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Popular Mobilization Units Launches Large-Scale Anti-ISIS Operation Near Syrian Border

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Popular Mobilization Units Launches Large-Scale Anti-ISIS Operation Near Syrian Border


On Saturday, the Iraqi Army, the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) and Federal Police launched a large-scale military operation against the ISIS terrorist group in the western part of Anbar province.

According to the PMU media wing, the ISIS-held border town of Akashat will be the first target of the operation. Controlling Akashat, the army, the PMU and their allies will be able to establish a better link with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in Syria via a land route thourgh the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Experts believe that this will allow Iran and the PMU to boost support that they provide to the Syrian government in battles on multiple fronts in Syria.

Popular Mobilization Units Launches Large-Scale Anti-ISIS Operation Near Syrian Border

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The operation came amid the growing tensions between the US-led coalition and the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance in the countryside of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor.

Pro-government sources speculate that the PMU and the Iraqi Army may help Syrian government forces to retake al-Bukamal city from ISIS with own adavance towards al-Qaim. However, it’s possible that the army and the PMU may have no time for this later this month because of the tennsions with the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government that seeks to turn a part of Iraq into a independent Kurdish state.

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Richard Noel Hedditch

May the PMU eradicate the Pentagon ISIS.


PMU must take care because ISIS are America secret forces.

Trustin Judeau

SAA and allies announced the beginning of the third phase of Operation Dawn . Probably it is related to the PMU offensive

MD Ranix

zio satanic terrorists are dead meat


Just start the goddamn operation towards Al Qaim to distract ISIS before they launch some big counterattack on the SAA/Hezbollah around Deir Ezzor or a big raid near T2.

They should have done this 2 months ago, too. Then things would go a bit easier for the SAA in Syria, come on Iran!


Yep 100%

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The PMU and Iraq will have it’s hands full with the Al Qaim region as it is the heartland of the ISIS state, the assessment here is very optimistic and short-sighted about the assisting the SAA. The best way they can help the SAA is securing their borders at the same time as they both push ISIS and inflict heavy damage on them. They both seem to have troublesome Kurds whom are on a path of destruction in their countries as they commit ethnic cleansing in those regions.

Many of you never really understood why the US wanted those pockets in Iraq eliminated and now you are seeing why. They wanted distract and Keep the Iraqi Army and the PMU busy with clearing the border so they can make an easier partition. The Iraqi Government is much to blame for this as they should have been securing their borders before those pockets, as they were under control.

The US should be expelled from Iraq and along with other countries and only invite those who you want to stay, all others must leave. Iraq needs to become firm and resolved on this issue in order to save their sovereignty and it’s people from further harm.


Yep the border should have been cleared 6 months ago.


When America will give green signal to their proxies Iraqi Kurdistan to chop the Iraqi land?

General Surena


General Surena

iraq belong to iraqi people, syria belong to syrian people… İTS A NORMAL OPERATİON. USA İS ABNORMAL HERE.. AND USA WİLL BE THE BİGGEST LOSER here.




If Turkey dislikes the Kurds so much, why does it sit idly by and just watch what happens! This Kurdish state is exactly what USA and Israel wants. From here they create a Kurdish war in Iran and Turkey and build military bases there that can even give them access to the Caspian Sea! This can’t be allowed!

Everybody better get ready for WW3!

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