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JUNE 2021

Popular Mobilization Units Will Participate in Hawija Operation

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Popular Mobilization Units Will Participate in Hawija Operation

On Thursday, Ahmed al-Assadi, spokesman for the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), announced that the PMU would participate in the operation of liberating Hawija and the rest of the areas currently occupied by ISIS organization. Al-Assadi said that the PMU is continuing to counter ISIS criminal attacks west of Mosul adding that: “The organization is suffering a great loss of lives and equipment”.

“PMU managed yesterday to annihilate an ISIS convoy consisting of seven vehicles west of Mosul,” Al-Assadi added. “All those in it were killed.”

The PMU managed to destroy the ISIS convoy in the village of Dahaj al-Sharqi near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

“PMU is a key element in all victories against ISIS and will be a major contributor in liberating Hawija and all non-liberated areas,” Al-Assadi said.

On the other side, two ISIS suicide bombers attacked an Iraqi Army position in Karama City, northeast of Fallujah. ISIS argued that the attack killed nine Iraqi soldiers, including an officer and wounded 14 others.

In Mosul, during its search campaign, the Iraqi Army managed to find lists of civilians that ISIS had arrested after capturing the city in 2014. The lists included dozens of civilians who were arrested or executed by ISIS.

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very good :))) please get to deir ezzor tho and al-bukamal


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Oh thats the pocket in the East near Kirkuk, they need to be going West!

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