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JUNE 2023

Population of Spartak Village in Donbas Shrinks from 2,000 to 40 During Hostilities

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The population of the village of Spartak, in the area of the Donetsk airport, has shrunk by a factor of 50 to just 40 residents from the original 2,000 during many months of hostilities in Donbas, the head of the Yasinovataya District’s administration, Yuri Korsar, has said.

“Forty people still remain in Spartak. Most of them are hiding in basements, without gas or running water. They spent last winter in just three houses. We brought portable heaters for them, because central heating in the village is ruined. Originally the population was as large as 2,000. Many have died, and others fled,” the Donetsk News Agency quotes Korsar as saying.

According to the official, medical supplies, foods, water, bread and hot meals are brought to the village regularly.

The militias and the municipal authorities have repeatedly urged Spartak’s residents to agree to evacuation.
Spartak is a target of daily bombardments by Ukrainian forces.

This article originally appeared at TASS

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