‘Make Syria Great Again’ – Poster


Something about Syria follwing the US presidential election.

'Make Syria Great Again' - Poster



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  • Ronald

    Assad is back ! Yes those Turks don’t seem to understand they are required by law ,
    to stay on their side of the border . A wall should make it easier for them to understand .

  • Aquartertoseven


    He doesn’t want to supply the jihadis, doesn’t want to piss off Putin, wants to work with Russia to combat ISIS, breathe easy ma brothers!!! We won!

    • sólyomszem

      I think, you will be surprised.

      • Ted

        Agree, I am glad we did not get the other, but hold applause until the end.

  • Assad is a based bro tier shitlord thats for sure !

  • Daniel

    Really well thought of!

  • This is great news! Make Syria great again! Make Germany Great again! Make Spain great again! Make Greece great again! Make Yemen great again! Make Serbia great again!
    And Russia and Japan are already great! Plus they are signing the long overdo peace process.
    Make Australia great again,
    and End the UK-Empire and end their Zionist-globalist pets.

  • sólyomszem
    • TheLulzWarrior

      Add Hillary!