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JULY 2022

Popular Mobilization Units Repel ISIS Attack West Of Mosul City

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On July 12, the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) repelled an attack by ISIS fighters in Hatar area west of Mosul.

According to Iraqi sources, the PMU, backed up by Iraqi Air Force warplanes, managed to destroy 5 VBIEDs and more than 30 ISIS vehicles during the clashes.

In the Tal Afar area, the Iraqi Army foiled an infiltration attempt by ISIS fighters and killed 28 ISIS members after surrendering them east of the Tal Afar city.

In the liberated Mosul city, Iraqi forces continued searching for remaining ISIS militants and captured 28 of them fighters, all non-Iraqis. Security forces are also working to dismantle mines and IEDs planted by ISIS.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi attacked at a meeting of the Iraqi Council of Ministers international organizations that criticized Iraqi forces during the Mosul operation.

“Where was the role of the organizations when ISIS killed the sons of Mosul and destroyed everything?” he said.

Al-Abadi called on these organizations to reveal their sources, and stressed that no terrorist should escape from the punishment. Al-Abadi also stressed that there will be no amnesty for the “murderous terrorists”.

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Surrounding them not surrendering I think its meant to read.


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