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POV Video Documents Last Moments Of Syrian Mercenary Group In Libya


On May 2, the Libyan National Army (LNA) released a video documenting the very last minutes of a group of Syrian mercenaries fighting on the side of the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord (GNA).

The group was neutralized by LNA units during clashes in the district of Saladin, right to the south of the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

The video shows the mercenaries heading aboard a Turkish ACV-15 armored personnel carrier (APV) to storm a villa in the district. Minutes after arriving in the villa, the group got hit with an ordnance.

Most of the group’s militants were killed or injured in the strike. The group’s leader, nicknamed al-Hayani [likely because he is from the town of Hayan in northern Aleppo], immediately panics and start shouting on the radio asking for help as troops from the LNA approach the villa.

“Guys, they are storming us, they are storming us … They are shooting at us, they reached us,” al-Hayani shouts on the radio in a clear Aleppo dialect.

Frustrated as his commanders continue to ignore his repeated calls for help, al-Hayani began to shout even louder and louder on the radio

As an ACV-15 passes by their village without stopping, he shouts “stop, stop, stop for God’s sake stop, tell him to come back, to come back.”

The video ends with al-Hayani saying “Guys, please send us an ACV … Guys, we are dying … Guys, everyone with me are injured only I’m alive.”

The shocking footage were recovered from a GoPro camera that was worn by al-Hayani himself. This confirms that he was also killed by the LNA later on.

The video demonstrates the poor training of Turkish-backed Syrian militants as well as the lack of serious coordination between them and GNA forces.

According to a recent report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), 233 Syrian militants have been killed in Libya, thus far. A total of 7,400 Syrian militants were deployed by Turkey in Libya to support the GNA.

The deployment of Syrian militants allowed GNA forces to hold onto their remaining positions around Tripoli. However, this came at a high cost.




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  • James Adams

    It’s really easy to talk about war like its nothing. But when you actually see its results you can only start to feel sick. It looks like the guy at 3:04 has had part of his arm blown of ewww. Good video anyways it allows an insight into the conflict.

    • christianblood

      To those dead Syrian terrorists:

      ROT IN HELL!

    • SteLe

      But after 8-9 years watching this conflict, and with it 100s hours of video, i am pretty hardend.
      Those Jihadi mercenarys dont have any consideration for what us westerners may call human rights, or any respect for human live at all.
      If they would capture you, you can be sure they will either behead you, or kill you in any other imaginable sadistic way (e.g. chrushing your body with a tank, making a human body into a 5CM tall mass of crushed flesh and body fluids).
      So after all these years and knowing what they are capable of, i have no sympathy left for them.

      Good to see how untrained and unorganized they are in Lybia. Though even they will sadly cost the LNA many lives and still are a major threat.

      • Liberal guy

        They are the biggest fools

  • goingbrokes

    Wow, the whole group wiped out. It’s kind of sad and pathetic to see the guy under fire shouting for help that isn’t coming. Must be a lonely feeling…

    • Harry Smith

      If the guy remained in Aleppo he would not be so lonely and highly likely would be alive.

      • Liberal guy

        More likely this fool if remained in around aleppo he would have take up arms or must hv fighting against the saa nice hayani or whatever the coward scum and his so called jihadi brothers are dead

        • Harry Smith

          He could surrender to SAA.

          • Poppadop

            The SAA even recruits some militants who accept the reconciliation deals. These mercs could have been defending their country, but they were ignorant enough to leave and help destabilize another country. Good grief…

          • Liberal guy

            Maybe but that scum maybe killed by saa anyway the scum is dead and that’s a good newssssss

      • goingbrokes

        You know, I’m starting to think that the HTS Syrians sent to Libya are not considered reliable any longer now that Syrian Government is taking back the lands. This may be the reason why so many syrians are sent to Libya from jihadi controlled Idlib – it’s the only way to make them useful to the “cause”. Back home they might want to switch sides a bit too easily.

  • Maria23

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    • good american

      No one wants to see your transition pics, Jacob.

  • R3mba

    I cant figure it out..What killed them? rpg ? mortar?

    • Bob

      Thinking mortar to have such blast radius across rooms?

      • FlorianGeyer

        And another family home ruined by yet another US instigated war.

      • R3mba

        First time watching it looked like blast came under hes legs, I taut first 001sec that rpg landed under he’s legs and that he is gone for sure..

    • Codenamed ‘Gordon’


      • R3mba

        Thru the door or thru the roof?

        • Codenamed ‘Gordon’


      • alejandro casalegno

        for me is a RPG……….or a RLC………..

  • Ulli

    Honestly, this people are not trained at all. Even recruits would perform better after three months. It is a crime to put this people into combat.

    • Liberal guy

      Crime??????????? These are the biggest criminals nice theses cowards are died

      • Poppadop

        “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.”
        These mercenaries are idiots. They help destabilize Libya and the region, but they are not the “biggest criminals” behind it.

        • Liberal guy

          Yes u r so right it’s there masters

  • Damien C

    @2.54 after the explosion was that Usain Bolt with them?

    • John Wallace

      Not sure , he was running so fast didn’t get a chance too see …

  • Bob

    This is what happens when backwater, rural, Muslim Brotherhood recruits in Syria become Turkish terrorist-mercenaries, the Turkish intelligence services totally own them as international criminals, and can ultimately send them to do there bidding at will – here, to their ends in far flung Libya.

  • Blas de Lezo

    Sweet. Malditos Sunni-Wahhabi, malparidos, hijos de puta, que se vayan todos al infierno.

    • Liberal guy

      Ciao u cowards traitors scumssssssssssss

    • alejandro casalegno

      Ya estan en el infierno,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,con Osama, Al Baghdadi, Sharon etc……….

  • Christos Pratis


    • Poppadop

      Sun Tzu said “supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” You do want to take prisoners and have them “kindly treated and kept” because it means your enemy is more likely to not fight you.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The goat fucker cowardly Turkeys have forced recruited around 20,000 of these dumbass crazy looking headchopper terrorists, 3,000 are dead or wounded or gone AWOL and over 2,200 have escaped to Europe as “refugees” on dinghies, the Spanish and Italian coast guard have seen a sharp rise in single young men crossing the Mediterranean recently again.

  • Satellitte

    Loaded RPG-7 on the floor, 2 rpg grenade , 1 grenade on the floor what a nice training they have. it’s the grenade who went off or I m wrong?

    • World_Eye

      No the back of the vila was hit with some sort of a bomb probably self propelled artillery or towed one because when the guy was out at the end you could see the building in smoke, like the back portion of it, probably the shell fall in the back room behind all of them they were staying in the entrance hallway.

      • abuqahwa

        Well I admit I thought this was an “own goal ” at first, but the terrorist who got out is shouting they are under fire , althought the actual direction of fire is unclear – the building has taken no external damage from the front and the explosion seems to have blown debris from within.

        • goingbrokes

          Looks like a mortar through the roof. There seems to be some ceiling structures lying on the floor, and debris in many areas.

          • abuqahwa

            Yes you may be right – the external front and sides show no impact damage and the black smoke rising from the rear (and front entrance) is probably sreaming from blown out windows rather than a projectile entry. Having come under direct fire after their intial advance these idiots retreated to their start location thinking they were safe ! instead of going to ground behind nearest cover.

          • Vitex

            The quick and the dead. One thing that seems about modern warfare is that you can’t stay where you are for long. Apart from that it’s as awful as it’s ever been

        • World_Eye

          Debris doesn’t kill you like that, only shrapnel does the house was hit with a bomb but not DIRECTLY in them! It hit behind them, what made that debris then, LNA was closing on them, you see the guy at one point exchange fire with someone close to the outside entrance or somewhere, and given that the GoPro is in LNA hands they are all killed, DEAD that is enough for you to know that they have been targeted. Ottomans can keep bring fresh meat as long as they like, but these wahhabi terrorists are just ground cockroaches, LNA has a lot of help from MANY states, drones, jets and who knows what else. Ottomans believe that with few thousands of wahhabi nasty evil motherfuckers and few drones are helping GNA and that they can change something, DAmn Turkish idiots they want to fight at 2 fronts
          technically, well sort of speaking 3 tho, Libya, Idlib, Syria and Northeast Syria and Northern Iraq, the Kurdistan region the PKK etc.

  • Shy Talk

    The LNA men must have shouted god is great the loudest, isn’t that how it works?

  • Fayez Chergui

    Allah f** acbar when they behead, allah f***ackbar when they get killed, may they burn in allah f** hell.

  • Assad must stay

    hahahahaha stupid ass rats

    • Zionism = EVIL

      I think Dumbass moronic rats is the correct terminology :) many are going to escape to Europe, the promised land anyway. Over 2,000 have made it to Spain and Italy so far.

      • Assad must stay

        they should fit right in hahahaha

  • ZP

    You are all wrong, he cries in ecstatic happiness cause he is finally going to be tended by how-many-was-it? 72 virgins in the promised paradise.

  • bob shekels

    oy vey not my freedom fighters!

  • Lone Ranger

    Condolences to the fallen wahabbimossad isis operators…

  • cechas vodobenikov

    I suspect that their amerikan trainers didn’t inform them that the enemy had weapons that could kill them

  • TIGRICA19937

    has anyone seen recently Jacob hook nose?

  • Harsha
    • John Wallace


  • Johan

    If this is the level of the Turkish backed professionalism then Haftar can not lose and the west can win a provoked war with two fingers in their nouse. But probable the Turkish backed terrorists who are forced by Erdogan to sent members, do sent the most retard of all retard. A little bid selectioning like Erdogan does among his subordinates, Because you must be stupid to become a jihadist in the first place, they all need to be eliminated, including his highness the Sultan and Mahdi in his infantile stage.