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Popular Mobilization Units Liberated Tal al-Safouk Border Crossing

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Popular Mobilization Units Liberated Tal al-Safouk Border Crossing

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) liberated the village and the border crossing of Tal al-Safouk west of Al-Baaj at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The PMU also continued its advance on the Syrian-Iraqi border south of Tal al-Safouk towards Al-Qaim. Moreover, the PMU closed the gap opened by ISIS on the border fence near Tal al-Safouk – ISIS’s most important supply point between Syria and Iraq – killing 34 ISIS fighters, including 10 suicide bombers, and destroying 20 ISIS vehicles.

Separately, PMU troops managed to repel ISIS attack from Syrian territory on its new positions on the Syrian-Iraqi border. The PMUdestroyed two ISIS vehicles and killed a group of suicide bombers.

From its side, ISIS claimed that it managed to destroy a tank and a vehicle as well as to damage two bulldozers belonging to the PMU with ATGMs south of Tal al-Safouk.

According to the Director of Military Engineer, Engineer Zulfiqar al-Ardi, military engineers units of the PMU have secured 1,000 kilometers so far in the operations of Muhammad Rasool Allah.

Al-Ardi also said that “Military engineer was officially commissioned by Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis – Deputy Chairman of the PMU – to build trenches and fences on the Iraqi-Syrian border and to set up roads to supply the tranches in the event of any attack.”

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Colin Oskapy

Kill America’s ISIS scum.


Go PMU!!!

Pave Way IV

In case anyone thinks I’m too tin-foil-hat about U.S. intentions to get the PMUs declared as terrorists to attack and destroy them, check this out from Reuters:

“…U.S. military officials, also speaking anonymously to discuss political issues, said the Al Udeid airbase in Qatar is vital to American air support against Iranian paramilitaries and Iranian-backed forces on the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria’s civil war…”

This was slipped in to an only marginally related article: Qatar investigation finds state news agency hacked: foreign ministry

Excellent use of PsyOps. You don’t hammer the narrative, you slip the lie in here and there until the public just accepts it as fact. Reuters does this a lot, usually in one of the last paragraphs of the article. Second to the last in this case. If you read the entire article carefully, you can see how this one paragraph sticks out. It adds absolutely nothing to the story itself and sticks out as being out of place. Honestly, the intel agencies use to be a bit more clever about this kind of trickery. Now, they’re just… sloppy.


Hi Pave. I like your thinking on this one. They are going to try something but, it is too out of hand to manage anymore. They know it so, the only way is BS now. It will be interesting to watch. It’s my take on things at the moment, Have a good evening.

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