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JUNE 2023

Poroshenko Intends to Announce the end of “ATO”

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Interesting, has Poroshenko’s noose already grown sky high?
Poroshenko Intends to Announce the end of "ATO"

Originally appeared at Lnr.today

According to Ukrainian news agency UNN, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko plans coming days to announce the end of so called “ATO”.

“In the near future the command of Ukrainian President plans to announce “the end of the ATO “and the cessation of active hostilities in Donbass region,” – news agency reports.

Since currently the world’s major news media have already chained to Syria and Iraq, such actions will not result in a high-profile consequences, – UNN reports.

According to the agency, the conflict in Donbass will be frozen for several years.

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