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MAY 2022

Poroshenko‬ Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize… Like Hitler in 1939

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This article is based on the post of AntiMaidan + Say NO to Fascism

The USA are nominating Ukraine’s President P. Poroshenko for the Nobel Peace Prize. Two members of the Committee are ready by now to support his candidacy.

Poroshenko‬ Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize... Like Hitler in 1939

The USA ambassador in Norway Julie Furuta-Toy is trying to do her best to “push” the Ukrainian leader P. Poroshenko into the nomination list for the Nobel Peace Prize. The American ambassador has already managed to persuade two members of the Nobel Committee to support his candidacy.

Actually, West is trying to nominate for a Peace Prize a person who has started war in Donbass that caused deaths of thousands civilians. The ‘democratic leader’ who suppresses freedom of speech, orders to conduct political purges and makes heroes of those chasteners fighting at Hitler’s side.

However, Poroshenko is going to have a “worthy” fellowship: in 1935 Benito Mussolini, the founder of Italian fascism, a bloody dictator, was nominated for a Peace Prize. Hitler, known as that one who started the Second World War and killed dozens millions people in all the countries of the world, was nominated in 1939. And in 2009 US President Barak Obama, under whose orders people are being killed in the Middle East every day, was awarded the Peace Prize.

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