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JULY 2020

Popular Mobilization Units Complete Encirclement of Mosul (Documentary)


Following the liberation of Tal Afar Airbase, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have launched an operation to liberate the key town of Tal Afar from the ISIS terrorist group. With the liberation of Tal Afar, ISIS terrorists will be completely cut off from all aid, support and reinforcement from its allies in Syria.

SouthFront is releasing documentary footage from this operation with help from the Popular Mobilization units Media Team.

Thanks to Islamic World News and TAHA.K for the Mosul operation map used in the first part of the video.

This video is aviable with English subs on our Youtube channel (please, press ‘CC button’ to enable subs):



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  • pao

    Wish there were subtitles.

    • Our team is working on this.
      But we are sure it’s wrong to keep such videos in the pocket while events are developing so rapidly.