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Poroshenko Government May Stage Chemical Attack To Provoke New Round Of Hostilities In Eastern Ukraine

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Poroshenko Government May Stage Chemical Attack To Provoke New Round Of Hostilities In Eastern Ukraine


The military command of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) received information regarding several scenarios of a Ukrainian offensive in Donbass. The details of the alleged Kiev plan were announced by the deputy chief of the People’s Militia of the DPR Eduard Basurin on December 4.

“Our intelligence obtained reliable data on the training of Western curators, together with the Ukrainian command of several options for the offensive,” Basurin said in a statement.

Most notably, there is allegedly a chemical attack being planned in the Kiev-controlled settlements in the Gorlovka area in eastern Ukraine. Prior to this, intelligence suggested that the preparation of such a scenario was being prepared by British experts.

The DPR Militia stated that in Mariupol bloody provocations are being prepared on land and sea. Both scenarios are designed for numerous casualties among the civilian population and the armed forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the subsequent accusation in this of the forces of the People’s Militia.

“This occasion will immediately be used to deliver a massive missile and air strike on the critical objects of the Republics. In particular, artillery and aviation will hit the places that store military equipment, established by the Minsk agreements, weapons and fuel warehouses,  civilian infrastructure,” Basurin said.

The People’s Militia didn’t rule out that these scenarios can be implemented consecutively, “to guarantee the image of the tyrant in the face of the Republic’s leadership in the eyes of the international community and justify the total mobilization of Ukrainian citizens into the ranks of Ukrainian military.”

On December 5, concerns about a possible staged chemical attack in eastern Ukraine were repeated by a spokesperson for the Russian Foriegn Ministry Mariya Zakharova.

“We are calling on the OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] monitoring mission to intensify their activities in Donbas. What is needed is a comprehensive picture on the military preparations by Ukraine, not some fragmented pieces of information,” she said.

On December 1st, Basurin warned that Kiev is preparing for a large-scale offensive against the DPR.

“Training of the shock group is underway. This is evidenced by the concentration on the Mariupol tactical direction of three brigades – 79 separate assault and assault brigades, 36 separate brigades of marines and 128 separate mountain assault brigades, who received the task of conducting offensive operations in the Novoazovsk region in early December with access to the border with Russia,” he said.

According to him, breaking through the first line of defense was entrusted to elite formations of paratroopers and marines. Basurin considers this a tactical mistake of Kiev and the “incompetence of the Commander of the Combined Forces Sergey Naev, who for the sake of devotion to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is ready to sacrifice personnel for the sake of achieving dubious goals.”

On November 21st, the head of the press services of the People’s Militia Daniil Bezsonov quoted intelligence that suggested a group of British military expertshad  arrived in Artyomovsk under control of Kiev to participate in a chemical attack in the north of the republic.

“The Ukrainian side does not leave intentions to conduct chemical sabotage in the north of the DPR. Our intelligence obtained data on the arrival at the headquarters of the 72nd brigade in Artyomovsk a group of military specialists from the UK,” he was cited as saying.

According to the provided information, some of the arrivals are part of the units of the special operations forces of the armed forces of the United Kingdom. Also, according to DPR intelligence reports, in the populated areas of Dacha and Dzerzhinsk, 2 and 5 km from the contact line, there was an arrival of special units with personal equipment for chemical protection and boxes with chemical hazard warning.

Furthermore, following the incident between a Ukrainian naval group and Russian coastal guards on November 25th, Ukraine decided to impose martial law in 10 regions, primarily along the Russian border. On November 27th, TASS cited the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov who warned that the imposition of martial law could lead to an escalation in the Donbass.

“This is Ukraine’s domestic affair, but amid the elections, certainly, such a step as imposing martial law has a special undisguised undertone. Potentially, the imposition of martial law in some regions may pose a risk of escalating tensions in the conflict-hit region, namely the southeast,” Peskov said.

So far, if the reports by the DPR are accurate it does appear that there are plans for an escalation in the Donbass.

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northerntruthseeker .

Ah yes.. The “old” chemical weapons trick being used again… And the gullible and stupid public will swallow the horse shit that the breakaway Donbas republics and/or Russia is “responsible”….

Have we not all seen enough of this complete and utter bullshit already that it should be enough for people everywhere to say “we see your sick game” by now???


It will be like this: The responsible for the chemical attack are the separatists but it was used a substance that can be made only in Russia. So the public will think of themselves better that they figured out the subtle mister of who is actually responsible.

You can call me Al

Maybe it is going to be those 2 x Russians that doused the UK, with military grade Novichok !!.


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ee11ab148ca304d204ee1fdd8be0107615b14f7e5009d503334312673bf261a3.jpg But then the twitterrati justice woman will appear with another sign which will bring light upon the farce

Fred Summers

Again, Ukrainian blogger Jonas in Ukraine gets another hit!

Jonas reported LAST WEEK – within 48 hours of the Kerch Strait incident in fact – that this had already been attempted and had been foiled by Ukrainian Patriots. The provocation was to be similtaneous with the Kerch Strait Incident and together they would have guarenteed a Russian military response.

The fact that Donbass WAS shelled at the time adds weight to this.

As the plan was foiled, It is very unlikely such plan will be tried again.

Jonas wrote that it was British ‘Contractors’ and even some regulars embedded with Ukranian forces, ostensibly to train them, advise them etc, who were to launch a few special shells from Ukrainian positions.

Apparently Ukranian Patriots are now aware they are being used as pawns and cannon fodder by bidder foreign players and are pushing back where they can, or deliberatly dropping the ball when unable to push back.

The reasons the Russians were ready and waiting at the Kerch Strat was also because Ukrainian Patriots had warned them (according to Jonas).

The fact that the British come up again should not surprise anyone as the UK and US are leading all the recent provocations against Russia.

By the way, Jonas himself (or themselves, as Jonas may be more than one person) did not say what made the shells ‘special’, so speculation on his blog from commenters was that they were WHITE PHOSPHORUS shells or perhaps some sort or home made poison gas. Someone even sugested the plan was to send an old soviet artillery round with a small nuclear warhead or with some waste nuclear material (ie a dirty bomb) accross the border into Russia, but at the time that seemed outrageous.

Indeed, at the time Jonas was mocked, and the internal fighting within Ukrainian units and thier C&C being passed to the British was dismissed, as were many of his other ‘leaks’ which have so far been 100% correct.

Jonas also said that the British contractors who were responsible for planning and executing this Russian Provocation were dealt with properly by Ukrainian Patriots. I can only guess what that means.

Just imagine if some of the more wild conspiracy theories about the Kerch Bridge, and the Phosphorus or nuke round being sent into Russia from Ukranian positions were all actually true, and were not foiled by Ukranian Patriots. We would all now be at war with Russia, and likely not here to talk about it.

Tudor Miron

Fred, may I ask for a link to that Jonas blog?


The separatists dream of NATO involvement in Ukraine or they are in danger of becoming useless, since Russia got what was more important: Crimea.


Fred, I too would appreciate a link to Jonas’s blog.. Thanks in advance. R

viktor ziv

“breaking through the first line of defense was entrusted to elite formations of paratroopers and marines”, if this is correct, then UAF HQ has no brain at all. Honestly, I hope it is. NAF will slaughter those (remember cyborgs), and rest of UAFs will be splited to overrun mercenary battalions or to join NAF.

You can call me Al

God willing.

You can call me Al

Strangely enough, the UK have just sent some specials over there; it better not be us doing this.


Russians are weaponizing good prison conditions for Ukrainian pows…see report!


May whole UAF will defect for next offensive?

You can call me Al

Sweet. Russian prisons… well that is what the scum deserve;I am sure they will enjoy it – ?

Liberty Cat

Ukraine struck their own people in Donbass, today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM9KTinb9d0&feature=youtu.be

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