, but if you dont mind me saying, I think you are clutching at straws there.

“but the point is they did it.”

Breaking all International law, one day before the chemical experts were entering….

I am sorry mate, even if you are a patriot, the World will life at your and my Country as we have failed and embarrased ourselves – vis our stupid politicians.

All our tax payers money spent on what ?, making our alleged, made-up enemy laugh, mock at us, whilst we ouselves embarrased ourselves.

There is no silver lining to this. We totally, totally FOOOKED UP.

paul ( original )

That is certainly a way of looking at things. Without wishing to unduly
prolong the point; how one judges these matters depends so much on
how ones mind is set to respond. Some will hale it as a great victory
others as a humiliating defeat. I can not advocate for either
interpretation. Subjectively ( and by that I mean something that is
totally in my mind) I am disappointed at the Russian response and
hoped for much more. However, I think I do understand why they act as
they do.

You can call me Al

Probably the best and most mature post I have read……

Thank you, take care.

Tudor Miron

What we have is west attacked at will and their attack was a failure. Syria was able to defend itself.

paul ( original )

Yes I agree that this is the objective reality. But for my part I would
not overlook the point that they were prepared to do it in the first
place. I don’t want to get carried away on motivation of doing so but
I think showing they were prepared to do this was more important than
any damaged that might be caused. After all they were firing on none
existent chemical weapons. Again I don’t want to play the mind reader
but may be they also knew this.

Tudor Miron

Paul, They did not fire at chemical weapons :) They know it prfectly well. Look at the wider picture. They want a regime change. Assad is doing great and just liberated Eastern Ghouta. Their strike had to weaken Assad – they fired at airbases (70%) and only the rest was aimed at “chemical weapons” sites. Their airbases assoult was unsucessful – that’s it.


They do not want regimen change, this is what they say. However, what they really want is the total destruction of Syria.


Wait, Syria is not capable to defend itself right now since without Russia help (intelligent gathering, electronic warfare, and communication system) Syria would be left exactly like Irak left.

Tudor Miron

You are right but this time only Syrian own assets was used (missiles), thats what I was saying.
In fact there very well could be Russians operating some of those S-125 and S-200 and Russia definately helped with target aquisition etc.

roger temple

Looks to me like the US bully boss at 180 lbs. tried to hit the little guy at 120 lbs and only succeeded in punching the wall behind. Ouch! And all the world saw it. So much for the US in international relations.

Joe Dirt

How’s the Ruble doing? Still shit I see! :D

You can call me Al

Does it matter to you ?, do you get paid in rubbles ?, can you buy food and drink at a tenth of the price in Yankstain in rubles like the Russians ?

You can call me Al

200-300 million. The actual missiles (how much ?).

“According to the US Department of Defence’s annual budget, a single Tomahawk missile costs $1.59 million.

Combine that by the 59 missiles the US ordered to be fired off two warships in the Mediterranean Sea, and you’re looking at a bill of around $94 million.”

SO NOW, HOW MANY – SAY 100 = $ 159 million + wages, fuel, mobilisation, required maintance plus plus……

OK, I think you could be spot on actually, at the higher end of your range.


Hey Al. Yeah, I tried to keep the figure within the realm of a decent guess. They could have sprung or girls, booze and food but, I didn’t figure stuff that in. :P I wish you well Al.

You can call me Al

Cheers John.


USA do not care about money since they can print all the money they need, and western countries will by them (Pancho Villa economy).


Trump screwed up except for …? Except he keeps credibility at home. Except American militants have had their chance. Except it helps discredit this kind of foreign policy (which he doesn’t agree with anyway.) Did it help him get money for the next dept payment? I don’t know. So his ‘military’ moves seems to be all show, all for the home audience with no real military purpose.

Tudor Miron

Very well said. And yes, Shamanov did gave that numbers that you mention. BTW Shamanov is respected general – he was at the helm of 2nd (successful) Chechen war.


God bless Syria and Assad!!!


What kind of General is that? I can see the fear in his eyes as his making that statement. He has that look when a sheep is about to face the knive type. The eyes all out and in panic method as his making a statement.

seriously WTF. What kind of General command is that?


ah yes like you the armchair jew general that murders unarmed civilians and laughs about it


If Trump announces to withdraw from Syria, only than this attack has served it’s US PR purpose!!

The US-Russian deal should entail no coming back of the US armada! Or else the Russian diplomacy is dumbs and they prolong the War agony.

This attack has proven the weakness of NATO’s missiles! Syria’s S-200 could take out a lot!

No Russian EW was used, or little, was used to ascertain 100% protection against missiles!

The Russians really has failed to protect Syria, and Lebanon! All these countries need S300 at least.

Vince Dhimos

The only reason ONLY 70 were shot down is that the Russians had not sent the Syrians the S-300s. The old S-200s and gthe shiort-range Pantsirs managed to punch above their weight. Russian electronic warfare. systems may also have helped NOW, thanks to Trump, Syria will get S-300s. Remember, folks, Russia has promised to retaliate against the CARRIERS of any missiles that target Russian personnel. One Kinzhal could sink any one of those oversized naval vessels that did this to Syria. http://www.newsilkstrategies.com/military-affairs/how-will-russian-air-defences-fare-against-us-attack-on-syria

You can call me Al

This is on “EMN News” on Twitter –

-Attack took 70 minutes

-More than 120 missiles were fired

-No more strikes until Assad uses chemical weapons again

-Widespread blackouts reported across Damascus

-No Iranian or Russian positions were hit

-Several positions were hit in Syria

This attack was a total, expensive, embarrassing FAILURE.


THE NEWS IS: All glory to Syria. Yanki Zionist strike fails. No damage. Russia in the background, just in case.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I am glad it was such an underwhelming attack, and that little damage was done and no life was lost.
I was worried that the Zionist forces were going to launch closer to 300 missiles.
Hopefully this will be the last time missiles are launched at Syria.
And hopefully Russia will now deliver the S-300 or better S-400 systems into SAA hands now to prevent more loss to the Syrian people.

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