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Power Crisis In Iraq Deepens For Variety Of Reasons

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Power Crisis In Iraq Deepens For Variety Of Reasons

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As the temperature rises all over the Middle East, Iraqi officials are fighting attacks on power lines in the country. On July 5, Iraq’s Joint Operations Command has announced the formation of a joint force between the Iraqi army, police and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) to protect the country’s power lines from repeated attacks.

Such attacks are carried out on a regular basis. Recently, terrorist attacks have reportedly targeted sixty-one power lines, killing seven employees of energy supply companies, and injuring eleven. Sabotage is usually blamed on the Islamic State that earns money by dealing with some energy companies in exchange to their security.

On July 4, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were used to destroy several power transmission poles in Nineveh governorate, leaving the eastern Mosul with no energy. According to local sources, three more IEDs were found unexploded on other poles.

Turkey also contributes to blackouts in Irak. In early July, the Turkish Air Force carried out a series of strikes in Iraqi Kurdistan leaving several villages de-energized.

Sabotages on the power transmission lines are reasons of major blackouts all over the country.

Amid terrorist attacks, on July 1st, Iran reportedly suspended the supply of gas and electricity to Iraq. According to AP, Iraq owes $4 billion for energy imports, and Iran is pushing to have the debt paid.

Baghdad explains the inability to pay with US sanctions on money transfers to Iran and a deep financial crisis worsened by COVID pandemic.

As the mercury soared to 52ºC this week in Iraq, four southern provinces have been without electricity since Tuesday, including Basra — home to Iraq’s main port.

The power outages, which started in the south before spreading to the rest of the country have, sparked protests and clashes with police in the southern provinces of Missan and Wasit, leaving 12 people wounded, seven of them policemen.

Amid the growing social anger, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhim ordered the dismissal of the Director General of the General Company for Electricity Transmission in the Middle Euphrates region for “neglecting to perform his duties”, which he said was responsible for the failure of the 400kV line that caused a power cut in the capital Tehran.

The move followed the resignation of Iraq’s Minister of Electricity, Majed Mahdi Hantoosh on July 1.

There is nothing new in major blackouts in Iraq. Such energy crises have hit the country each year for more than a decade. The last month, reports on a new nuclear power plant planed by Iraqi officials were spread online, but any steps to improve the situation are yet to be made.


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catsh 100 yankees, they are responcible. Every pillon that is taken down, you execute 10 yankees. I bet that in 24 h the ligh will go on in Irak.

Americunts LOSERS

Americunts and their Jew masters destroyed Iraq, a once promising middle income nation. The Amercunts are stealing Syrian and Iraqi OIL to pay for the illegal occupations and support Wahhabi terror. There are reports in most independent Asian media that the evil Americunts are using Iraqi stolen oil to fund the new ISIS in Afghanistan. So you wonder why Iraq is facing poverty and lack of infrastructure. An article in Asia Times recently stated that Americunts and Jews are stealing over $2 billion in Iraqi natural resources a month.


Why can’t Iraq buy Russian Rubles of Chinese Yuan with their US Dollars then pay Iran with them. I seen were Iran was having trouble buying equipment for their Nuke Power Plant saying they can’t pay Russia for the parts?

Americunts LOSERS

News flash, Iraq is occupied by the Americunts and that is why there is growing resistance.

A clown like you

Iraq has a lot of problems…they still need to send their gas and oil to Iran from time to time to store.
They still buy gas from Iran and Iran also sells power/electricity to Iraq.


Many will call this a “failure” of the Jews’ US Tyranny wardog. Those of us Jew-wise will call it part of the planned outcome by the Jews’ US Tyranny wardog. i.e. this is one of the outcomes the Jews desired.

To be Jew-wise is to understand that at the Jews have one goal: The plundering and destruction of us, the non-Jews of the world. When one is Jew-wise, what appears to be “failure” and/or is misguided is seen as success for the Jews.

“We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.” (You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155).


inshallah they never ever get that world

Americunts LOSERS

Let get real, the Americunt cowards along with 52 other assorted LGBTQ puppet losers attacked, invaded, sanctioned and then destroyed Iraq and its infrastructure. It is only Iranian electricity that keeping the light on in Iraq. The Americunts are stealing oil and everything in Iraq that is not bolted down.


Over half a dozen Chinese & Russian oil and gas companies are currently operating in Iraq. No doubt the Iraqi government is getting their fare share of royalties and payment from these companies.

Obviously the government are corrupt traitors for allowing the situation to reach debt levels of $4 billion to just one nation. Iran needs to step in and take control of the payment structure and process, otherwise Iraq will remain their “ukraine” for decades.

Iran should push to accept partial payment in the form of resources, oil or otherwise. They have the capability to refine and resell where Iraq does not.

Last edited 25 days ago by block

Two countries in international arena that are very defiant in resisting US Geo-strategic dominance of them and their economies – Iran and Venezuela – are both routinely experiencing major energy grid based disruptions and problems. Via both external cyber attack and physical sabotage by paid mercenaries. In Clausewitz’s basic theory of international relations these are direct and aggressive acts of war by one state against another.

Last edited 25 days ago by GoldStandard
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