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Popular Mobilization Units Complete Siege of Mosul, Reach Peshmerga Position in Sino

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The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) fully encircled the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul in the Iraqi province of Nineveh on November 23. The PMU reached Peshmerga positions in Sino and cut off the last ISIS-controlled road linking Mosul with the rest of Iraq.

Previously, PMU forces liberated of the villages of Shariah al-Shamali, Kharab al-Jahash Ain al-Hasan alJanubi, Shariah al-Janubi in the same area.

Now, the PMU and the Iraqi army are going to continue military operations to secure Tal Afar and its countryside.

Popular Mobilization Units Complete Siege of Mosul, Reach Peshmerga Position in Sino

Click to see the full-size map. Map source: @Tutomap/Twitter

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Pave Way IV

I get the strong sense that many parties didn’t want the Shia PMUs to get to Tal Afar and cut off the escape/supply route. The PMUs didn’t give a damn and went anyway for that specific purpose. This will make ISIS desperate (or ‘more’ desperate, anyway) then they already are in Mosul. They have to see the writing on the wall by now: they are finished and will eventually lose the city.

You would think that would affect the will of the head-choppers to continue fighting. I wonder if they know they are surrounded today, or if they still think there’s a way out? It may be that only the leaders know the real situation and the average ISIS soldier has no idea how totally screwed they are.


The “leaders” left mosul long ago. Totally agree that the regular isis terrorist doesn’t know anything about whats going on except that the iraqis are at their door.


According to this map they didn’t get tal afar and instead took ibrat ash.

More importantly its worth considering how isis work. Essentially they will move at night through the gaps. That’s what the mujadeen did in Afghanistan, running night caravans. It was then a case of laying ambushes etc which the Soviets didn’t do enough of. Laying ambushes is difficult.

What I’m saying is its only the map that makes them look surrounded. They will get through easily, I think.

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