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MARCH 2021

Poroshenko analyzes referendum petition


Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko will study a petition regarding Ukraine’s addition to NATO

Poroshenko analyzes referendum petition

On August the 29th, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko launched a campaign on his website to collect signatures over a petition inquiring people’s will regarding Ukraine’s addition to NATO. Until now, more than 25 000 signatures have been gathered.

Last year, Ukrainian Supreme Rada modified a couple of laws by means of a series of amendments rejecting the country’s condition of non-aligned (since 2014 Ukraine was replaced from its observer condition due to the conflicts in the east of the country). This depicts a clear approach towards NATO policies.

However, experts consider that Ukraine wouldn’t be part of the organization within the next 20 years; in addition to that, Ukrainian army must guarantee its compatibility with the armed forces of the member countries in 2020. Poroshenko himself admits the country is not ready yet.

Any country that aspires to become part of the organization won’t be able to do it unless a referendum takes place first.

Previously Poroshenko informed that a referendum could be carried out in seven years, but with more than the 25 000 signatures required to study the petition regarding Ukraine’s addition to NATO, that term might be shorter.

Poroshenko has a ten-day time to analyze the petition since the beginning of the process, and then he’ll be finally able to present to the Supreme Rada the project regarding the coming measures to be taken.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter



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