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Popular Mobilization Units Deploy More Forces On Syrian-Iraqi Border To Counter Cross-Border Attacks By ISIS

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Popular Mobilization Units Deploy More Forces On Syrian-Iraqi Border To Counter Cross-Border Attacks By ISIS

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On December 22, a commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) operations in western Anbar announced that the PMU had deployed its 13th brigade on the Syrian-Iraqi border to repel regular ISIS attacks on its border positions.

“The PMU’s 13th brigade was sent [to the Syrian-Iraqi border], and began to target the positions from which the rockets were launched, and made accurate strikes that resulted in the destruction of enemy positions despite the enemy’s response to our units,” Qasim Musleh said, according to the PMU media wing.

Musleh also revealed that the PMU took the decision to reinforce its positions with its own units because Iraqi security forces didn’t respond to the PMU’s requests for support during previous attacks of ISIS.

“For the past three days, this area has witnessed repeated attacks with the request of support from the [Iraqi] security forces, but to no avail, and after that the request was directed to our [PMU] leadership … Our forces immediately began to move,” Musleh said.

Last week, ISIS launched dozens of attacks from its positions inside the Syrian territory against the PMU positions on the Syrian-Iraqi border. ISIS fighters targeted the PMU positions with heavy weapons, like Grad rockets, artillery and even anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

ISIS is capable of conducting such attacks against the PMU, because the SDF has slowed down its operations against it recently for unknown reasons.

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  1. Richard M says:

    Build funnel shaped berms to lead them into killzones! :D

  2. leon mc pilibin says:

    The SDF is the new ISIS.They shoud pursue them over the Syrian border after all they are the common enemy supported by jewSA.

    1. Cheryl Brandon says:

      Indeed alonside the FSA and the U$A FOR SURE.

  3. Cheryl Brandon says:

    Good plan;That will stop those rats from crossing and re crossing over once again to commit murder. Thanks PMU’s.

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