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Poroshenko’s Psychological Portrait (Based on the analysis of his public speeches )

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has arrived in France for official visit today. The theme is common: media coverage for defend the crimes of Kiev regime, detract the focus of international community from them.

We offer to you Poroshenko’s psychological portrait. It is made by group of professional psychologist. It will help you to find unswers on the diverse range of questions.

According to experts, the public speeches of President Poroshenko show that he appears to have a highly nervious attitude, as well as mental instability along with elevated levels of emotional tension. This is especially apparent when he speaks of the nation, state, sovereignty, honor or concrete government action to overcome the economic crisis within the country today.

While voicing issues related to the fighting ATO in the South-Eastern Ukraine, clearly there is a highly cognitive control over Poroshenko’s emotions. His behavior in such moments is also characterized by self-confidence, lack of guilt in regards to the voiced allegations. This feature indicates that all decisions regarding the conduct of hostilities in Donbas, including the shelling of civilian settlements, have been fully thought out and planned ahead of time. Thus they do not cause any issues for his conscience, nor do they sow discord with his own morals.

Taking into account the continuing uncertainty on the issue of Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO, a sharp decline in the Ukrainian economy, currency devaluation as a consequence of the ongoing socio-economic crisis, as well as the inability of the government and that of the President of the Ukraine, due to irresolvable internal contradictions and continuing confrontation quickly resolve these issues, it is clear that there is an urgent need for stabilization of mass sentiment of Ukrainians and the need to maintain the Ukrainian nation’s support. That is why, according to experts, during Poroshenko’s speeches it can be clearly seen that the course of the establishment and consolidation in Ukrainian society of the image of Russia as an «external aggressor and enemy that encroached upon the territorial integrity of the Ukraine». So, in order to strengthen his image as a strong leader, as well as to mitigate the dissatisfaction of the masses, the Ukrainian and Western political strategists have deliberately increased tension and distrust of the Russian Federation, by distorting the facts and re-directing the growing aggression of ordinary citizens outwards towards the Russians. This in turn makes it possible to believe in a «just leader who is here on the spot and cares for every one.»

Despite the apparent fact that his speeches are edited and that is how the President of Ukraine managed to avoid its inherent coarse language errors and, when he separated from the text, clearly there is a tendency of insincerity , excessive control over emotions, non-perception and his own lack of faith in the content of the text (slowing broadcast, reservations, inaccuracies, repetitions, dispersed opinion, a significant voltage at curbing the emotions and the like).

Experts also point out symptoms, that indicate Poroshenko suffers from some irreversible negative processes that are associated with regular alcohol intoxication, lack of sexual activity which could be due to premature impotence, cerebral arteriosclerosis, or having suffered a minor stroke.

Such irregularities in Poroshenko’s brain lead to the artificial creation of an «alternative reality » in which the President of the Ukraine feels himself powerful, secure, fit, but at the same time irrevocably detached from reality and therefore he can not adequately perceive it .

This in turn indicates the rapidly growing personal non-self Poroshenko and indirectly demonstrates that the current political and economic situation in Ukraine is being managed by some uncontrollable by the president and the government imperious team.

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