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Popular QAnon Website Shuts Down After Citigroup Employee And Webmaster Doxxed And Stalked

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The world’s most popular QAnon post aggregator has been taken offline, after its webmaster – a Citigroup employee named Jason Gelinas – was doxxed by Logically.com and later stalked by Bloomberg‘s William Turton – who drove out to his house for an interview.

Under the username ‘QAppAnon,’ Gelinas launched Qmap.pub in May of 2018 under the username ‘QAppAnon,’ – which boasted over 10 million visitors in July according to SimilarWeb. The site aggregated ‘Q drops,’ messages posted by an anonymous individual (or individuals) to image board ‘8kun’ promoting the theory that President Trump is part of a military intelligence operation by ‘white hat’ insiders to take down the deep state – arresting and prosecuting corrupt government officials and pedophiles.

Popular QAnon Website Shuts Down After Citigroup Employee And Webmaster Doxxed And Stalked

Because ‘8kun’ users often post graphic or objectionable material, Qmap.pub provided followers of the movement a ‘clean’ platform to follow Q drops.

Over the years, Q’s posts would move from the 4chan forum to 8chan, and finally to its later iteration, 8kun. But these forums weren’t where most of Q’s followers would go to access the drops: most would find them neatly compiled on a site called QMap, now the main platform on which Q’s drops are published. For years it was believed that QMap was an endeavour that was independent of both the chan forums and the person or people posting Q’s drops, but recent discoveries concerning an IP address behind QMap raised questions as to whether Jim Watkins, the owner of 8chan and 8kun, an elusive figure in his own right, could also be Q. As some QAnon researchers have pointed out, however, the story of Q’s operations does not end with Jim Watkins. –Logically.com

Now, this is all that appears when one visits the site:

Popular QAnon Website Shuts Down After Citigroup Employee And Webmaster Doxxed And Stalked

When reached at home by Bloomberg‘s Turton and asked about the Logically report, Gelinas said “I’m not going to comment on any of that,” adding “I’m not going to get involved. I want to stay out of it.”

Wearing an American flag baseball cap, Gelinas said that QAnon is a “patriotic movement to save the country.”

Hours after the initial contact from Bloomberg News, the website was no longer accessible. –Bloomberg

How did Logically track down Gelinas?

According to their report, the website used a now-deleted Facebook post to track him down via email.

“Our investigation can reveal that QAPPANON is not Watkins, but instead a New Jersey man in his forties with prominent roles in technical analysis and IT security for the banking sector.

QAPPANON’s email address was initially discovered during our investigation into QMap’s translation efforts and international reach. A now-deleted Facebook post allowed us to trace the email to a CNET download cache for the QMap app as well as a new app in development called Armor of God.

An extraction of QAPPANON’s email address from the URL led to their developer profile and list of created apps on CNET. While the qmap app is well known at this point, Armor of God is relatively new, having been uploaded on the 18th June 2020.

And according to Gelinas’ LinkedIn profile, he’s an information security analyst for Citigroup.

In August, Facebook followed Twitter’s July decision to punish QAnon followers – banning hundreds of pages, groups and Instagram accounts tied to the movement.

So – now that Gelinas has been outed as the man behind the most popular QAnon site on the planet, which has now been deactivated, what else does he have to worry about?

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johnny rotten

Even in times of crisis, the production of bullshit in the States never stops.

Ivan Freely

I’m reminded of Karl Rove’s comment about the Empire’s ability to create realities.

Albert Pike

‘…but instead a New Jersey man in his forties with prominent roles in technical analysis and IT security for the banking sector…’

It fits a PSYOP…


This is just modest beginning for the censorship shit-storm that is in preparation on global level.
We might soon go to the Dark web to get banal news and valid information.
Everything else will be soon filtered, censored or simply blocked access.

Harry Smith

ROFL! To go darkweb you have to use TOR entrance points. Guess who controls all of them?comment image


Well Mr. Harry i doubt very much that they would ruin their cover just to arrest regular Joe for going to visit some independent news site to read some news.
The day when even that becomes major offense, we all will be in some kind of slavery …So it will not make any difference anyways!

Harry Smith

They don’t arrest regular Joe because they don’t have enough of processor power. The slavery begins at the moment they obtain quantum computers. Anyway, that doesn’t means if somebody powerful enough decides you must be persecuted, they will not be able to find you fast and efficient. .


100% valid points…well the last one maybe not…they’ll chip all our documents, us , cars everything be geo-located in real time..

Harry Smith

They won’t need so many chips if they will chip humans, like pig was chipped by Elon Musk. 6g is planned for 2025 in accordance with the IT roadmap. This will give the huge possibilities for those who controls the chips because of speed and band width. The brave new world of non stop happiness for regular Joe while he will be living in total misery. But hey! Who cares when everybody is happy?


Some people should start digging their secret shelters….starting now.
All those under skin chips will be taken out easily…
They’ll start to chip people much deeper during appendix operation or similar…without them knowing it.

Harry Smith

“A higher concentration of dopamine appears to lower skepticism and result in greater vulnerability to pattern detection” Nassim Taleb, “The Black Swan”
Artificial happiness is the best way to control the crowd. And even more: crowd wants the happiness by any cost. So they will implant the chip with free will and even pay money for it. Play Station and Xbox bring nothing but dopamine and people pay money, waste their time and other resources just to get another doze of dopamine.
And after majority will be chipped, the rest would have only 2 options: to get chipped or to go and live off grid. The last option is the hardest, because most of us are too dependent of the modern civilization and don’t know how to grow food IE.


Unfortunately I agree with everything you say.
That pessimistic picture is very similar to the way how I see the things developing in the not so distant future.

Zaphod Braden

The MSM & NPR/PBS is now “fair game” as it has abandoned all pretense of neutrality and openly operates as a Propaganda Arm for the 1%. The MSM should not cry about it’s OPERATIVES coming under attack as they are COMBATANTS not reporters. Do not WHINE & CRY when your reporters become casualties …. you are no longer neutral, objective, or HONEST.
For decades People have complained about your FAKE news ….. “If it bleeds, it leads”, “Dirty Laundry:, “Talking Heads”, movies have been made about you …….. Where do you get the sanctimonious, pious idea you are “untouchable”? you are PRESSTITUTES. remember when the LEFT was constantly crying about the MSM…especially CNN and Fox. But now, they’re the bestest friends, and they are the ones screaming about how the MSM is the “real truth.”
“JOURNALISTS”!? MSM is not “journalism” it is Gossip, Salacious Voyeurism, Propaganda. Instead of information and data you need for making informed decisions the MSM pumps out “makeovers”, recipies, house decorating tips, and Shills for Movies and Retail Stores.
Randolph Hearst – Yellow Journalism — CNNNBCCBSABCPBSNPR …… who protects US from THEM?! Does anyone remember the lyrics to the song “DIRTY LAUNDRY”?
They are Political-Correctness-Propaganda-Mills with a little news thrown in to provide a base for spewing political messages…. watch NBCCBSABCPBS .. all the little gestures, facial expressions, intonations and SNIDE commentary interjected into every scrap of news.
“JOURNALISTS”??!!!! God-Damned LIARS
Time to reassert the Traditional American practice of periodically horsewhipping the newspaper editor. Tarring, feathering, and riding him out of town on a rail …………….. Where did these MSM Morons get the idea they are some sort of HOLY UNTOUCHABLE SAINTS? They are candidates for some serious payback for LYING to America is what they are. The DUTY of the Press is to inform the People and expose government malfeasance Not propagandize and PROTECT corruption. Where did the MSM get the idea they are sacred, virginal, and unquestionable? Whip them back down to earth.


All that sounds very nice.
And who is suppose to go through the police protection and “whip journalists back down to earth” ?!
Modern Western world is heterogeneous mess subdivided and without broader understanding and solidarity that goes beyond political, cultural, racial, religious and all other kinds of separation lines.
System has outgrown people and with social and other engineering have created huge disunited flock of sheep.
Creating out of Western men feminized wimps incapable to change anything.


Gotta be careful with them bankers, they would buy your freedom

Lone Ranger

But yeah.

Lone Ranger

Romans had an old saying.
Follow those who seek Truth, but avoid those who tell you they have found it.

Tommy Jensen

Thats why Rome fell. Their bloodlust wasnt exactly something to seek. Because its possible to find the Truth. Just use your God giving free will.

Zaphod Braden

Check out the lying pious words https://www.logically.ai/about
Then They DOX

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I’m laughing at the thought of someone turning up at my door to ask me why I hate Nazis, a kettle of boiling water and a hammer stuck in their face will really shame me, lol.

If a stranger turns up at your door by illegally obtaining personal info from a website, then there is no way that a court can deny self defence for killing the muppet.

Anyone want to call to me, go ahead, make my day.

Tommy Jensen

Just controlled opposition. Qanon says what frustrated people wanna hear. CitiGroup is part of the swamp.


Simple and to the point.
Kudos Tommy !

Harry Smith

There is a tiny possibility that CitiGroup employee was acting in accordance with his beliefs. Just like Snowden IE.


A new twist to the scam. So dude behind the Q site is a security guy from Shitty Bank. Yeah, I’m surprised. NOT. Yeah, the Trumpsters are on the up and up. This scam gets better by the day. White hats to save the US from criminals and pedos…lead by a criminal and pedo backed by billionaire Zionist with lead Q man from Shitty Bank. This is almost as good as the TV series The Brink. May chaos reign.


To be a “Shitty Bank” today is very difficult task to achieve, since competition is stronger than ever in that domain

Trap Is Not Gay

People will refuse to name the Jews until the last minute

Fog of War

Citicorp employee. HHHHmmmmmmm ??????

Luke Hemmming

On a website that is regularly mentioned and linked on this site and vis versa, QANON was ousted by the editors as controlled opposition and spreader of fake news. They also believe that Assange is a MOSSAD controlled/blackmailed agent, as well as Snowden. I suppose been part of a zionist banking cartel adds some credibility to their accusations. As for Assange, they point out that in all of the intel releases that wikileaks has released never has Assange ever released documents revealing the true perpetrators of 911 or anything that puts Israel in a bad light. So the MSM roots for both of these as well as Snowden most of the time. Why is this? Because the MSM seems to discredit conspiracy theory websites, like Southfront and Veteranstoday. but publish what these guys say??? (Shakes head in disbelief). Like Anonymous was supposed to be some bad ass hacker group, but is nothing more than UNIT 8200 employees hacking other countries networks, or high ranking ISIS commanders been nothing more than SA/Israel/USA/UK paid mercenaries that recruit stupid low intelligence brainwashed imbeciles that are used for cannon fodder. All is not what it seems at the surface, dig a little and all you find is dirt and more dirt.

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