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Poroshenko Finds Out 80,000 Russian Troops Stationed For Invasion In Ukraine

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Poroshenko Finds Out 80,000 Russian Troops Stationed For Invasion In Ukraine

Russian Marines

On December 1st, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that there are 80,000 Russian troops in and around Ukraine.

These troops are more precisely positioned at Ukraine’s borders and the Crimean Peninsula, as well as the separatist-held regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

In one more step in Poroshenko and his entourage’s escalations in absurdity in attempts to gain further international support he claimed that Russia had about 1,400 artillery and rocket systems, 900 tanks, 2,300 armoured combat vehicles, more than 500 military planes and 300 helicopters in and around Ukraine.

According to him, the Russian Navy has more than 80 military ships and eight submarines in the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov and the Aegean Sea.

Al Jazeera cited Igor Koziy, military expert at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, who said that the numbers Poroshenko gave did seem accurate. “If you look at the organisational structure of the Russian military, you will see that there are up to 6,000 people in each brigade. They have up to three brigades in Crimea alone. There is also navy and air force there. In the south of Russia that borders northern Ukraine, there have built up two whole military bases – three to five brigades each,” he said. “The possibility of the Russian invasion at the moment is between 70 to 80 percent, especially during the upcoming holiday season. For three to five days, nobody in the world would care about what is going on,” said Koziy.

He also claimed that Moscow was just waiting for an excuse to justify the move to invasion.

“[President Vladimir Putin] is still not ready for a very open traditional method because there is no psychological readiness for it inside the Russian army, but it is still on the table.”

Poroshenko spoke from an unidentified location where he was overseeing the transfer of new and repaired fighter jets, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles to the Ukrainian army.

He said that “Russia continues to test the world.” And that Moscow wanted to find out if it would be possible to turn the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea into its “Russian lake.”

“This is a tremendous threat, to which we, together with our allies, are looking for a proper political and diplomatic response. But our internal correct answer is to strengthen the Ukrainian army, first of all, the air force,” Poroshenko said.

The Kremlin accused Poroshenko of attempting to escalate the conflict to secure a larger electoral support in the March 31st 2019 presidential election.

Olexiy Makeyev, the Ukrainian foreign ministry’s political director blamed Russia for the so-called militarization of Crimea.

“The occupation and subsequent militarisation of Crimea led to the expansion of the area of use of Russian warships and military aircraft in the Black Sea and far beyond, even the Mediterranean basin,” he said. “Such militarisation has far-reaching consequences for security not only in the Black Sea area but in the whole southern Europe, as well as North Africa and the Middle East.”

The foreign ministers of the G7 expressed their support for Ukraine on November 30th, but rhetoric is all they provided. No undertaking action of any sort. Similarly, to the EU, NATO and the US. Since, it is quite apparent that Ukraine is the side that caused the provocation.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Poroshenko “to be sensible” and said that war was no the solution. Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron also spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We have talked about the situation in Syria and we have talked about the situation in the Sea of Azov, of course, because here any tensions must be avoided,” she said. Also reiterating that access to the Sea of Azov must not be blocked, and it isn’t.

After instating martial law in 10 regions of Ukraine, Poroshenko called for NATO to deploy military vessels in the Sea of Azov, which was denied. He also claimed that “after seizing Crimea and the eastern regions, Moscow is aiming to monopolize the Azov Sea before coming for the whole of the country.”

On December 2nd, however, it appeared that Poroshenko changed course. He said that Kiev was ready to hold talks with Russia to de-escalate the conflict in “the Normandy format.” The other two participants in the four-way talks are to be Germany and France.

He said that Merkel agreed to his proposal.

“We will certainly take part in the meeting of the Normandy format at the level of political advisers, where we will raise the urgent question: the requirement for the Russian Federation to return our military, ships and open the Kerch Strait,” he said.

“We demand [from Russia]: stop violating international laws … [it] may have further consequences,” Poroshenko said.

Also, completely opposite of the facts, Volodymyr Fesenko, director of the Penta Centre for Political Studies in Kiev claimed that Ukraine has always been open to talks, but Russia kept refusing them.

Following, the negotiations offer, it appears that Poroshenko is attempting to present the provocation as an expression of “Russian aggression,” from which he protected Ukraine. Following it, he suggested taking part in negotiations to show that he is willing to “take the higher road” and show common sense. It is becoming a somewhat obvious play to hold onto power.

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Gregory Casey

Porky really is a dolt. A dangerous dolt in the event that Leaders within the EU-NATO march in step to the beat of his drum but …….. unfortunately for Porky, EU Leaders know he will lose the Election in the Spring, and lose gloriously, awfully, badly. Probably the best that could happen to Ukraine except that the Lady-in-waiting-to-be-President is almost equally idiotic as Porky. What chance the outsider “peoples’ candidate” might win out


3 out of 8 of her great grand parents were Jews if there’s any truth to the reports. She could obtain Israeli citizenship as a Jew. As could of Lenin if he didn’t die young, purportedly from venereal disease.


Lurie was the one who suggested Lenin might have died of syphilis. All autopsy reports disproved this. Then Lurie went on to suggest that Stalin poisoned him with cyanide which the autopsy also disproved. However, Lenin’s father died in similar circumstances and at a similar age. So, it was most probably, a congenital condition. When Mackowiak was reviewing St. Hilaire’s discoveries of the NT5E mutations he concluded that it was one of these genetic defects which calcified part of Lenin’s brain and also suggests strongly that it was indeed an unwanted family inheritance.


Tissue samples could be taken to determine if it’s true. It looks like there’s a lot of evidence that it is:

“The basis of the disclosures are medical charts, results of a post mortem examination and memoirs from physicians who treated Lenin and were sworn to secrecy after he died in 1924.

Officially, Lenin died of arteriosclerosis, but only eight of 27 doctors who treated him were willing to put their names to the death certificate. Among those who refused to sign were his two personal doctors.

The diagnosis of syphilis was particularly problematic in the 19th and early 20th century as the disease often mimics other brain disorders.

But the discovery that a committee of Soviet doctors prescribed the medicine Salvarsan, an arsenic-based treatment with horribly painful side-effects that is used only to treat syphilis, was a strong indication that his doctors knew the true nature of his disease.”

– ‘We have proof that Lenin died of syphilis’ –


Vince Dhimos

Yeah, well, German Minister Sigmar Gabriel just let Europe know that Germany wants no parts of a war with Russia instigated by Poroshenko, and Poland has said it is not ready for war. I suspect they speak for all of Europe, which is, of course, scared to death of the US and won’t come right out and say what they think.

Promitheas Apollonious

and I been wondering what was giving nightmares to porky.

Fred Summers


Copied below (after the introduction notes) is an official interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, currently posted in the English translation section of the Official Russian Foreign Ministry website for all to see.

Notes – Is this Partial Official Disclosure regarding the Crimea Bridge bomb, now firmly and clearly placed ON THE OFFICIAL RECORD, and from no less than Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov?

Is this a warning that there will be full official disclosure coming if NATO do not back off ?

(Reminder for those who need it – There is speculation that a plot to bomb the Crimea Bridge was thwarted in the Black Sea by a well planned Russian Security operation involving Special Forces aboard Coastguard vessels and supported by ground attack jets, helicopter gunships, and a Corvette armed with missiles and torpedos, and air superiority cover provided by SU30 jets).

When reading the transcript below, try to READ BETWEEN THE PROVERBIAL LINES, and know that in Politics some things do not need to explicitly said or spelled out.

Note also the way he refers to the US and UK leaders and especially how he delicately and intelligently places both the UK and Conspiracy theory into the same answer.

Final note – It is very significant indeed how he indicates he is well aware of all the ‘conspiracy theories’ (but still clearly chooses not to disclose any at all, so as to give room not to back the US and UK into a corner – a true Statesman, not a howling banshee like we see in the UK or US):

(This is an official English Translation of an official interview dated 02-12-18, and is copied from transcript publically posted on the official Russian Foreign Ministry website for all to see, link below).


Question: Have you managed to bring across to our European partners the truth on what really happened in the Black Sea, and not in the Sea of Azov, as they usually write? Have they finally heard our position?

Sergey Lavrov: I think they could not but hear it because President Vladimir Putin, while meeting with President of France Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, personally explained “in lay terms” how all this happened, how the provocation had been planned and how its execution was attempted, as well as how responsibly the Russian border guards performed their functions trying to prevent any undesirable incidents. Regrettably, the [Ukrainian] agents and provocateurs, and the provocation carried out by two craft and a tug, was controlled by two Ukrainian Security Service officers who did their best to fulfil the order………

………..President Putin personally told his interlocutors about this. I did not hear from them a response that would be based on different facts.

Question: Presidents Putin and Trump have held a short meeting after all. As for US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, was he evading you, or did he have to meet with you?

Sergey Lavrov:

Of course, I did not pursue him, and he did not try to meet with me. To be quite frank, I do not even know if he is here, because I have not seen the full US delegation. US National Security Adviser John Bolton said in a conversation with Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov, who deals with political matters, that they [the US administration] would like to resume and normalise our dialogue. We are ready to do this as soon as our colleagues are.


Do you think there is a connection between the provocation in the Kerch Strait and the US cancellation of the planned meeting between our presidents?

Sergey Lavrov:

I don’t believe in the conspiracy theories. However, there have been too many coincidences, when a provocation that takes place ahead of a major event is used for fanning hysteria over sanctions. British Prime Minister Theresa May has demanded that Brussels further worsen its Russia policy, even though Britain has almost exited the EU. We know our partners very well, and we have masses of questions about the adequacy of their approach to serious problems. There are very serious and very real threats. The fight against these challenges cannot be improved by making sacrifices to immediate geopolitical considerations.


When will President Putin and President Trump hold a full-scale meeting after all?

Sergey Lavrov:

I won’t even try to guess.

FIN The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation


Fred Summers

Any grown ups in the room should read again this quote from Sergey Lavrov, it is Political brilliance missed by most –

“We know our partners very well, and we have masses of questions about the adequacy of their approach to serious problems. There are very serious and very real threats. The fight against these challenges cannot be improved by making sacrifices to immediate geopolitical considerations”.

In child like UK and US English language he is saying that although Russia knows all the plots, knows there are more coming, and knows well the West wont back down until they get a war, Russia will not act on these ‘immediate’ provocations, but will instead keep an eye on the combined global big picture, responding as when Russia chooses to respond, anywhere in the World.

missed by most

Fred Summers

Why are my posts being blocked an held for moderation? The breaking news post is from the Official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry and is not ‘spam’.

Concrete Mike

Depends where you are. We can see your ip adress.

Fred Summers

Thanks, all posts now visible. Looks like it is just part a game someone is playing. As for my IP, yes it is a real one, and it is made clearly visible for a reason. It should just show up as just an English location at an exchange, and easily allow those who want to get in contact to follow the cookies and breadcrumbs and reach me very easily without using email or public boards, etc…………….. Sadly still waiting. Expected at least a ping or two by now by someone somewhere. Will have to move on soon if no one calls :)

You can call me Al

Ah a new boy, welcome.

You can call me Al

It does happen from time to time. I dont know why.


Fred I had this problem for months, swallowed up 56 comments that are still waiting for the moderator to moderate… Lol. I think it might be someone on this site who is a troll and identifies your post as spam.


The chemical ghost in Syria will resume in Ukraine . The United States, Britain, France and NATO launched 70 missiles against Assad, resulting in the loss of civilian life and no gaining anything.Now all is happening for keeping Petro Poroshenko’s prestige high. It will not be easy for Poroshenko to be re-elected because he has caused a very big headache to the leaders of the European Union and has no diplomatic skills. The profits from this conflict for Europeans are scarce, it’s just for the leaders to cover their failure on the political stage like Makron, Teresa Mei, Poroshenko and others. Putin will be the winner if Turkey enters the other camp, NATO. She will lose the Bosporus and all the coasts of Asia Minor plus what she gain in Afrin of Syria

March 2018 events in the Syrian Front US threats to escalate intervention While Syrian officials reveal new plans for provocative chemical weapons from counterparts . UNITED NATIONS .–New threats to escalate the military operation in Syria on the pretext of new “allegations of use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians” launched US Ambassador Nike Haley to the UN Security Council yesterday, although a few hours earlier Syrian officials had announced that they had identified a “laboratory” manufacturing chemical weapons from anti-Regime in the town of East Gut.At the same time the Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria Faisal Mikad, had denounced the counterparts in A. Gouta as designing chemical weapons provocation to take responsibility in the Syrian army and justify another attack by western imperialist forces.

R Trojson

The West has no choice. This next Hitler wannabe, Putin, will sacrifice millions of lives to rebuild his USSR. Poland and even Finland is scheduled for invasion by Putin. The big question is will Putin take Germany? Merkel appears to be his puppet, destroying Germany and eliminating German military in preparation for Russia.


Forget about Europe, go for the head of the beast, nuke the US and Israel. If Russia took out the US/UK/Israel, they would be heroes to the whole world.

You can call me Al

Hey Sinbad, will you shut up about my UK, please. Never in anyway, infer that I am affiliated the dumb twats in the US and Israel.

R Trojson

British have gone from the largest empire the planet has ever known to bending over for Merkel. All in the span of one Queen Elizabeth II. Now even the illegal migrants are rounding them up and having their way with them. How many years until the whole of Britain is governed by Sharia Law not just the small pockets under Sharia today.


You might not be affiliated with the US or Israel, but your Government is. Most Americans are not affiliated with Israel, but their government is. When a people lose control of their country to ruthless warlords, it’s the people who pay the price not the warlords. Most Germans and Japanese were also innocents, did that stop Britain from fire bombing Dresden?

Sorry mate, but you should get out, somewhere in the southern hemisphere would be best.

You can call me Al

I have said the same 1,000 times – seen France, watch the UK, if we do get the Brexit that we wanted.


Too late AngloZioSaxon

You can call me Al



typical anti-Russian, totally stupid comment… totally biased comment.


80,000, as if, 800 Russian troops could take Ukraine if that’s what Russia wanted, but only losers like the Americans invade countries like Ukraine.


We only need to wait another brief moment whereby on one day, only a handful of Russian diplomats will be needed to knock on the Rada’s door in Kiev, … to wake up the Ukrainians from their nightmare. By then indeed all right-minded Ukrainians will have left their country, excuse the region, deserted or fled to build a dignified and respected exist in Russia, … The small-minded and fascist ones will have to prostitute themselves as a wage slave in the EU where their judicial status to their death will never be settled. Karma is a bitch.


The US plans to invade Russia, but the media will say Russia invaded Ukraine. That way the US will convince its pet weasels in Brussels to impose sanctions, and block Nordstream2. Wars are always about money, and the US wants the money Russia earns from oil and gas sales, to go to America, like the Saudi oil money does.


The only war possible, will happen as result of the Ukrainian aggression…No other way. So ONLY IF Ukraine attacks Russia the Russian army will respond. It will be like in Georgia a swift Russian victory just on much bigger scale. Therefore I see no reason for “sanctions”.

Ronald Howsen

Thankfully, they will destroy the US. Why blue eyed idiots feel the need to freeze to death in Russia is some strange phenomenon


they are stationed there, thi is holy fact. and why, this know only putin and his generals.

Ronald Howsen

All I see is rational, intelligent people scared to death of their governments. I think you all underestimate how fragile the bosses hold on his employees has always been. The second he asks for too much, he takes a dirt nap. So far from fearing war, I welcome it. It’s been made clear- if the US pre-empts a nuclear war it will be reduced to ashes. If we invade Russia, we will lose. Wars can’t be fought with wage slaves and scared nincompoops who tiptoe around their bosses.

The world is seeking a balance. I do not see the US coming out on top. Take it from someone who lives here- these people are panicked, hysterical and un-educated. Only twenty percent of us speak more than one language. Don’t be afraid people; death cults ensure their own ending.

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