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Poroshenko And Fans Of Nazi Germany’s 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf Are Ready To Repel ‘Russian Agression’

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Poroshenko And Fans Of Nazi Germany's 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf Are Ready To Repel 'Russian Agression'

Mr Poroshenko and Ukrainian “heroes”

Ukrainian Preisdent Petro Poroshenko and Nazis from the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces (UAAF) are ready to repel a ‘Russian agression’ from any direction.

The 3rd SS Panzer Division “Totenkopf” was one of 38 divisions of the Waffen-SS of Nazi Germany during World War II. Totenkopf means “death’s head” in German. The division is widely known for its warcrimes.

Poroshenko And Fans Of Nazi Germany's 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf Are Ready To Repel 'Russian Agression'

Insigna of 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf

These photos were taken on December 6 when Poroshenko adressed troops of the UAAF in the area of Ozernoe. Mr President stated that UAAF troops are to be deployed in key directions where a “Russian invasion” is expected.

Poroshenko And Fans Of Nazi Germany's 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf Are Ready To Repel 'Russian Agression'

No, this is not a mistake

Since the November 25 incident between a Ukrainian naval group and Russian coastal guards in the Black Sea, Poroshenko has repeatedly stated that Russia is going to invade Ukraine soon. He even found out 80,000 Russian troops prepared for this.

However, it seems the Ukrainian democracy has nothing to fear because Nazi heroes from the UAAF are ready to repel it.

Photos and a video from the December 6 event:

Poroshenko And Fans Of Nazi Germany's 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf Are Ready To Repel 'Russian Agression'

Click to see the full-size image

Poroshenko And Fans Of Nazi Germany's 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf Are Ready To Repel 'Russian Agression'

Click to see the full-size image

Poroshenko And Fans Of Nazi Germany's 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf Are Ready To Repel 'Russian Agression'

Click to see the full-size image

Poroshenko And Fans Of Nazi Germany's 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf Are Ready To Repel 'Russian Agression'

Click to see the full-size image

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  1. Blaubeere says:

    At least these Ukronazis should remember how the SS ended.

    1. AlexanderAmproz says:

      Shouldn’t forget,
      the Jews ruling in Eastern Europe before WW2 where so many Pogroms, Gulags
      or Palestine style horror occurred, the SS were considered welcome Liberators !

      Look at what the Eastern Europeans Ashkenazi Children’s worst than the Nazi are Doing
      in the Middle East

      The Jews controlled Hollywood only true signification is intense Manipulations.

      The only true the Jews have can be seen Daily in Palestine !

      Israel is ready to put at stake the World Peace, blackmail is their Culture…

      NB: The Nazis were really bad, but the Ashkenazis are MUCH WORST !

    2. skinner15 says:

      They didn’t end, they went to the US and Britain.

  2. Jenny Lancaster says:

    fucking nazi dictators love putting on uniforms and sending others to die, never seem to go themselves though, for some strange reason!

    1. Feudalism Victory says:

      Been a long time since any leader led from the front.

  3. Albert Pike says:

    Very often things are not like they seem, when it comes to Naxxis. Here some Jewish members of the Nazi Azov Brigade:


    1. Potato Potato says:

      I guess they just like LARPing.

    2. Barba_Papa says:

      Maybe extreme nationalist covers it better then the term Nazi. Nazism was a flavor of fascism, but not all fascism was nazism. And I reckon that each country with its unique culture will have their own unique form of fascism and/or nazism. There are extreme nationalists in Mongolia who have adopted Nazi symbols and apparel. They don’t hate jews, there are none in Mongolia. But to them Hitler was a guy who stood up for Germany when it was downtrodden, and that’s why they find it appealing. They do hate the Chinese though for stealing Mongolia’s mineral wealth.

    3. Zionism = EVIL says:

      ZioNAZIS are the new Nazis aka AshkeNAZI.

    4. Brother Ma says:

      I don’t see Global Jewry screaming bloody murder about this. Hmm? I wonder why?

      1. Albert Pike says:

        4Years ago they didn’t cry out either, when they could read in the Algemeiner that Chabad Lubavich financier Ihor Kolomoisky also financed the Azov Brigade, so why should they do it now? So they know – but everything what could bring events similar to certain prophecies of a certain old book, is okay and wellcome. Since 1666 most of the bad stuff which happend can be explained with the acts of the messianic movement, and it’s not just the Jews which are part of that movement, half of the bible belt is zionist and want’s Moshiach now…

  4. Morehungrythanever says:

    Ready to repel Russian aggression. What bad evil men. We should offer them barrels so the Russians can bend them over. That would be more friendly. God bless the 3rd SS

  5. TomWonacott says:

    The 3rd SS Panzer Division “Totenkopf” was one of 38 divisions of the Waffen-SS of Nazi Germany during World War II. Totenkopf means “death’s head” in German. The division is widely known for its warcrimes

    First of all, what the German Nazis did in WWII is irrelevant to Ukraine in 2018. Second of all, the Soviets did not exactly have an exemlary record of human rights in WWII. To begin with, they formed an alliance with the very same Nazi Germany splitting Poland while carrying out mass murder on the Polish (Katyn Massacre). They added (previously) independent Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to the Soviet empire – and invaded Finland. Indeed, the Russians ethnically cleansed the entire population of Tatars from Crimea (the ones that were left behind were collectively taken out to sea and murdered).

    What is pertinant to Ukraine today is the illegal annexation of Crimea and the war in Eastern Ukraine run from Moscow. The recent capture of Ukrainian sailors is just one more example of Russian aggression. The video of the Ukrainian sailors confessing under duress is a violation of the Geneva Conventions and worthy of a third world country – like Syria.

    1. Shy Talk says:

      what a load of shyT

    2. Nosferatu says:

      Nope, you need to read more books and watch less holywoodoo crap.

    3. Bigaess Wangmane says:

      What is pertinant to Ukraine today is the illegal annexation of Crimea and the war in Eastern Ukraine run from Moscow. The recent capture of Ukrainian sailors is just one more example of Russian aggression. The video of the Ukrainian sailors confessing under duress is a violation of the Geneva Conventions and worthy of a third world country – like Syria.

      Good parrot, repeat more MSM lies for another cracker.

    4. slayern2 says:

      First of all, your retarded, russophobic comment has nothing to do with this text. Pathetic strawman bullshit as usual.
      Second, if you fail to comprehend why soldiers wearing nazi insignia in 2018. is sick beyond belief, that’s because you are 1)nazi 2)imbecile 3) both (most likely).
      Finally, about history… Poland was Hitlers ally since 1934. they fully supported Hitler’s occupation of Czechoslovakia (Poland even took some CzS land). Crimean Tatars, most of them, collaborated with nazis. Unlike absolutely innocent japanese civilian population in the US, sent to concentration camps; every man, women and children imprisoned just because they were of japanese origin. American human rights. Not to mention terror bombing and mass murdering of civilian population Dresden, Belgrade, Tokyo… millions incinerated by american democratic bombs. American aggression in Syria, like 90% of american wars, 100% illegal, just as nato-nazi putsch in Kiev was illegal, just as Guantanamo is illegal… but according to you, Russians do not have the right to defend their families from Maidan natonazi psychopaths and terrorists that you support, you little dumb shiteater.

      1. TomWonacott says:

        “…….but according to you, Russians do not have the right to defend their families from Maidan natonazi psychopaths and terrorists that you support, you little dumb shiteater……..”

        Of course, I never said Russians don’t have a right to defend their families; however, I seem to recall it was the Russians that invaded Crimea (and Eastern Ukraine) and forced a referendum at the point of a gun. Russia illegally annexed Crimea. It was the Russian Navy that fired on the Ukrainian boats in international waters. In every respect, the Russians have actively sought to destroy Ukraine – a promise made by Putin before Maidan if Yanukovych went with the EU economic package.

        The USSR (Russia) did everything humanly possible to avoid WWII even signing a non Aggression Pact with Japan. The Soviets (Russia) simply wanted to quietly expand their empire working with the Nazis to accomplish that goal. The invasion of Russia by the Nazis ruined their plan – and forced Russia to confront the real world.

        1. slayern2 says:

          More bullshit^. Int. waters? Says who? This clown PorKoshenko? His masters in WashingtonDC? CNN? Laughable american lies for brainless idiots: “Evil Ruskies attacking poor, little, innocent Ukies (*our friendly Indians) for no reason at all! more sanctions, more weapons, more war!” If you have eyes (and brain) watch the video, ukrainian armed ships going all the way from Odessa, around Crimea (no one intercepted them until they entered rus. waters!) heading directly towards the bridge; refusing any attempt of communication, performing aggressive maneuvers, acting like lunatics…
          Imagine Cubans send their ships near Florida.. or Syrians sending their tanks to Golan heights. They would be destroyed in 2 sec without warning. Russians were incredibly tolerant. Porky planned to sacrifice his sailors; but they were not stupid to die for his criminal regime. He and his Maidanazi terrorists destroyed Ukraine, not Putin. First they destroyed Kiev, then Donetsk, and now they are trying to provoke another war.

          USSR was the only country opposed to nazism from 1933-1939. American banksters and british politicians (including royal family), totally loved him. Stalin repeatedly proposed an alliance to France and UK, but they refused. Their plan was that Russians and Germans kill each others. Now they use Ukrainians instead. A poor imitation of nazis in every aspect.

          1. Hisham Saber says:

            Actually you are mistaken on one point. Syria could take back the Golan at any moment it wants. Its just planned for the near future. Israel is the most overestimated military in the world. We saw what Hezbollah did to the IDF in 2006.

          2. slayern2 says:

            That’s just an example: if Syrians send there 3 tanks, 3 trucks, whatever, armed, not armed, doesn’t matter, Israeli are going to attack them immediately, without warning. And this @tomwonacott:disqus won’t accuse them of “aggression”.

          3. Brother Ma says:

            I hope so and pray for it.

          4. Brother Ma says:

            Too right about sacrificing the sailors. They even had Ukro intelligence commissars on board to make sure every one went along with the plan. I hope they are being beaten black and blue in prison whilst I write.

        2. Brother Ma says:

          Ukraine has always been part of Russia you fool and no amount of Zionist and/or Amerivan bullcrap willl change that. You can talk yourself blue in the face but it wont change the facts.

          Also all know it was in Russain coastal waters ,not international waters. Are you retarded or were just a poor student in class?

      2. Jens Holm says:

        Thats no nazi insignians at all. Dumkopf

        1. slayern2 says:

          your dead nazi daddy was dumkopf, go join him soon you braindead degenerate.

          1. Jens Holm says:


          2. slayern2 says:

            So what you dumb monkey? Dead skulls were used by WWI german army (August von Mackensen), even by pirates, but in this case, this particular design/symbol represents 3rd ss Panzer Division Totenkopf and nothing else. You must be blind as much you are braindead.

      3. Brother Ma says:

        Wonacott is a typical American or pretending to be one for propaganda purposes. So he is or must look realistically dumb to play the part.

      4. Sneaki Breeki says:

        You’re the one making a strawman here, he never ONCE mentioned the United States. And the Russians “defending” are the ones that OH WOW! Annexed parts of sovereign Ukraine! They defended SO HARD that they took over parts of a sovereign nation! The only reason people collaborated with Nazis is because they were the power at the time. There’s a reason why people surrendered to the Americans instead of the Soviets. NATO is NOT Nazi. You also talk about Belgrade. The reason Belgrade was bombed was because of the Serb’s failure to stop commiting war crimes. See Srebrenica massacre, Meja massacre, Izbica massacre, Drenica massacres, Gornje Obrinje massacre, Ćuška massacre, Bela Crkva massacre, Meja massacre, Orahovac massacre, Dubrava Prison massacre, Poklek massacre(23 of the victims being children under the age of 15), Suva Reka massacre. Also see Bosnian genocide and ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.

    5. skinner15 says:

      Poland and the Nazis annexed the Cz lands in 38.

      Poland had a non aggression pact with Hitler.

      Western Ukraine is a snake pit, full of mentally deranged cowards and butchers of women and children.
      Galicia is a region of child molesters.

      You would do well there.

      1. TomWonacott says:

        Nothing but RT propaganda – like the Ukraine Navy was in Russian territorial waters.

        1. skinner15 says:

          The Kerch Straits are Russian territorial waters, long before 2014 and the Maidan coup.

          Where are the USUK fleets?

          Far away from Russian territorial waters, and they won’t come to the aid of a despicable bunch of Nazis from Galicia.

          1. BMWA1 says:

            And until provocation, UA navy followed the rules…they USED to be able to go through…as to now, HET.

          2. TomWonacott says:

            Sorry, but the 2003 Agreement between Russia and Ukraine gives free passage to Russian and Ukraine merchant and naval vessels. Russia broke the agreement. Additionally, the illlegal annexation of Crimea nullifies any claim to the territorial waters off the Crimea coast as “Russian”.

          3. slayern2 says:

            Breaking bilateral agreements? Sue them. Russian territorial waters are certainly not “nullified” because you say so. You think coast near Volna for example, does not belong to Russia any more?? Perhaps it’s british now :D


            “Territorial sea, as defined by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, is a belt of coastal waters extending at most 12 nautical miles (22.2 km; 13.8 mi) from the baseline (usually the mean low-water mark) of a coastal state”.

          4. Jens Holm says:

            Thare also are an agreement between Russia and Ukrain about passing there. How stupid can You be. Ukrain navy should be in- or outide then ?

            And how can fx Russia and others pass Istanbull. You certainly need an update on Your WIN85.

            UN isnt the only and most important regulater as well. Idjot.

          5. slayern2 says:

            Yes you are an idiot, a braindead moron, the most retarded troll on this site by far, spamming in comprehensive gibberish.

            Not even you have no idea wtf you are babbling about you dumb monkey.

          6. skinner15 says:

            Don’t be sorry Tom, just finish reading the agreement. The agreement states that military craft passing through the straits need to notify Russia. On this occasion, for the only tome ever, the Ukinazis didn’t inform the Russians, and so were violating transit agreements.

            Russia acted within full rights according to international law.

          7. TomWonacott says:

            Here is a video of a reconstruction of events according to Ukraine (https://youtu.be/JnU_F2LwHrI). The Ukrainian ships followed the letter of the agreement of 2003. It should be noted that the Ukrainian ships were returning to Odesa when they were surrounded by 11 ships of the Russian Navy and fired upon without provocation – in international waters.

          8. slayern2 says:

            @tomwonacott:disqus : “Nothing but RT propaganda!”

            -then posting propaganda videos of the ukrainian government….
            How ironic.

            ‘Prosecutor general’s office of ukraine’ obviously have nothing better to do than making videos about ships, while their country is infested with corruption, criminals, nazis… they even have special music for their lies!
            “Music in this video
            Song The Riddle-Megatrax
            Album INX151 – Countdown”

          9. skinner15 says:

            You are a liar.

            The Ukinazis were transiting from Odessa to the Azov Sea, which is why they had to transit through internationally recognised Russian territory at the Kerch Straits.

            Now F O with your Nazi lies.

          10. TomWonacott says:

            The Ukrainian Navy boats entered the Kersh Strait but were turned back. On their way back to Odesa, they were fired on by Russian ships – IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS.


          11. skinner15 says:

            More lies Tomwhatascut.

          12. AwGaGoT says:

            The western terrorist slaves get a bloody nose ..thats the only way terrorist anderstand !!!

          13. AwGaGoT says:

            With the shut down of a Malaysia airliner the western terrorist have lost their rights , what a pitty that russia didnt bring the terrorist boats to sink !!!
            I am woundering ..when the US Terrorist direct ramm some container ships in close Ocean parts fareast nobody and espacally our rubish news paper even lose only one word about it !!! You can find some Foto of a big Container ship in the US Navy Magazin called Procceeding ( severel accidents shuld have happens they write )
            I only say Golf of Tonkin ( Vietnam ) the south vietnam Navy attaked north Vietnam ..and without help of the US Ships they had lost everythin …and the terrorists tell aftherwards that north Vietnam is a bad aggressor und had have attacked the peacfull US navy …we also know the story of pearl harbour …after the new navy doktrin the old WW1 Ships where worthless …only carriers and fast escort ships are the future !!!
            The japse could only destroy the worthless WW1 Ships …U SS Arizona , U SS Nevada ect ect …the stubid japse , didnt make only one scratch on the US submarine Base on Pearl or on the Liqiuid öl Depot – Tanks bunkering öl für 1 Year ?
            or only a half …it doesent matter !!!
            If Japan would have destroyed every thing on Pearl ..the western rubish would have get the Bill for war pushing !!!
            Japan was standing under an economy blokade by the US and was standing with the back to the wall , and had now other joyce then war !!!
            The ritch US , had what they wanted , every one was shauting for revenche !!!
            The ritch with Ship und Airplane Factorys had what they wanted , full bocks with orders for new ships , Airplanes and whatever , and the smal stupid worker paied the bill , more then 2 or three times , 1 paid war stocks , 2 joyned the army , get dead or even inyured by war and the rich getting ritcher and ritcher !!!

          14. skinner15 says:

            The Kerch Straits are not in Crimea, but are waters
            between Crimea and Russia pre 2014.

            Thankfully, after 60 years, Crimea returns to its Russian home.

    6. Brother Ma says:

      Tatars? Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish! They were Moslem cutthroats since start of time and aided the German aggressor. Well done Russia!

    7. Urs Bösch says:

      TomWonacott !
      What a pitty , that you only can repeat the Jewish-Bilderberger-NATO+similar idioots – western rubish news paper shit !!!
      1. Fact after 1 WW it is well known , that the polaki handled people from other countrys in poland bader then the
      weapon SS handled the polakis afterwards !!!
      2. In poland was a smal comiunity of withe russians or ukrainians , also Germans for example , this people where
      also VERY VERY BAD
      HANDLED by the polakis !!!( You can find some historical Dokuments everywhere if you like !!!
      3. For me is that Reasen enaugh for Hitler – Stalin Pakt !!!
      4. After the background , i wrote before , it is no wounding for me , that the Red Army killed around 3000 polaki
      officers in the forrest of Katyn as a little thank you very mutch …that you have been so nice to our people befor !!!
      Only compleet asholes ( Without any knowledge ) can comlpain Katyn !!!
      5.I come to the present !!!
      6. I go a bit far away from the ukraine first !!!
      The US – Finance – Insider are collecting sign s against ,of one of theyr own shark s !!!
      This gay shall have the Name Georg Sorrow … , now …until the very hard gays of US Financel – Insiders and
      system , make a move against one of theyr only gays …i think you must have a very very bad reputation and o
      lot of mad and blood an your hand !!!
      Back to the Ukraine :
      This Georg Sorrow shall have created his own army corps with 5 Mia US Dollar …and is an open secret that
      sometimes , from russian production , some weapons “”escapes “” if the money has the right price !!!
      ( Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin is saying that personly ( You Tube Clip / Company Kalaschnikov )
      Now back to the facts and figures in ukraine , if you have your own army , you can say them today you waering
      russian uniforms ..and i have the nice russian counterpart to the amarican stinger airdefence rocket for you , and
      you are going to shut down the Malaysian Airliner coming nearby then und then …and look that a lot of people
      can recognais your russian uniforms !!!
      And before start , remove the russian produkt information plakete first , so we can show everyone ..that the bad
      bad bad bad President Putin Killed all this brave people !!!
      And i am afraid so we have a lot of brainless asholes in the west they belive every shit !!!
      If someone is realy interestet , he can find on every second corner historical – juristical – experts , they say russia
      For asholes and every one ..interesting what a terrorist rubish USA is ( You Tube Clip / Die USA haben im Sommer
      2010 Russland angegriffen !!!
      Also look in You Tube the rubis from a freeman Chicago Councill ( Statemend …the sibyrien öl fields are US
      interesst territory ( what the hell have this bastards lost there ???)
      I hope that the comming Imperium SOZ KILL ALL of our western warpushers !!!
      And i hope , that the SOZ ( CHINA , RUSSLAND , IRAN and ….??????? ) will counter attack our western terrorists without excuse …mutch mure worse then the weapon SS has attacked some enemies !!!
      Our western Gouverments have made all terrorist attacks , ( Bomb raid , Train Station Bollonia Itally 85 dead , then bomb raid Bali ( some Tourist Diskotheken ) , New Zeeland ( The shit police in the west ..espacially New Zeeland …the next Police Station was 1 Minute away and this ashole took 30 Minutes time to arrive the Place of western Terrorist attack !!!
      Then the bomb attack ot sri lanka ….and in every case , people with better information know that the terrorist Country Nummber 4 in the World ( Germany ..was also a part of it !!! )

      To come to an end …wy happens this all ?
      There are several Points : 1. America und his rubish knows that the have a time Windows of maybe 5-10 Years until the new Imperium ( SOZ will show its present )
      2. Every Country with good relations to UDSSR ( Russia ) is attacked and destroyed as mutch as possible , that the SOZ earns only dead land !!!
      3. Around 10 Countrys ( now around 6 ? ) where not under the control of the jewisch financial mafia ( It was Syria , Irak , Lybia as a part of them !!! )
      4. Wy war in Syria : Severel points : For israel only a dead Syrer is a good syrer !!!
      Germany sells old weapens ( like the anti Tank rocket Milan to everyone there
      ( it is cheaper to make more many , then recycle that items !!! )
      Katar has found the biggest GAS Field ever found …and was wanted to bulid
      a Gas Pipeline in Syria for that , bat President Assad did not allowed that !!!
      ( so a lot of many comes from that aeria to the war against assad !!!
      Then some smaler interests , some people in syria have theyr bigger part in
      Saudi Arabia and Iran , so thats wy they attack each other in syria , instead of
      an open war and direcct konfrontation of both countrys !!!
      We are in the last days before WW 3 !!!
      And i am afraid to say that , instead of making of a good neighbourhood to the comming countries or imperium , our western US slave trerritorrys , make bomb raids Terror in Jugoslavia , Lybien ,( NATO Bomb air raid )
      In syria they use Phosphor Bombs !!!
      An other Point of war is the must Countrys have enaugh , from the Jewish US Money printing and wanted to crieat
      theyr own way ( Libyien , wanted Euro instead of US -Dollars for its öl also Syrien , it gives people talking that IRAN gives his öl only away if they get Gold instead !!!)
      SOZ is also creating his own money system !!!
      The facts : Countrys without Atom potential against US and therir rubish , are going to be attacked or have been destroyed !!!
      Countrys with Atom – Bomb potential , are under terrorist attack by our western terrorists + US slaves !!!
      Near past : For example China ..Corona Virus only comleet idioots can think ..that comes from its own !!!
      Also some Years ago when a half Chinees City bloow up , shurly the Chinees have been very very lazy to deposit so mutch hyperbolic chemicals on on place …it used only the rigth little flame to go hops !!!
      Your western asholes all together sow what gotdammned idioots our terrorist gouverments we have , all our representants are talking like brainless birds ..the Bilderberger Shit ..in German vom Klimaschutz !!! englisch protecting Klimatic belongings !!!
      And look at the sky we can nearly every morning find som new Chem Trails over europ from the US Bastards !!!
      Nobody has for 5 cents interest to save our Klima or the World , if our Politics would have some interesst , it would have been decided , that every car driver , have the duty to stop the engine by rde light or by a Train cross !!!
      That would save several Tausend Tons of liquid !!!
      I hope that someday SOZ come and attack our terrorist coutrys as one closed Power without any excuse and pardon !!!
      By the way western terrorist are also world Campion in kill passagier Air Planes !!!

  6. Jamie9260 says:

    It did not end well for them?

  7. viktor ziv says:

    So this is elite unit that will brake through first NAR line? Seeing planes behind, they should be droped over Verhovny rada. :p

  8. slayern2 says:

    Nazi plundered and enslaved Ukraine, planned to exterminate them all as ‘untermensch’, yet these Maidanazi degenerates worship nazism. Tragicomic Maidan-madness…

  9. iosongasingsing says:

    Ah, now that I know that I can sleep peacefully.

  10. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

    Indigenous Suebian tribal symbols. Before the war started the Russians genocided many millions to death. Should every Russian symbol from 1919-1932 also be banned?
    Ukraine is run by a bunch of Jews who are anti-indigenous European tribal peoples.
    It is only psychological warfare. If the indigenous Suebian tribal peoples had any power today, they would crush the Ukraine government and arrest its Jewish leaders.
    Stop buying into Zionist psychological text book operations.

  11. Jens Holm says:

    Nice pictures.

    Many army groups in tne world has skulls and bones on their uniforms.

    Next article probatly wil be about white helmets

    1. slayern2 says:

      Yeah I’m sure you love these fags… go join them and die soon, go to hell with your rotten nazi granpda you filthy pile of donkey feces.

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